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The Best Tier VIII Premium Vehicles in World of Tanks By global win rating. Introduction. If you want to check out the best WoT Tier for Tier vehicles with our in-depth selection method explanation and analysis, go here.. This article will feature three of the best Tier VIII premium tanks overall and three of the best Tier VIII vehicles that are readily available in the Wargaming store LT-432 and all its glory. The best overall tank for tier 8 is the premium LT-432, winning best survivability. It is versatile, being able to deal with any encounter it faces. It surprisingly has a lot of armor for a light tank while still maintaining overall mobility. What Makes LT-432 Awesome Прокачка рекрутов в World of Tanks за 15 дней. 2020-05-02 10 лучших танков для фарма серебра в мае 2020: 2020-05-01 Лучшие танки в world of tanks для фарма в мае 202 World of Tanks: Caernarvon AX British premium heavy tank Constructed of the purest refined Stalinium, the Defender has an oh s**t factor for many WoT players facing it. It's a little overrated in our opinion, but as a pure close range wrecking ball of a premium heavy tank, it's hard to see past it No Tier VIII tank is so adept at fast-paced flanking and agile gunplay than the T-44. This Soviet medium tank sports the best net mobility of all vehicles in its tier, perfect for performing a quick flanking manoeuvre to finish off, or distract, those enemies focused on your teams' heavy hitters

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RESULTS: Pick up to 3 tanks you would recommend from the tech tree premium. Chart 1: Overall results, tier 8 tech tree 'gold' premium tanks. As you can see in chart 1, above, the top recommended tier 8 tech tree premium is the Löwe with 184 votes, winning by a wide margin over the rest of the tanks World of Tanks Skorpion G 9K DMG - Best TD premium tier 8#WoT#WorldofTanks#WoT4FingersTanker#4FingersTanker#Skorpion_G#Skorpionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?.. World of Tanks. Today I'm rating ALL Tier 8 Premium tanks in World of Tanks!SUBSCRIBE for more videos!: https://goo.gl/5VIiJnSPONSOR THE CHANNEL: https://g.. Chi-Nu II is a very good tank and very good grinder, I recommend it. But I would recommend you start with Germany or USSR with a premium tank. I'm at tier 4 German and 3 with the USSR. I don't know Chi-Nu II is a good tank,maybe because i rarely see that tank in RB,so i thought that tank is not good. Edited March 23, 2019 by NotReally7

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Panzer II: Despite some nerfs and new tanks, the old dog is holding up quite well, and is still my go to tier II tank. 3. Panzer IVA: It was crazy good when it first came out, but has been steadily power-creeped by others (looking at you SU-76I), but still better than the other garbage at tier III in the German tree This answer is solely focused on tech tree vehicles and has been updated for Update 7.3. My old answer still stands. Tier 1 - It seriously does not matter. Tier 2 - Again, there isn't a point in giving an answer. Tier 3 - Panzer III by far. Strong.. World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. We have a number of affiliated clans on the NA, EU, and ASIA servers for all levels of game.

World of Tanks Best Tank in Tiers by MasterWolf. Tier 1: The Mighty MS1 - good gun, good armor, good speed - stand out tier 1 tank Tier 2: BT2 - combination of speed, agility and a decent gun make it the best of its class and pipping the pzKpfw35(t) by a narrow margin to win Tier 3: The M2 Medium - really hard class with some excellent little tanks and arguably the best SPG in the game. Source: QuickyBaby. Sometimes in World of Tanks you don't want to always be playing Tier 10 so here's some of the best Tier 7 tanks for your mid tier enjoyment!. World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download Tier 5 Premium Poll - posted in Vehicle Comparison: I did some digging around, and I found that most polls for tier 5 premium tanks were pretty outdated. I believe I included all of the available tier 5 premiums in the tech tree right now. Let me know your opinions. Hopefully this will help people with their purchasing decisions If you're on NA and you like heavy tanks, the Object 703 II is on sale right now, and it's one of the best tier 8 heavy tanks. The ultimate consistent credit maker. You will make good credits from winning and even more credits from losing. Strv S1, WZ-120-1G FT, SU-130PM, Skorpion G. yes all 4 TDs

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The Best Performing Tanks Highest Relative WR. The graph shows tier VIII Premium Tanks by Relative WR. That is the average of players' WR in a tank compared to their average WR at the tier (in all same tier tanks). Relative WR is a measure of the performance/strength of the tank A few rule of thumb to cover the basics for the Tier 6 Strongholds. In general Tier 6 consist of a wide variety of tanks as this tier provides a good entry level to start their journey into the competitive WOT gameplay. When encountering better teams they will most often consist of 6 medium tanks alongside a single light tank 'Rule of Thumb' Tank Checklist for Strongholds Tier 8. Version 3.19 - Updated 29th of May 2021. A few rule of thumb to cover the basics for the Tier 8 Strongholds. In general Tier 8 consist of a two group split with 1 very heavy battalion supported by fast and nimble burst damage vehicles

WoT Best Tier 3 Light Tank: Pz. IC. Body up and deal double the dystruction. The Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C tank, simply known as Pz. IC, is also one of the fastest tanks in the game and highly maneuverable. This tank gives you two solid gun choices, the 2cm L/112 from the previous tank, the Pz.Kpfw. II, and the unique gun called the Mauser Best tier VI & VII premium tanks? - posted in General Discussion: Seems that tiers VI & VII are a sweet spot with good gameplay without being overly expensive. I still have Gold from the Christmas boxes and WG has put premiums on sale for 30% off the Gold price. So which trch tree premium tanks would you get and why Tier VII: KV-3 - A lot of people seem to underestimate this tank. It might be slower than the IS, but it's capable of soaking up damage like hell, and its gun is a beast Tier VIII: Another KV, the KV-4 - Much like the KV-3, great gun, awesome armour. And a great accuracy Tier IX: The E-75 - Don't underestimate this tank The weapons of this tank are also great. Knowing when and where to hit, can help you takedown most Tier 3 and even Tier 4 tanks. Tier 4 - Matilda. Matilda has one of the best Weapon sets for a Tier 4 tank. You can absolutely destroy any tier 4 tank with the correct combination. The other highlight of this tank is its Overpowered Armor

The cheapest is the tier 10 clan tank for 1500 gold that is well worth the price for anyone what has gold saved up. Other premium tanks, depending on your play style, everyone is different so there isnt' one best tank some like heavy armored heavies, some light fast mobile tanks. Just depends 33 ( +2 ) Total Battles. 45.45 %. Battles survived. 3 5,516 Radioactive_xD [BUCKT] X M48A5 Patton. Rating position by. World of Tanks Rating. 1

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this tank have the thing most tanks dont with exception of russian tier X mediums and that is flexibility for every situation you can be so good in 90% of encounters where heavy or something different is on 50 % that is what this tank make good but problem is most of the players that play this are wallet warriors which buy this and dont have more then 1k games and dont know how to play i 125. Member since: 05-17-2011. M10 RBFM is the best one. T34S is pretty useless as it has a weird crew setup which doesnt match with anything. Pz 4 hydr is a worse pz 4 h with the stock gun and pref mm. The tier 8s are all either bad or available for the referral program. The 121b is worse than the regular 121

1 Day WoT Premium Account; Commitment Mission Conditions: Earn a total 17,000 Base XP; only battles where you are one of the top XP earners on your team are counted. Tier VI-X vehicles only. Ma stery Mission Conditions: Be the top XP earner on your team five (5) times. Tier X vehicles only DPM Damage Module damage Penetration Dispersion Aim time Reload time Gun elevation Gun depression Shell caliber Shell velocity Explosion radius Potential damage Top speed Reverse speed Power/weight ratio Tank traverse Turret traverse Health Weight Hull armor Turret armor Overall armor View rang Those two tanks should allow you to earn good. If you prefer medium tanks, you can select Russian T-34-85, American Sherman Jumbo or German Panzer IV H version with howitzer. If you play with tank destroyers then you should select the tank that gives you the best results. American Hellcat is a good choice. Premium account and premium tanks For this reason, we have compiled a list of the eleven best destroyer tanks in World of Tanks. So if you want to be the assault leader and be the deciding factor in a flurry of artillery, check out this list. SU-122-44. First up we have the Soviet-built premium tank, the SU-122-44

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  1. Progetto is so far and away better than every other tier 8 tank except the Bourrasque, which is almost as good as it. Nothing even comes close to those two. The best heavy is the 703 II, the best TD is the Skorp and the two best lights are the EBR 75 FL10 and LT-432
  2. 8.0 8.0 armor conversion tables American armor AMX 50 Foch AMX AC Mle. 1948 E-75 French armor German armor IS-3 IS-4 7.3 IS-6 IS-7 IS-8 KV-4 M103 Premium tanks Russian armor Social resources ST-I T95 T110E5 Tank archives The Armoury The Control Center The WoT Tips Tiger Tiger P Type 59 VK 4502 (P) Ausf
  3. 21NOOBS - Excelsior, 7 days of premium, 4x 50% credits (2 hours) SOFILEIN - T-34S, 3 days of premium, 400 gold; Beardiful; RUDYRUDYRUDY - T-127, Pz.Kpfw. T 15, T2 Light Tank, 3 days of.
  4. Below are our picks for the 7 best Tier 4 tanks in World of Tanks. Type 5 Ke-Ho The Type 5 Ke-Ho is a small and nimble Japanese Light tank. Starting off our list of the 7 best Tier 4 tanks is the Type 5 Ke-Ho, a Japanese Light tank known for its small stature and agile handling. The Ke-Ho features a small turret, making firing positions from.
  5. 2 Panzer IV H. It might be old but it's still one of the most iconic tanks around, similar to the Tiger. The Panzer IV H is one of the best Panzer variants of Germany in War Thunder. This BR 4.3.
  6. Tier 1. This is the rookie level. Don't underestimate it, though, as some of the engines in this category are truly fearsome. The T-26 is the best F2P choice you can hope for here. Its prowess is true to its real-life reputation. Although just slightly slower than the Chaffee (by 0.6 km/h when fully upgraded), the soviet light-infantry tank.
  7. Stuart I-IV Light Tank (Tier 3) The Stuart I-IV isvery mobile/lightly armored tank with a very good top gun that is capable of holding its own against higher tier tanks. Mobility is excellent once fully upgraded. For a tier 3 light tank you can dish out a surprising amount of damage if you survive long enough

The TL-1 LPC's main selling feature is the 280 damage 90mm gun; whereas most 90mm guns only have 240 damage. 208mm base penetration and a zippy 280mm penetration HEAT round also bolster its firepower. You do lose 1 degree of gun depression versus other tier 8 American tanks (-9 degrees on the TL-1). Also .36 overall accuracy can sometimes. Soviet light tanks are typically the fastest tanks at their tiers. Like most Soviet tanks, they normally have a small frontal profile and sloped armor. While the recent map and class changes have shifted the game paradigm to a more brawl-focused ideal and reduced their relative power in general, they are still solid choices All Tier I and II tanks along with certain Tier III and IV tanks (including some Premium vehicles) will be retired from the game with the next update. The following tanks will no longer be available via the Tech Tree and will not be able to be researched or purchased: Low-Tier Tanks Being Retired. T1 Cunningham. M2 Light Tank What is the best premium tank in WoT blitz? For tier 6, the cromwell B is for sure the best premium with its insane gun depression and speed and good DPM. I'd say for tier 7, the smasher is the best although the dracula is so much better than in in the right hands After Sherman Jumbo get nerfed, the M18 Hellcat is best tier III American vehicle. PROS +very fast +good gun +fast reverse speed CONS-no armor (hullbreak) Tier IV As many good tanks we have at American tier 4, but we dont have any BEST tier 4 american tank Im gonna show you one of best tier 4 tank, American T34. PROS +very good frontal.

The German tech tree suffers badly from the menace of Russian Bias. (or basically this) Despite the power and strength of Russian Bias, there are a few oases in the desert of the German tech tree. Let's list them. We'll start with tier 1, the only.. Here are all of the working World of Tanks invite codes: FREESTUFFYAY: Ram II, Premium (7 Days), 250 Gold M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Rental. Beardiful: Pz.Kpfw. T25, Premium (3 Days), 1K gold, 25% credit boosters (1 hour) x4. FREESTUFFYAY: Ram II, Premium (7 Days), 250 Gold, M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Rental It is difficult to answer them definitively, because there are many opinions and everything depends on individual preferences. In addition to this sometimes developers come to the conclusion that a particular tank is too good and as a result nerf them. But we will try to define which tier X tanks are the best in World of Tanks for 2019

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WoT best premium tank 2021. Skorpion G is a German Tier VIII Premium Tank Destroyer. It is the most played premium tank in the game - which says more than enough about its qualities. In an open space, make sure to play it as a sniper. As for the city - careful, because the game can get really aggressive Best Premium tank in World of Tanks - AltCha . BEST! Tier 8 MEDIUM! FEB. 2019 - posted in General Discussion: Many of these are different from how I'd view them and I'm with Dan on this one. You play 3 types of mediums at 8 and you've played them all If you aren't familiar with World of Tanks (or WOT for short), is a popular team-based massively multiplayer online action game based, as you might have guessed, around tanks! Actually popular is a bit of an understatement. Wargaming, the publisher of World of Tanks, has been developing the game since 2010 and has over 100 million registered.

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  1. Reach tier 5 and you can earn 7 Days WoT Premium Account or one of three Premium tanks: the Heavy Tank No. VI, SU-85I, or the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K ; World of Tanks Full Tier 10 Tanks Overview, Tier List together with Skill4ltu. World of. Rating ALL Tier 8 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks! - YouTu
  2. Selling Europe Many Premiums 1-48 Hours WORLD OF TANKS (EU)2100+WN8, 43 TIER X 16 TIER8 PREM TANKS OBJ.279e, OBJ907...55k bonds. Price $: 450
  3. g tier VIII premium Medium in the game. For starters you have that massive 440 alpha. That's like twice the average for a same tier Medium, and it's.
  4. World of Tanks Tier List for Tier 6 Strongholds Being slightly more situational gives it a slightly lower score but I prefer to have both tanks. 4.5/5. T-150: best in tier armor and alpha (ignoring the horrible 122 on the kv-85 and gimmickmobile that is the kv-2) give this tank the niche of stronkest tenk. So the only negative, is.

WORLD OF TANKS BEGINNER'S GUIDE: SPG. WOT EFFICIENCY RATINGS GUIDE. The easiest way to get any tier X heavy tank in 7 days or get silver for buying new tanks and modules for your WOT account is to order Goldrino-Power wot-boost. Click here for 100.000-200.00 XP daily XP boost for getting any top-tier tank you want But the main thing is the tank. Tier 8 premium tanks are the best credit earners, and the more expensive the premium tank, the more credit it earns. Optimal tanks for credits farming / silver grinding: Premium tanks for credist grinding are presented practically at all tiers, but the tier 8 premium tanks are most profitable

[Selling] 11 tier X + 3 tier IX + 5 tier XIII + 14 premium tanks 02/01/2017 - World of Tanks Trading - 1 Replies I'm selling this World of Tanks WoT account on EU server + Clean dedicated email included. Server: EU Battles: 24 100 Winrate: 49.1% WN8: 1 065 Gold: 200 Credits: 2 600 000 Free experience: 3 20 World of Tanks - tanks.g If you're a fanatic of tanks, World War II, military sims, or you only want a solid PvP action game, then grab yourself a World of Tanks account. World of Tanks Account: Choose a Tank and Spank. Created by Wargaming, a company known for its World War II-themed military games, World of Tanks puts players inside a tank's cockpit and faces him or. Yes, it is a code which you can use while creating an account on World of Tanks for the first time. These codes would not be redeemed when you already have an account on WoT. PROMOTION. INVITE CODE. Ram II. 7 Days of Premium Time. 250 Gold. 25 Battle Rental of M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII. FREESTUFFYAY

WoT best medium tank tier 6 2021. Best Tier VI Medium Tank - T-34-85M. T-34-85M is a Tier VI Soviet premium Medium Tank. Compared to standard T-34-85 it has better frontal armor (75mm), DPM, rate of fire and slightly better aim time 4 months ago. YouTube. World of Tanks Blitz. 196K subscribers. Subscribe. WoT Blitz. Top 5 Tier X Tanks for Winning. Watch later. Copy link The given coefficients for Premium vehicles are higher. The average tank has an average coefficient of 0.65 - 0.71, except for Premium tanks which have 1.10-1.3 (information to be updated as of April 11th, 2011). Premium Account: For Premium accounts, Credits are multiplied by 1. WoT's Happening This Week! May 25th - May 31st. May 25, 2021. SHARE: New tanks, new Challenges, and an exciting comeback! All in the same week, along with new events and deals. Let's see WoT's happening this week! First Strike Season. From The Merkava Mark IV is the latest version of the Merkava range battle tanks developed by the Merkava Tank Office. The tank has been used by the Israel Defence Forces since the year 2004. The tank has been given the title of the best-protected tanks in the world. The tank has a special spaced armor, equipped with an Elbit laser warning system

9900. The T-34-3 is a Chinese tier 8 premium medium tank. The T-34-3 medium tank was to be a modification of the T-34-2. The design was developed in 1957. However, mass production of the Type 59 was started in 1958, and the T-34-3 project was discontinued It's competitive when uptiered and murders everything then downtiered. One of my best games in the Tiger 1 was on Berlin, uptiered to 6.7. 5 tanks destroyed, all of them 6.3 - 6.7 and won the game without losing the tank. This is just one example but if you play the Tiger 1 correctly it is a common occurrence

Further, the tank's view range is the best of Tier 1 (30 more than any other tank, in fact), and the mobility is solid. The armor isn't the best, but it can bounce off a few stray shells Big list incoming! Since being fast has multiple meanings in World of Tanks, I'll show the tanks with the best top speeds, and ill put their power to weight ratio with them. Tier 1 T1 Cunningham — American Light Tank T1 Cunningham This tank has a. 7 M50/43 (Tier 8) 8 M50/53 (tier 9) 9 Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier 10) 10 How to play artillery. 10.1 Pick your targets carefully. 10.2 Positioning is key. 10.3 Play Smart. World of Tanks provides a wide range of military vehicles which although varied in their shape, structure, and attributes, all have some factors that tie them together

Best Shots #3 (Wargaming) June 30, 2021. Best Shots #2 (Wargaming) April 15, 2021. Any USA/UK tier 6+ non premium - In general the worse / less popular the tank is; the easier. @2021 - HoKx.com is a player created website about World of Tanks. We are not an official Wargaming or World of Tanks website There are five tier III tank destroyers in WOT, as of patch 9.9: SU-76 Marder II T82 Renault UE 57 Valentine AT These are not very different tanks, but they to vary, of course. Picking the best might be a bit difficult, since they are all ok, maybe except the Valentine. Both the T82 and th With WoT Premium, you'll be able to block a map of your choice and not be sent to it by the matchmaker. The feature is available for Standard Battles and works when playing Tier IV-X vehicles. Simply move a map you are not very fond of into the special slot and keep your tank game on point! WoT Premium Account vs. Wargaming Premium Accoun Live. •. Skill4ltu takes a detailed look at all the tier 8 premium tanks in late December of 2019 and ranks them accordingly to his personal experience and opinion. The 1 hour video begins with Light Tanks (Starting at 2:13 min), continues to Tank Destroyers (Starting at 9.26 min), medium tanks (Starting at 18:40 min) and finishing off with.

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The 112 is a Chinese tier 8 premium heavy tank. The development of the 112 tank started in 1962. The project was to feature parts and components of medium and heavy tanks. Existed only in blueprints. The 113 tank was a further development of the 112. The 112 can be considered a tier 8 version of the 113. They both have the same frontal armor. There are nine tier VI heavy tanks (by patch 9.15): IS KV-3 Tiger (P) Tiger I T29 AMX M4 mle. 45 Black Prince IS-2 (the chinese tank, not the russian premium) O-NI Note: I have not yet played the O-NI or the AMX. But I am quite confident none of them are best in class, s The TL-1 LPC's main selling feature is the 280 damage 90mm gun; whereas most 90mm guns only have 240 damage. 208mm base penetration and a zippy 280mm penetration HEAT round also bolster its firepower. You do lose 1 degree of gun depression versus other tier 8 American tanks (-9 degrees on the TL-1). Also .36 overall accuracy can sometimes.

SOFILEIN: T-34S, 3 premium days, and also 400 gold; Beardiful: Pz.Kpfw. T 25, 3 premium days, 1k gold, and also 1 hour Credits booster; RUDYRUDYRUDY: Pz.Kpfw. T 25, T-127, T2 Light Tank, 3 premium days, and also 100 gold; NOFUNFORYOU: 7 premium days, 1k gold, and also 1 hour Crew XP, and Xp booster The Best Tier IX Vehicles in World of Tanks By global win rate. Introduction. If you want to check out the best WoT Tier for Tier vehicles with our in-depth selection method explanation and analysis, go here.. This article will feature Five of the best Tier IX World of Tanks vehicles I would say the 3 places where premium ammo is necessary is high tier scouting, all tier 7 mediums, and certain tier 10 tanks like the E-100 using the 15cm cannon. Somewhere in between there are tanks that benefit substantially from using premium while other tanks really don't need it About ratings. Only Random Battles are counted for the ratings. You can view archived ratings for the past periods. Ratings are calculated based on data since December 2014 (update 0.9.5)

Also tagged with worst, tier, premium, gold, wot, world, of, tanks, WOT Game Discussion → General Discussion → 500 Bonds reward for IS-3 Saturday Showdown July 17? Started by SymbiosisBC, Jul 20 2021 Saturday Showdown , IS-3 , Bonds and 2 more.. The Type 5 Ke-Ho is a tier 4 Japanese light tank. It is pretty mobile, has low HP/armor, and packs a very good gun for a light tank. The 47mm and upgraded 57mm guns have very good damage and penetration.. You will have some difficulties against tier 5/6 opponents like most other tier 4 tanks due to your lack of HP The tier V Strv m/42 medium tank is on par with the Sherman M4, T-34, and Pz.Kpfw. IV, but with a remarkable 15° gun depression. At tier VI is the Strv 74 medium tank which sports one of the best guns for its tier. There is also the Swedish tier VI premium medium tank, the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. At tier VII is the Leo with the best top speed. most premium tanks at the moment suck or are mediocre at best to be honest. Unless you want to waste loads of eagles, I suggest you to instead unlock a solid high tier tank and talisman it, The tanks that come to mind are: Kingtiger (H), Jagdpanther, Ferdinand, IS-2, T-44, Su-100, M-26, Jumbo (76mm), M41 Best tier 2 vehicle - posted in Gameplay: So, which tier 2 vehicle do you think is the best tier for tier (across tank class)? By the best I mean that the tank has standout performance, on some of the following parameters: WN8, win rate, average xp, average damage. I have included tanks in the poll based on the following criteria:- The tank must have been at least moderately popular in earlier.

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THINGS POEPLE NEED TO KNOW * NOT ALL PREMIUM TANKS EARN THE SAME SILVER OR XP BONUSES. YOU CAN CLICK ON A TANKS INFO AND ITLL TELL YOU HOW MUCH EXTRA SILVER AND XP YOU RECIEVE These are the three tanks I suggest to grind credits T26E4 Superpershin.. so what does the community believe the 5 best non-premium tanks of tier 2 to tier 9 to be in the game at this time? Logga in Butik World of Tanks Blitz > General Discussions > Ämnesdetaljer. CMSgt von Krimm. 18 nov, 2016 @ 16:12. Vehicle restoration rules: Only one (1) vehicle can be restored for each VRT ticket. Each vehicle restoration requires one (1) vacant garage slot. Make sure that you have enough in-game currency: credits or gold. The buyback restoration cost, in credits, runs at the selling value plus a 10% fee. Collector vehicles can be restored only for gold Best forum-console.worldoftanks.com. · Best Premium Crew Trainers by Tank XP Bonus (Tier 5 and above) CHURCHILL 3 (78% Tank XP Bonus) ALL (7) 2016 BLACK EDITIONS (75%) T-34-88 (50%, w/ADDITIONAL 20% crew bonus) AMX CHAFFEE (same as T-34-88) Black Edition Tanks have now taken spots #2-8 in best tank XP bonuses in the game, tier 5 and above...

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  1. The Panzer J1 has average firepower and mobility, making it flexible in terms of play style. The Panzer 3 K is still debated as one of the best low tier tanks in the game, because of its good firepower, reload, and speed. Britain - Britain has only the Cromwell Mk IV for low tier medium tanks. The Cromwell has an excellent gun that can roll.
  2. In my humble opinion, artillery round changes are stupid. I've only ever played artillery for the sake of completing missions for reward vehicles like the T28 HTC. I'm not a particularly great arty player, or player in general, but I had hope this new update would actually provide more opportunities for artillery players to adapt the the.
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