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We are already making great progress on the new homestead. Today we share our experience of installing an electric livestock fence. This is exciting stuff fo.. For best results dig a three-foot deep holethat is 9 wide at top and 12 wide at bottom.Put in three inches ofgravel and center postin hole. Use level tostraighten and addthree more inches ofgravel. Add concrete towithin six inches of sur-face. Fill hole with soiland mound extra soilaround bottom of postto keep water awayfrom post. Allow con-crete to set 24 hoursbefore attaching Pro-Tek Tensioners For 22 years, Powerfields has been a trusted partner to retailers all over the United States . Powerfields designs, manufacturers and delivers a diverse selection of products for the farm/ranch retail industry. Prod uct lines include Polytape, Polywire, Insulators, Fence Charger s, Installation Hardware, and various ranch supply products to name a few There are many benefits to using poly tape in rotational grazing. Since polytape can be installed quickly and is easily spotted by livestock as they adjust to their new boundaries, this electric fence allows you to: Quickly adjust paddock sizes and subdivide pastures. Block access to resting paddocks

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Fence Wire The electric fence wire conducts electricity around the enclosure. Wire types include smooth steel wire, high tensile wire, poly wire (stainless steel wire strands woven with polyethylene) poly tape, and poly rope. Your selection will depend on the type of fence, the type of animal you are containing and how long the fence will stay. Setting Up HorseGuard Bi-Polar Fence. To improve the efficienty of the Bi-Polar tape we have designed a new tensioner: the #9bl that does it all! It's a tensioner on the Control Tower that locks in the electric connections. It's a corner insulator, a 3 way-tensioner, and a splicer. Or you can choose to proceed with the rest of your order now. Polytape is available in several widths to increase its visibility to livestock and provide a larger point of contact to any animals that test the strength of an electric fence. The variety of available Zareba® poly fencing allows you to select from several of those polytape widths You can install electric fencing with electric fence tape or a variety of straight wire of various thicknesses. Tape is the easiest to see, and less dangerous than straight wire. Making sure that the fencing is easy to see is one of the most important considerations. 1.5- or 2-inch poly tape, braid, rope are perfectly effective for most purposes

This item: Polytape Installation Kit. $19.26. Zareba White T-Post Poly Tape Insulator (25-Per Bag) $9.47. Field Guardian 1.5 in. White Classic Polytape. $59.47 Zareba HDT656YH-Z Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Electric Fence Tape, Weather-Resistant UV Protected PVC Coating and Lock-Stitched Edges Polytype, 20X Shocking Power, 2X Strength, 656 Feet x 1/2 Inch, Yellow. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 36

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  1. The Zareba PT656W1-Z 1 Inch Wide 200 Meter Poly Tape is ideal for equine fencing since it is more visible than traditional wire. With a breaking load of 320 lb., this electric fence poly tape contains 8 strands of electrical conductors. It is easier to install, repair, and splice than regular wiring for convenience
  2. Poly tape is mostly used in electric fences to increase protection from electric shock and therefore maintain the safety of the area.. Step 1 - Install Posts. Use wood to make posts for the corners, gates and the tops and bottoms of hills. Sink them into the ground about 3 feet
  3. The only Polytape with a 20 year Guarantee! In the design of Safe-Fence Electric webbing several important issues were considered. The composition of the plastic monofilament, the type of wire to be used, the breaking strength needed to be effective, and the wire type and size to be used for safe contact, long life and good conductivity
  4. Electric Fence Installation Guide. Building a fence requires a combination of quality materials, use of proper construction techniques, and some elbow grease. No two fencing jobs will be the same. Poly tape and poly wire: 12: Board: 8: Corrals: 6: Use wood posts at corners and ends due to the extra strain at these locations. Whether the.
  5. The Hooyman fence accessories will be competitive in price and perform at the highest level. Copper and zinc plated polytape. 656 ft. fence tape included. Width of tape measures 1/2 in. Polytape: .25-ohms/meter. 1/2 in. poly tape. Utilize with Hooyman hot zone food plot fence kit and Hot Zone. Limited lifetime warranty
  6. How to Install an Electric Fence: For gardeners everywhere, the race to gather the harvest before animals do can be frustrating. Luckily, there is hope. Electric fences help provide a barrier around your garden that deter animals from being where they are unwanted and taking what i
  7. For any polytape up to 11/2 wide. Insulators grip tape tightly to prevent whipping and sawing. Heavy tape holder unlock..

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High-tensile, smooth wire, electric fencing is the fastest and most affordable fence that I know about, and its technology has drastically improved over the past 10 years. But many folks are hesitant to use it because they remember old failures -- wires breaking, chargers starting fires, wet vegetation shorting out the fence and other troubles A multi-strand electric fence consisting of 3-6 strands (6 strands recommended) of 20mm wide poly tape, or poly rope is adequate for containing goats. An electric fence for goats should ideally be about 4'8 (1.2m) high to prevent them from jumping over, but this can be reduced for smaller goat breeds HorseGuard Electric Fence tape was designed with your horse's safety in mind for horse owners by an experienced horse breeder. Backed by many years of extensive research and continual product improvement, for a safer, better quality fencing solution built to last. Horses of all breeds, genders, sizes and ages can be safely confined If you go with tape, 1.5- or 2-inch poly tape, braid or rope are all suitable for most fences. Coated wire is another option that's easy to install and see. When you're choosing the size of your wiring, make sure you take into account the fence's purpose POLYTAPE 1 1/2 HEAVY DUTY. Woven of white UV resistant polyethylene and stainless conductor wires. 1 1/2 with fifteen conductors. Install with tape insulators only. 3 to 4 twists recommended between posts to prevent whipping from wind. White. Heavy Duty—50% heavier strands of stainless steel. 1-1/2 wide x 200 meters/656 ft

3년 전. farmer-g 47 in homesteading. My Zareba solar electric fence charger runs through a poly tape and poly rope set up.I give an overview of how to wire an electric fence and I also fix a repair. The fence was grounding out due to high weeds. Once the weeds were cut I had to repair the wiring because the lowest run of poly tape was ripped. Electric fence tape, available in 20mm or 40mm widths, and electric fence rope are ideal for cross-fencing a pasture for horses, using either portable posts or permanent wooden posts with insulators. For ease of movement from one section to the other, electric fence gates enable you to move the horses around without having to turn the power off

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  1. When you need to fence off a large area in a short time, installing a permanent electric fence may not be practical. Ranchers, farmers, and horse owners have found that temporary electric fencing is convenient for controlled rotational grazing or pasture management. Our Step In Poly Post for Installing Temporary Electric Fencing is a Step In Poly Post - 48 Inches Read More
  2. Electric Fencing. These fencing systems are derived from 35 years of extensive testing and research conducted in Michigan and Texas. Both versions of the fence, as well as the specialized Buck Forage posts, are patent pending, and come equipped with the best quality hardware, poly tape, poly wire, and energizers available
  3. um and galvanized steel wire works well, along with poly-rope and poly-tape. Both are robust, colorful, and cost-efficient. You can also use electric netting for semi-permanent pasture rotation.PigsPigs are compatible with charged wire, tape, or rope. The setup is very similar to that of other livestock
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T-Post Polytape Insulator. Category: Safe-Fence Electric System. SKU: TP-25-W or TP-25-B. This insulator clips onto steel T-posts to hold polytape secure. For polytape up to 2. For proper installation of Safe-Fence, always use wood posts for corners and gates, when using T-posts for line posts. WARRANTY INFO How to Install a Vegetable Garden Electric Fence. You're not the only one lusting after those just-ripening vegetables out in the garden. Other mammals, insects, birds and rodents also can't wait. Shop Field Guardian Field Guardian 1.5-ft-ft Brown Polytape in the Electric Fence Wire & Tape department at Lowe's.com. This is a roll of 1.5'' brown polytape with 13 stainless steel wires for excellent shocking ability. This is a tape great for areas that demand a low tone o

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Once your fencing area is clear, you are ready to start building your fence. 2. Insert Wooden Posts, T-Posts, and Prep for Gates. You will need to have round wooden posts at the corners of your fenced areas, where you want your gates to go, and also as supports at the half way point on long stretches of your pasture Elife electric fence pigtail posts can be used any type of poly tape or poly wire in accordance with the farming needs. It featuring footsteps on the side to firmly press the post into the ground. Elife steel pigtail posts are pointed spike metal posts and plastic pigtail top for holding electric fences White Poly Tape Wood Post Insulator (25-Per Bag) This wood post insulator keeps poly tape This wood post insulator keeps poly tape from moving on the wooden post, preventing problems from occurring with your electric fence. The Zareba White Poly Tape Wood Post Insulator is molded of heavy-duty polyethylene and has a large flange to prevent arcing Electric fence tape is also called a poly tape or polytape. Usually, Elife electric fence tape is made of strands of UV-stabilized polyethylene filaments and high-quality #304 stainless steel wire. We can custom any types of electric fence tape with different conductors, filaments, color, resistance and more, as your special needs STEP 4: Connect to Fence Line Poly tape connection Poly tape connector clamp Aluminum/Steel/Poly wire connection Galvanized line clamp STEP 5: Power Fence Energizer NOTE: Fence energizer will be outputting voltage at this point - to avoid shock do not touch fence terminal or fence wire

For convenience, the 1/2 in. poly tape is easier to install, repair, and splice than regular wiring. This roll contains 1/2 in. x 200m of white poly tape. Please note you may also need poly tape insulators and a poly tape fence charger connector to complete your project when you use this electric fence poly tape wire carry electricity best. Poly wire, tape and rope have strands of conductive wire twisted or woven into the fabric and are ideal for electric fencing because of its ease-of-use, light weight and visibility. Tip:For equine enthusiasts, we recommend using ElectroBraid® Fence or poly tape systems. They are highly visible, easy to install an Voltage on a fence line depends on several factors, including the voltage output from the fence energizer, the grounding efficiency, soil conditions, and the type of fencing material. With 5 strands of conductors for the electricity to disperse through, this poly tape will reduce the voltage from the energizer by up to 50% Shop Fi-Shock 656-ft Electric Fence Poly Tape in the Electric Fence Wire & Tape department at Lowe's.com. Horses and other animals will be able to see this 0.5 in highly visible polytape more easily than regular electric fence wire. Fi-Shock 0.5 in Polytape has 65 Now: $8.99. Safe Fence 1 1/2in Wide Poly Tape 200 Ft. Starting at: $33.30. Safe Fence T Post Cap Insulators 10 Pk. Starting at: $10.27. x. Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart

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This wood post insulator keeps poly tape from moving on the wooden post, preventing problems from occurring with your electric fence. The Fi-Shock White Poly Tape Wood Post Insulator is molded of heavy-duty polyethylene and has a large flange to prevent arcing. This white insulator extends the tape 2 in from the post Elife is your premier electric fence rope supplier in china since we start electric fence business in 2002. Electric fence rope(it is also called polyrope), poly wire, poly tape are three basic electric fence wires for building an electric fence system.Elife electric fence rope is made of UV resistant plastic filaments and high-grade #304 stainless-steel wire A Retrofit/offset electric fencing is an economical and easy to install option if you have an existing or new non-electric fence that you want to protect. What type of posts will you use? While the heart of your electric fence is your energizer, fence posts are the backbone of your fence system. Designed to use with Poly Wire or Tape. RRP. Like poly wire, it is lightweight, easy to install and will not rust. Poly tape will last between 5-7 years outside due to wind friction.  Poly RopePolyrope is the strongest braided wire for electric fencing. This type of fence wire is strong and works well in windy areas. It is highly visible, like polytape, and will not corrode. This white poly tape is highly visible to horses and other animals This spool contains 500 ft. (152m) of electric fence poly tape Woven with 14 strands of electrical conductors Breaking load: 890 lb. Lightweight weave makes the electric fence tape easy to install, repair, and splice This durable poly tape will not rust for lasting use Width: 2 in

Shop Patriot Patriot- 1/2-in Politape- 1320-ft- White in the Electric Fence Wire & Tape department at Lowe's.com. Politape is UV stabilized yarn colored white for greater visibility.For use with Sentinel Heavy Duty Tread-In post Ampia selezione di prodotti per il giardino. Spedizione gratis (vedi condizioni

The Best Electric Fence Tape (1/2-Inch) Fi-Shock PT656WH-FS 656-Feet Polytape, 1/2-Inch. Highly visible to horses and other animals. 1/2 Polytape. 656 foot (200 meter) of tape on a spool; contains 5 strands of electrical conductors. Breaking load of 150 lbs Visit our installation page here; Login. Wachtwoord vergeten? Login. New customer? Back to Electric Fence | Electric Fence Poly Rope/Tape. Categories. Protech Equipment (74) EVO Compact (7) P240T Skid Steer Attachment (4) EVO1 (3) EVO2 (4) EVO1 & Compact. In fact, electric fencing is an insurance requirement for horses. Several companies have copied the poly tape concept and are now selling it here in the US. Equi-Guard either manufactures its own original design or has the blessing of its European partners to provide you the finest poly tape and hardware available anywhere in the world

Turbo Tape & Poly Tape . Order Here!! There are 12 different types of electric fence tape, wire, braid and rope in the Gallagher range. Tape is generally used where visibility is important, wire is preferable where wind or adverse weather conditions exist and braid is a woven product designed not to tangle or overstretch Horse Fencing Installation. Pro Fence is proud to serve A large portion of the Eastern US with horse fence installation. We are a family owned company that has been in business since 1993. If you need horse fencing for your property, you want a company with the personnel and experience to complete the job on and time within your budget BUY HERE!! 1320' ROLL, GET 300' FREE! Ideal for portable electric fences. Ultra white for high visibility and better animal control. UV-stabilized for longer life. Reliable, cost effective wire for controlling animals behind shorter portable electric fences under a 1/4 mile. 6 stainless steel strands work to deliver great conductivity throughout the wire For a simple electric fence, you'll need (clockwise from left) a fence charger (this battery-powered model has a solar panel for recharging), a copper grounding rod, and a voltage meter; polytape (shown with a hammer and pliers) or electric wire; and 4-foot fiberglass fence rods with plastic insulators A 20-inch electroplastic net fence for the same-sized garden, powered by the same energizer, runs about $275. If you want to control poochie with a radio fence, pay about $100 or keep shopping.

Note: Calculator serves as an estimate only. Always fence to the needs of your livestock, pets, gardens, orchards, bee hives, environment, and soil conditions. Be sure to follow published industry fencing suggestions for use of adequate ground rods for soil conditions, and the recommendations from the fence energizer manufacturer for proper electric fence energizer output and usage Get a new fence charger right away and install it. I had a cow escape my fence four days after the charger died. (such as plastic insulators, electrical tape, wood blocks, and zip ties). If your electric fence connects to a ground wire, your charger reading will suddenly drop to 0. I tried to use electrical tape as an insulator. The.

Fully galvanized frame and white high impact plastic hub. Wire loop for connecting power to Polywire, Turbo Wire, Poly Tape or Turbo Tape. Can be attached to Reel Stand (G633). Comes with a free Insulgrip gate handle (G606304) imbedded within the polyethylene. Poly tape, which is flat, is usually less effective for bear exclusion and is not recommended. Figure 4. Two styles of electrical fencing Poly wires. Using rigid wire panels Depending on the size of the fence enclosure and application, rigid wire (cattle or hog) panels can b Electric fencing/poly wire. This User-Friendly Wire will not rust, is easy to install and is the most effective electric wire on the market. • Secures Polywire or Poly Tape up to 1 1/2 wide. For proper installation of Safe-Fence always use wood posts for corners and gates, never tee-posts. Powerfields - Superior Outdoor Products.

33 Product (s) Found. Sort by: Relevance Top Rated Name (ascending) Name (descending) Price (lowest first) Price (highest first) Turbo Electric Sheep Netting. A201000. Contains 9 horizontal twines. 35 inch tall prefabricated fence. RRP. USD $167.99 Fits rods and posts from 1/4 to 9/16 inch in diameter. Electric Fence Wire and Poly Tape. Electric Fence Wire. Various gauges and lengths. Poly Electric Fence Wire. Lightweight, easy to handle. Works best with low impedance chargers. Poly Electric Fence Tape. Easier to install than metal wire and can be rewound to use over and over again C. Flagging tape 1 roll D. Energizer 1 ea. E. Poly wire line tightner and snap hook 3 ea. F. 3 Electrical poly wires (110' ea.) spooled 1 ea. • Install the energizer and the electric fence according to these installation and operating instructions. • Inform everyone, especially children, who might possibly. Step 1. When installing electric portable horse fencing, place your tread-ins around the boundary of the area you wish to fence off. Posts can be spaced 30-40 feet apart if using the thin 0.5 inch tape, which is less inclined to flutter in the wind, and 20-25 feet apart if using the thicker 1.5 inch tape. Reduce the spacing between posts to 15.

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Electric fence installation. The installation of an electric fence is very straightforward once you have selected the type of fence wire or woven tape you plan to use. Each type of fencing material has an amazing selection of low-cost devices intended to make installation easy and fast White in colour for higher visibility to the horse.The horse now knows where the electric fence is situated and should tend to avoid it.This model is ideal for the wide 40 mm tape and although it can take the 12 mm poly tape, it is recommended that the 12mm tape be used with our thick wire rope insulator which is another option to contain horse

A pioneer in the electric fence systems, Gallagher has led the way in quality, innovative animal management systems since 1938. Tejas Ranch & Game Fence is a proud dealer of the full line of Gallagher electric fence products and solutions. At Tejas, we offer electric fencing, automatic watering systems, weighing, and data collection solutions. Fence Testers. Poly Tape & Underground Cable. Fence Accessories. Fence Accessories. Fence Reels. Stock Prodders. Weighing Systems. Weighing Systems * Home * Our Products * * Helpful Hints * Downloads * Contact Us * Company Profile * Site Map *. The width of the poly tape does affect the price, with wider tape costing more. Electric poly wire fencing lacks the strength of steel wire fencing but it won't rust and is more visible to animals. It's suitable for containing animals that don't move too quickly, such as sheep or cattle, rather than horses, which move much faster In Part I and II of this Smart Electric Fence Grid article series I explained how to set up the broad permanent electric fence corridors that provide the skeleton-structure of your Smart Electric Fence Grid. The next step is to use portable electric fences (i.e. poly tape or poly wire) to subdivide these permanent pasture fence corridors into daily grazing slices Electric fence insulators are handy for hanging electrified wire to posts without losing any energy through the post itself. T-post insulators work well for poly tape, wire, and rope; they are also easy to install and simple to maintain. Protect you and your animals from potential painful injuries and from sharp edges with post insulators

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The poly tape contains highly conductive wires allowing the energizer to power a much longer fence reducing the need for additional energizers. Features: • Durable design with a reinforced structure increases the lifespan of the electric fence wire • The electric fence wire is easier to collect when the system needs to be portable and movabl Attach electric fence indicator lights to any fencing you install. Indicator lights are small devices that you can easily attach to your electric fence at regular intervals. Whenever the fence is on, the indicator light will remain illuminated. Hook up the indicator lights according to the product instructions

Electric poly tape is available in different widths with each width being better suited for different applications. Because of its enhanced visibility and superior strength, the thicker tape is recommended for perimeter fences, but it's not the best solution in areas that experience strong winds - in these situations, Poly Braid would make. Safe-Fence Electric System 1 1/2'' Poly Tape. by Powerfields. As low as: $29.95. 12. reviews. TOP SELLER

Set the middle wires at spacings relative to the size of the animal. On a five-wire sheep fence that's 3 feet high, space the wires 6 inches apart, he says. For rabbits and poultry, you might space the wires 2 to 3 inches apart.. Animals well trained to electric fencing may require only one wire Electric Fence Insulator (16) Electric Fence Post (1) Electric Fence Powered Accessory (11) Electric Fence Powered Energizer (3) Electric Fence Wire/Polytape/Polyrope (9) Insulator Type. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results Poly-tape or polywire fencing are usually electrified and may also be called electric-tape fence, electric-braid fence or rope fence. Poly-tape and poly-wire fences are inexpensive, though they are subject to fraying and damage. These are not suitable for perimeter fencing but are easy to install and take down as temporary fencing for. Electric fencing is the most cost-effective, safe and easy-to-maintain solution for protecting your cattle. Weeds and the condition of the earth can impede the flow of electrical current. Power Wizard PT-2 Poly-Tape is a highly visible electric fence poly-tape used for permanent and semi-permanent fencing. 1.0in wide. 328ft/100 m May 14, 2013 - Explore Fence Hub's board Electric Fence, followed by 310 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about electric fence, fence, electricity

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Types of Fences: Barbed Wire Fence. Installation: about $1,100/quarter mile for either three strands of wire at 14-inch intervals, or four strands of wire at 10- to 12-inch intervals; alternating. Parmak offers a complete electric fence system including fence insulators, ground rods, fiberglass & poly fence posts, etc. Baygard by Parmak, the leading brand in temporary fencing, offers a complete line of heavy duty 1/4 electric fence rope, polywire, and polytape in 1/2, 7/8, and 1 1/2 widths. Available in black/yellow or all white That way if one were to get into the fence and get caught, you can turn the power off and get them loose. Warning! Due to risk of fire, do NOT use continuous output energizers with electric netting or electro-plastic conductors such as rope, twine or tape. Use only with a low or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizer The electric fence charger must meet the requirements of your electric fence. Some chargers may be designed for a particular type of fence while other chargers can be used to power poly-wire, rope, or poly-tape fences Identify the electric fence wires and connecting leads within 100 meters of the phone lines and running either parallel or nearly parallel to them. what sort of fence charger does poly wire.

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Parmak Solar-Pak 6. Check Price on Amazon. Even through wet weeds and brush, this solar charger works effectively to keep your electric fence running. With 25 miles of range, it can be used to secure horse and livestock pastures. The low impedance design that allows for less battery drainage These fence posts feature a large step-in flange and anti-rotation spike to keep the stake from turning. Each 4' tall fence post is molded from polypropylene with a heavy-duty steel stake for ease of installation complete with molded clips to hold the fence wire and electric fence poly tape (up to 2 inches wide). This fence post measures 38 above ground Redstone Supply believes in bringing you the number one online experience in horse and farm fencing products. We carry the best brands and the best prices Electric Fence Supplies. simple aluminum wire to more sophisticated poly horse fencing Shop Now. Shop Now. Livestock Weighing. Shop Now. Shop Now. Outdoor Power Equipment. Field Guardian In-line Tensioner for wire, polywire & 1'' tape - White - 5/pk . 668803. Price: $5.95 $8.99

A wide variety of electric fence options are available to you, such as heat treated, nature. You can also choose from easily assembled, eco friendly, and waterproof electric fence, as well as from pe, hdpe, and poly electric fence, and whether electric fence is 3d sample models, 3d modeling, or instruction book Electric fence poly wire 660'. There are many types of electric wire; 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. Some electric fence wire is made of aluminum which is cheaper and more flexible than steel. A mild shock from a length of electric fence wire fixed in front of the auxiliary fencing will deter animals from rubbing, chewing or pushing against it The Zareba® Yellow Poly Tape Wood Post Insulator is molded of heavy-duty polyethylene and has a large flange to prevent arcing. This yellow insulator extends the tape 2? from the post. These electric fence insulators are packed 25 per bag, including nails and a tape holder which unlocks for easy installation Moomax 10KM Solar Electric Fence Energizer Charger XSD-270A High Voltage Pulse Electric Fencing Controller For Animal Poultry Fa. Electric Fence Charger Features:Input voltage: 12V DC, or 110V-240V AC, solar power optionalOutput voltage: pulse 10KVPulse period:1SPulse duration: less than 0. Electric Fence & Supplies 114 Results. of 5 Next. Sort By. Show. View. Gallagher Pigtail. $2.99. Gallagher Geared Medium Reel. $89.99. Gallagher Turbo Wire 1312' White. $89.99. Gallagher Heavy Duty Ring Top Fence Posts. $5.99. Gallagher 12-1/2 Gauge 1/4 Mile. $89.99. Gallagher Gallagher 1,312 ft Geared Reel Prewound with Turbo Wire.

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This powerful electric fence charger is just what you need to keep your cattle in the correct pasture. The Solar Pak 6 from Parmak is capable of delivering a 1.4-joule jolt in a pulsing shock that is strong enough to warn large animals like cows and bears that it is time to turn back.. This unit can power up to 25 miles of wire, allowing you to protect a large area with a single wire fence or. Buy 2x Rope, Polywire & Tape Tensioner up to 13mm . Electric-Fence - Expert for electric fences

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China Lydite Electric Fence Reel for Wire and Tape, Find details and Price about China Fence Reels, Electric Fence Geared Reel from Lydite Electric Fence Reel for Wire and Tape - Wuxi Lydite Industrial Co., Ltd

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