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Find the Right Material For Every Job. Start Your Project Sooner with Store Pickup. Shop Roofing Today & Get Great Deals On Quality Products Thatch is a cost-effective roofing material that provides ample shade and insulation to your building structure. The leaves that make up the thatched roof allow hot air to flow upward, reducing heat and humidity. Thatch is also an excellent insulator that helps regulate warm and cool air during different seasons There are synthetic artificial thatch roofing materials for new construction custom built tiki huts, tiki bars, converting existing building, DIY framing, and for replacement thatch on your existing tiki huts with some modification. Our synthetic faux African thatch panels are a great replacement for the natural thatch reed panels and top cones Synthetic Thatch Premium synthetic replicas that perfectly reproduce each region's beauty of natural thatch. We utilize reinforced PA-6 resins, so our product is weatherproof, fire-retardant, and long-lasting. Our artificial thatching materials are also recyclable and eco-friendly as they contain no polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

As our name implies, Safari Thatch specializes in thatch roof materials and application methods. We are the largest supplier of thatch roofing material in the United States, with over 2 million square feet of roof thatch installed in hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos, restaurants, bars, tiki huts, and cabanas all over the world Palm thatch roofing is best known as a material used for tiki hut structures and tiki bars. However, tiki thatch rolls are much more than a decorative accent. Thatch roll is also a renewable resource and a sustainable product whose manufacturing process is simply comprised of hand harvesting, water boiling and drying in the sunshine Our artificial thatch is made from 100% recyclable HDPE (extruded plastic) and lasts up to four times longer than natural. Additionally, all of our Synthetic Tropical Thatch products are pest and mold resistant. Synthetic thatch has a similar appearance to natural thatch, yet it needs no maintenance Simulation Thatch Tile PE Material Roofing Plastic Straw Artificial Turf Fake Thatch Farmhouse Wooden House Gazebo Decoration Flame Retardant Thatch Tile .5x0.5m/pcs,Yellow A $155.91 $ 155 . 91 FREE Shippin We carry the world's top-rated synthetic thatching, reed, and synthetic-palm. Our curated selection of thatch products is a result of over 25 years in the synthetic thatch industry. Our thatching is 100% waterproof, warrantied, and has a minimum 50-year lifespan

Tiki Shack Importer specializes in providing commercial grade Tiki Hut and Tiki Bar building materials for homes and businesses alike: from thatched roofing comprised of palm leaf thatch, to authentic bamboo poles for building a thatched roof, to bamboo slats for walls and bar trimming, and palapa thatch umbrellas for overhead Safari Thatch has been the #1 supplier of natural and synthetic roof and umbrella thatching, as well as bamboo flooring and fencing for 36 years.. Synthetic thatch roof materials are our most popular thatched roof product for both interior and exterior applications. Synthetic thatch roof products are also referred to as artificial thatch as well as faux thatch. All of our synthetic thatch roofing products are designed to simulate natural thatch yet will resist humidity and decay Tiki Thatch Roofing. Tiki thatch roof materials are often made out of Mexican palm leaves and are tightly woven or braided on one side, while the opposing side is lightly ridged and fringed, thus ensuring durability, as well as easy manipulation and installation. In addition to this, Tiki Thatch roofing material is generally both light weight. Plastic thatch roof materials are popular roof thatching products for both various roof structure design and construction, limited only by the imagination. It is also referred to as artificial or faux thatch and can be found in as many designs as natural thatch, simulating the same characteristics and flow

Palm Thatch AKA Tiki Thatch Rolls, Thatch Runners, or Thatch Ridge Cap Rolls is made with 100% renewable dried palm leaves that leave the tree unharmed in the process. It is one of the most traditional thatches used in many different cultures. This material is perfect for many roofing projects including tiki hut roofs and tiki bar roofs OneThatch® synthetic thatch roofing materials are made from Nylon PA6 (a Class A fire-resistant material), which is the highest standard available in the global market. Our artificial thatch collections are not only top in quality but also gorgeous in design

Affordable, Beautiful & Natural-looking Synthetic Thatch Roofing Fast & Easy Installation for Virtually Any Roof Type - Including Open Batten Resistant to Fire, Fading, Infestations, Harsh Weather and Wind - Up to 200 mph Durable, Long-lasting, U.S. Manufactured Quality with a 20 Year Warrant Originally used by the natives in Mexico as shelter from the harsh climates, these rain capes now called thatch are used as decorative accent and roofing material. Woven together by palm leaves, Mexican thatch is an eco-friendly resource that can add a tropical touch to anyone's indoor decor or backyard space, great for tiki bar decoration Quick View. Palmex Aloha Synthetic Thatch Shingle, 38x27 Inches Each - 72 pack - Covers about 90 Square Feet. $660.00. (0) Select Options. Quick View. Palmex Synthetic Thatch Roof Ridge Cap - 38 Inch Wide x 28 Inches Tall. $54.00

An artificial or synthetic palm thatch roof offers the ideal mix of beauty and practicality. You get the lush look of natural thatch with material advantages like increased durability, pest-resistance and longevity. However, it's a mistake to assume that if you've seen one synthetic thatch, you've seen them all Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge (Cladium mariscus), rushes, heather, or palm branches, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof. Since the bulk of the vegetation stays dry and is densely packed—trapping air—thatching also functions as insulation

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A thatched roof comprised of synthetic material will generally lack sufficient strength to bear the elements in most environments. Unless you live in an area with neutral weather throughout a typical year — which is a rarity in the 21st century — synthetic thatch is an impractical roofing choice Palm leaf thatch roofing is ideal for constructing outdoor tiki huts, gazebos, awnings, roofings, and other structures. Hand woven from palm leaves in Mexico, our latin thatch offers great practicality to build tiki bar roofs or other tropical structures. You can expect the roofing to last about 2 to 4 years in the Canadian climate

How to Thatch a Roof; Materials & Tools; Introduction A long with the Technical pages; this section hopefully forms a comprehensible and comprehensive guide to the art of thatching. Before looking at the various materials in use today it would be useful to explain why there are so few The Very Best Palm Thatch Tiki Hut Roofs. Palm thatch tiki huts provide durability, sustainability, and can even withstand Florida hurricanes. Palm thatch roofing has many benefits. When properly maintained a palm thatch roof can last over 10 years! The most important part of a tiki hut is the roof

Synthetic palm thatch is waterproof and fireproof roof material, perfectly suitable for zoo park roof decoration for sunshade structures such as gazebo, palapa, tiki hut and bali hut, etc. Could create relaxed feelings for tourists Thatched roof materials. When it comes to the type of materials used in thatched roofs there are a number of different options available. Traditionally, materials were selected for use because they were easily available locally. Some types of covering like woodchip which was found in Sussex and was very popular have now fallen in to disuse The ridge of a thatched roof bears the brunt of the weather and generally requires attention every 12-15 years. All ridge work is constructed using Long Straw, regardless of whether the rest of the thatch is rendered in Water Reed, Long Straw or Combed Wheat Reed

Regions provides a luxurious synthetic thatch roofing solution that perfectly captures the beauty of natural thatch from exotic destinations around the world. Made with high-quality materials, Regions replicates the look and feel of natural thatch with the durability of a commercial-grade building product. With our multi-regional design options. Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company is the largest thatch roofing material experts if you are building a new or just replacing materials. Call if you would like our expertise on any questions you may have 866-944-8454 Synthetic thatch roofing is a cost-effective and smart alternative to natural thatch roofing materials. It is made of 100% recyclable HDPE (extruded plastic) or nylon, and has a service life four times longer than natural thatch Every picture featured is one of our beautiful Thatch roofs with our thatch material. 1/1. 1/1. 1/1. 1/1. The material is 100% recyclable. When the roof wears out or if you choose to install something different, recycle the thatch. Few other roofing materials offer the same ability to stay out of landfills. Because you don't throw away your artificial thatch roofing material at the end of its long life, the product's carbon footprint lessens.

Thatched Roof Material. dezeen.com. People would have different type of thatched roof materials to applied. The rod wire, shank, and hem wire would be used for sewing or screwing the roof. It may help the rod wire to create reed layer and keep them together as the sub-construction Show only PBR textures. thatched roof texture seamless 21416. Thatched roof texture seamless 21261. Thatched roof texture seamless 21260. Thatched roof texture seamless 21259. Thatched roof texture seamless 17352. Thatched roof texture seamless 17351. Thatched roof texture seamless 17350 THATCH. Thatch is a natural material made out of palm or grass that is cut, dried and handwoven into a practical roofing material. A sustainable product in both natural and synthetic presentations, a popular product that is cost effective and a great insulator that helps regulate warm and cool air through different seasons Thatch is a natural reed and grass which, when properly cut, dried, and installed, forms a waterproof roof. Traditionally thatchers use locally available materials. If local farmers were growing wheat, then wheat reed or straw was used. Rye, barley and oat straw, and even heathers have been used KEBA Synthetic Thatch Roofing Tile 2020-12-02 11:51:01 Korea Lotte Water Park Project 2017-02-23 17:36:47 Thatch Carts - Shanghai Disney Project 2017-02-23 17:34:1

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Palmex® Thatch is a synthetic palm thatch that is used as an alternative to natural thatch. It is the perfect solution for covering your tiki hut, palapa, gazebo, cabana, tiki bar or any structure that you would like to give a tropical or natural look and feel to. Palmex® palapa thatch is a synthetic, eco-friendly 100% waterproof industrial. The most common roofing materials used in the United States include shingles, membrane roofing, and ceramic tile, all of which have different life spans. Shingle roofs typically have a life span of 15-30 years, while membrane roofs usually last 5-15 years. Although ceramic tile roofs are expensive, they can have a life span of over 100 years Thatched roofs are stylish, expensive, and quintessentially English. This is the story behind the thatched roof quaintness. W hen the Bronze Age inhabitants of England wanted to put roofs on their houses, they gathered up the materials at hand—long-stemmed plants such as wheat or straw. They'd bundle the plants together and pile them atop.

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  1. Download the Roof Thatched 001 texture in up to 6144 X 6144 resolution for your 3D projects
  2. Tahitian Palm Thatch Round Palapa/Tiki Hut Roofing Cap - 3' Feet Diameter/Round. $140.00. (0) Select Options. Quick View. Thatch Save® Net Per Square Foot [Minimum billing is for 100 square feet per net (4x4 smallest actual size.) Specify dimensions in Comments: at checkout. Nets are special order & usually ship in 7-10 days
  3. imum training, if any, while the second calls for skilled craftsmanship. Synthetic Nipa roofing is also maintenance-free, easier to repair and more cost-effective, especially in the long run. Artificial palms being considerably lighter than natural thatch, less timber is generally needed for the supporting structure
  4. Thatching is having a revival because it's known as environmentally friendly with natural materials. Thatchers today are working with developers and architects to make it the preferred roof of the future. Today's thatched roof offers limitless possibilities. A 50 year lifespan rivals any of today's high quality roofing
  5. Fiji thatch: Another natural roofing material perfect for your Palapa replacement, Fiji thatch is renewable, eco-friendly, exotic, hardy and economical. Extracted from the Fiji grass of the coco palm tree, our Fiji palm thatch comes in a panel form we craft by cutting the palms vertically and weaving them expertly into a sturdy shape

Thatch is relatively light, meaning that less timber is required in the roof structure . It is a versatile material when it comes to covering irregular roof shapes. However, there is the perception that thatch roofing is at a higher risk of fire, meaning that thatched houses are harder to insure. Thatched roofs can also be more expensive than. Dickie Wright, from RJ Wright and Son, Master Family Thatchers, explains the key elements to thatching a roof, as he demonstrates his skills at the Royal Bat..

Procurement of the material and installation, even to a remote location like Chidiya Tapu was a breeze. If you want to recreate the magical appeal of natural thatched roofs, with a high-quality, durable artificial eco-friendly material and want professional, courteous, timely service - don't look beyond Palmex Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation like straw, water reed, sedge, rushes, or heather. The materials are layered, so any moisture is kept away from the inner roof. This method is very old, and is still employed by some builders

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Originally used by the natives in Mexico as shelter from the harsh climates, these rain capes now called thatch are used as decorative accent and roofing material. Woven together by palm leaves, Mexican thatch is an eco-friendly resource that can add a tropical touch to anyone's indoor decor or backyard space, great for Tiki bar decoration If the roof is properly laid and the right grass is used the average thatch roof can last for approximately 25 years, however, in the right climatic conditions, it would be able to last for up to 30 years. Pros and cons. Thatch is the best insulated roofing available to man Natural Thatch Roof Materials Synthetic Thatch Roof Materials Bamboo Poles Bamboo Boards Bamboo Screening Eucalyptus Poles Custom Rustic Fences Ropes and Netting Manufactured Palm Trees Tropical Decorating Fire Retardant Suncoast Tiki Huts, Inc. Call, fax, or text (800) 984-5448 (813) 926-9606. When a thatched roof is added to a building, it adds an old world charm to the structure. In recent years, thatched roofs are increasing in popularity. And, because thatch is one of the roofing materials that is sustainable, it is rapidly becoming a go-to material for environmentally conscious building owners. It is a great way to take care of. Roof thatching more efficient than ever. Modern building demands higher performances in construction techniques and material, and so do informed consumers. Palmex uses new technology to make thatch roofing an intelligent alternative. Our products provide Palmex artificial thatch brought to you by Tiki Mund

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The process of thatching is more labor intensive than other methods of roofing, affecting the overall cost. Being an organic material, thatch is susceptible to decay and decomposition and precautions must be taken to minimize the possibility of this process taking place. In warm, wet climates thatch is prone to fungal attacks This material is widely used throughout the UK. It is also known as Norfolk Reed and Continental Water Reed.This material is very hard and has the longest lifespan of all the thatching materials. There are always exceptions to the rule but Thatch Advice Centre knows of roofs which are over 60 years old. New properties are thatched in this material because it gives the most cost effective roof. Alibaba.com offers 2,085 plastic thatch roof materials products. A wide variety of plastic thatch roof materials options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and material

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Africa Roofing supply both natural and synthetic materials for thatched buildings and structures. Cape Reed is a completely natural, environmentally friendly South African thatch. If you require an artificial thatch material, we offer Fibre Thatch and Fibre Palm as options, plus combination thatch - a hybrid product which combines natural. The alternative thatching material, straw, is a by-product of an essential food harvest. So neither product creates wastage or is a drain on the world's natural resources. How long does a thatched roof last? When thatched properly by professionals, the major portion of such a roof (the water reed) should last 40 to 50 years. In other words.

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  1. Thatch/grass is one of the earliest found materials used to cover shelters. Local, mature grass reeds are cleaned, dried, tied, and woven to be used as roofing. It is still used in varied roofing techniques, but alternate materials have replaced thatch roofs over the last two centuries
  2. Our new Palmex Exotic collection offers a variety of artificial Thatch roofing, surface and decor materials imitating the natural materials found worldwide. Whether you are looking for Asian reed, African reed or Bamboo, we provide the best quality products available on the market. Made for easy maintenance, long lasting and hassle-free projects
  3. Re: Thatched Roofs #82853. By Matthew Lohden - Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:05 pm. - Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:05 pm #82853. Thatched roofs are clearly a challenge for ArchiCAD. It sounds like you've done it about the best way possible within the standard program. Maxonform would offer some advantages for this as well as giving you a bunch more capabilities
  4. Providing Australians with affordable, quality thatched roofing for Bali huts and Tiki huts, as well as bamboo roofing and coconut poles since 1983 Supply We can supply thatching for Bali huts and Tiki huts direct to the public for DIY installs or we are able to supply bulk orders for commercial purposes
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  1. By definition, a thatched roof is a roof covering of straw, reeds, palm leaves or a similar material. Our primary roofing material, cape reed thatch (thamnochortus insignis) is unique to South Africa. More specifically, it can only be found in the Southern Cape and grows along the coast on a strip of land of approximately 78km by 23km
  2. Tiki Hut Kits, Palapa Kits, Bamboo Bars, Thatch Roof, Palapa & Gazebos For Sale. About Palapa Structures. We began building palapas in 2003. After we built our first Palapas, orders for additional Palapas & Tiki Huts rolled in. Along with these orders came requests for a variety of other products. We soon turned to the internet to reach more.
  3. the prevailing local roofing material. Thatch is generally found on relatively humble vernacular properties - most notably cottages - and is less often a feature of high status properties and large houses. Long Straw The traditional, historical thatch for the area is known as 'Long Straw' thatch, and was employed locally for centuries
  4. roof texture, seamless roofs texture, thach roofs, seamless clay textures, METAL ROOFS - SHINGLE - WOOD ROOFS -THATCH - ASPHALT ROOFING -SLATE. NOTE: you are redirected to our new website. to download the files you need to register. It is forbidden to upload our material available for download on any website or blogs or social networks
  5. Flexibility: Thatch can be shaped into soft, aesthetically pleasing forms, which is a nice difference to the hard lines of other roofing materials. Combining thatch with other materials also creates a nice contrast and can result in interesting designs. Lightweight: Thatch is light and doesn't need the heavy support structures that other.

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Thatching MATERIALS AND TOOLS Despite the unusual simplicity of the roofing, the materials for its assembly are the result of advanced technology! As a result, the life of the thatch has been significantly extended, eliminating the risk of fire and ensuring, thanks to environmentally-friendly measures, maintaining its ecological character The Supply Scout is your #1 source for synthetic thatch roof, specialty building supplies, and eucalyptus materials Our new Palmex Exotic collection offers a variety of artificial Thatch roofing, surface and decor materials imitating the natural materials found worldwide. Whether you are looking for Asian reed, African reed or Bamboo, we provide the best quality products available on the market. Made for easy maintenance, long lasting and hassle-free projects Designers and architects love the tropical look of thatch roofing materials for canopies, roof systems, umbrellas, overhangs and other shade solutions.Most natural thatch, made from palms or reeds, lasts three to five years and then requires replacement.. For a long-term solution, synthetic palm and reed thatch varieties offer the durability businesses demand with the beauty of the natural. thatch roof materials offered on the site are made of the finest quality materials such as synthetic resin PVC or ceramic for optimal durability and protection. These unique. thatch roof materials protect you from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, hailstorms, rain, and other external factors with efficacy. These wonderful

All this results in more thatch material and longer lasting hips! Where a hipped roof is thatched, mud bugs are attached to a hip plate to cover the corners. In most instances it is the thatched hips that will typically decay, wear, show holes and need maintenance first A thatched roof gives a natural charm to a house; reed as a roofing material especially fits well with rustic, traditional-style houses. Generally, two constructions are possible in the case of a thatched house: the traditional open roof and the closed roof Minimum Roof Slope and the Building Code. For each type of roofing material, you can see the actual language used in the model 2018 International Building Code at the UpCodes website.. Click to see Section 1507 (Requirements for Roof Coverings).. To jump to the subsection for your type of material, click the name of the material in the code index on the left side of the page (You may have to. Thatch-It will construct other structures using poles, sawn timber, steel or a combination of these. Various configurations and combinations of laths and roof coverings can be used to suit the client including waterproofed lightweight concrete slabs, clear polycarbonate, steel or tiles

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Anyone who has visited Bali will be amazed on how cool the ambiance below the Bali gazebos with alang-alang thatch roof. This tropical kind of roof 'only' comprises of leaves of dried yet the use is merely limited on purposes of aesthetic factor. Our alang-alang thatch roof is very water resistant when they are arranged and fabricated in proper manner A5.3 Laying of thatch A5.4 Fixing A6. Fire-retardant thatch treatment A6.1 Fire-retardant coating A7. Chimneys A8. Services Appendix B: Rational fire safety design guidelines for thatched lapas B1. General B2. Thatch roofs covering a roof plan area of less than 20 m2 B3. Thatch roofs covering a roof plan area of more than 20 m2 B3.1 SABS 0400. Palmex Roof Thatching Australia Pty Ltd. is the Exclusive Palmex Distributor in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We commenced operations at Tweed Heads in 2018 after establishing Palmex as the preferred roof thatching system in the South Pacific whilst based in Fiji. The continued acceptance of the unique features and aesthetic.

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  1. Thatching is another ancient roofing style using materials such as straw, reeds, sedge, rushes or heather. While a thatched roof can incorporate most of the design styles used on this page, including dormers , the main roof is usually made of a single uninterrupted layer to avoid water leaking through
  2. Thatch is a natural reed and grass which, when properly cut, dried, and installed, forms a waterproof roof. Traditionally thatchers use locally available materials. If local farmers were growing wheat, then wheat reed or straw was used. Rye, barley and oat straw, and even heathers have been used. In wet lowlands, sedge has been a traditional.
  3. Mar 13, 2020 - Realistic-looking, Flame retardant, UV proof. Jinyang Industrial provides the highest quality palapa thatched roofing materials with over 20 years life expectancy

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The WUDING THATCH roofing is an artificial thatch roofing material that replicates centuries-old natural roofing styles prevalent in tropical regions. WU DING thatch roofing has excellent insulation properties, is fire-retardant, is durable and washable, and is easy to install. WU DING synthetic thatch roofing is ideal for resorts, seaside. Thatch is actually a tightly-woven blend of vegetation such as straw, reed, or rushes that is used to create a roof. This was the primary material used for roofing in England until the turn of the 20th Century Thatch Maintenance. The lifespan of a thatch roof and therefore it's maintenance requirement is due to several factors. Because of the natural degradation of material over time, it requires maintenance and will eventually reach a stage where it requires complete rethatching where thatch touches a chimney, suitable flashing material should be provided; the thatched roof should be protected against attacks by birds or vermin; Refusal of a Grant Your grant may be refused if: a grant for the renewal or repair of the thatch was paid under this scheme or Roinn na Gaeltachta scheme, unless a period of 7 years has elapsed. The lifespan of a thatched roof depends largely on how well it was built, how steep it is, how often it is maintained and which material is used to construct it. The prevailing weather is also a factor (the drier the better), and thatched roofs under trees can deteriorate more quickly as the sugars dripping off them can help bacteria to breed

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The thatched roof may be primitive, but it's actually a surprisingly useful building material. It will ensure all who sit beneath it cool under the hot sun, and shelter from rain when it is cold. People don't realize that thatched palm leaves actually offer a lot of water resistance May 23, 2020 - Explore Janet ILUNGA's board thatched roof on Pinterest. See more ideas about thatched roof, thatch, gazebo How to create a thatch roof in Revit. To start the tutorial, I created four walls forming a small rectangular building. The next couple of steps will be to create an In Place Conceptual Mass to form the basic roof

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Thatch is a traditional roofing material in many parts of England. It has rich regional traditions that contribute to the local distinctiveness of vernacular buildings. Thatch also has important archaeological value; for example, in some roofs medieval thatch survives below more recent layers 4. Materials Thatched, Flashing, Fixings, etc. The second biggest expense next to labour is the cost of the materials used on the job. For example, long straw tends to be the most affordable thatching material used in the UK. Long straw is a combination product that can be made with wheat, rye, barley and oats. The next level up is combed wheat.

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Large Irish mill house bud vase - miniature structure flower vase - red door and whitewashed walls - thatched roof - three stems. 2of2. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,777) $59.00 FREE shipping. Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Add to Favorites China Synthetic Roof Thatch supplier, Artificial Roof Thatch, Synthetic Palm Thatch Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Guangzhou Mingge Technology Co., Ltd

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The thatched roof of a house we bought was in need of repairs and JNA Thatchers was recommended to me by a number of people who were totally unrelated. I took this to be a good indication of their reputation and competence. After a detailed review of the state of the thatch, we decided that a total replacement of the roof was the best option The bottom layer or 'eve' of the thatch line will need a double layer of our Grass Thatch Roll to add thickness to the edge of the thatch. Each layer going up the roof is also made up of Grass Thatch Rolls until you reach the top layer. The peek or Ridge of the thatch is the Grass Thatch Top Cone or our dependent on the shape of your roof The lifespan of a thatched roof will depend on things like high-quality thatching materials, the thatcher's skill, the roof pitch, weather conditions, and the maintenance you provide. So, assuming the first four factors are taken care of, we'll drive our focus to the ideal tiki hut maintenance Like roofs of any material, thatched roofs will perform well if they are well detailed, maintained and kept in good repair. Regular maintenance Thatching was a seasonal activity, with repairs and improvements often carried out in the autumn, when straw, grass and other materials were harvested, and in the spring, to fix any damage caused by. A fully packed 20ft. container packed with Fiber Thatch material cover a roof area of 2100 m²!!! NB! Fiber Thatch material can only be shipped in 20ft containers due to shipping weight restrictions. Natural thatch packed in a 40ft. container can cover a maximum of 300m². Transport cost will be nearly 12 times more! Mobilit The proximity of trees. Pollutants and other environmental considerations. Damage from vermin/birds. Damage to the roof from other trades people not familiar with thatch. The breathability of the roof. Water Reed - 25 - 40 + years. Combed Wheat Reed - 25 - 35 years. Longstraw - 15 - 25 years. Ridge - 10 - 15 years