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  1. Santa Rosa is probably the most famous dive site in Cozumel. The sheer drop off into the abyss makes for an amazing dive. There are a lot of incredible swim-throughs and you can find a lot of little animals on the East side of the coral in the shallow area. It'd hard to not have this higher on the list
  2. #15 Best Value of 22 Diving Resorts in Cozumel Excellent evening entertainment and lots of fun activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, pool volleyball, water aerobics, etc. Spent a week diving with Babieca Dive Center (located on property at El Cid) where Don Julio, Louis, and Camacho took us on many wonderful diving adventures
  3. These experiences are best for scuba & snorkeling in Cozumel: Cozumel Snorkeling Tour: Palancar, Colombia and El Cielo Reefs. El Cielo reef by Catamaran with Beach Club. Cozumel Snorkeling Tour: Palancar, Columbia and Cielo Reefs. SeaTrek Underwater Helmet Diving Experience in Downtown Cozumel. Discover Scuba Diving
  4. Santa Rosa Cozumel is known for some of the best scuba diving for beginners and experienced divers. Here you have two different popular dive sites. The Santa Rosa Wall is loved by experienced divers whereas the Santa Rosa Shallows are popular with beginners
  5. When it comes to companies that provide scuba diving classes and excursions - Our program is the best and official PADI Discover scuba for beginners in cozumel. The best dive sites for beginner divers in Cozumel include Paradise Reef, Tunich Wall, Palancar (the shallow part), and Cardona. Other places as well are Yucab, Santa Rosa Wall.
  6. Diving in Cozumel is famous for easy drifts but currents can be strong during the seasonal transition - best suited to advanced divers. Divers choosing to plunge below the surface at this time are rewarded with more sharks and eagle rays. November-March in particular are the best months for bull shark sightings
  7. Cozumel is a Mexican island located off the coast of Mexico surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Cozumel is consistently rated as one of the best locations for scuba diving throughout the world, so we felt that it should have a post all to itself

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  1. Santa Rosa Wall Santa Rosa is one of Cozumel's most popular dives, and is probably best visited in the afternoon, when the light is good and most other divers have moved on. A wall dive with potential currents, Santa Rosa is best suited to divers with an intermediate level of experience
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  3. Here is my list of Outstanding Dive Operators in Cozumel: My dive buddy, Yasser, of We-B-Divin' Cozumel. Been diving with this wonderful guy for 18 years! We-b-Divin'-Cozumel. Owned by Judy Kay of Texas, this is the luxury boat of diving. The Yucab III has been on the water here for over 20 years
  4. Scuba diving in Cozumel Mexico is amazing and after diving 6 of the sites I'm itching to go back for more! Cozumel has 27 dive sites ranging in depths from the shallow waters of Shallow Columbia (15') to the deep diving of Chun Cha Kab (90-120'). The five dives sites I went to are: Paradise Reef (Max 45'
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  6. One of the top diving destinations in the world for its bright storybook coral reefs, the island of Cozumel is also home to a variety of natural beaches. Choose..
  7. Cozumel is a year-round scuba diving destination on Mexico's Caribbean coast, known for its easy drift dives with stellar visibility, vibrantly colored sponges, and marine life like turtles, nurse sharks, and rays. It is one of Mexico's best dive destinations, boasting a great assortment of diving and marine life
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  1. Blue Magic Scuba is a PADI Five-Star IDC Center, one of the very few Cozumel Dive Shops so honored. Located in the heart of downtown Cozumel, just two blocks from the ferry pier. Scuba Diving in Cozumel, an island situated on the northern edge of the Great Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world
  2. The ScubaLuis dive boat, Ranger, is new, super-clean and comfortable. She's covered, dry and safe with all of the safety equipment you'ld expect on boats in the United States. The Ranger represents our commitment to offering you the best scuba diving in Cozumel
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Facts About the Cozumel Reef Simply 10 kms off the coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, Cozumel is called the Island of the Swallows and has recently emerged as a popular scuba diving destination. Primarily, Cozumel is suitable for divers of all levels, no matter you are a beginner or trained Dive the Meso-American Barrier Reef The largest reef in the Northern Hemisphere. Cozumel has been named by Jacques Cousteau as one of the TOP 10 dive spots in the world. It is considered as one of the best scuba diving sites on our planet because of many reasons.One of them is undoubtedly the perfect visibility of turquoise water that reaches up to 50m

Once again, thank you so much Scuba Life Cozumel, because of you our vacations, moving forward, will all have a scuba component. If you still choose another Dive Shop after reading my review- it will be your loss! Discover30144037131. 6/23/2021 Scuba Diving Cozumel island has some of the best diving sites on earth. With over 35 years of experience providing prime diving, we offer customized diving - tailored for your needs. We love serving beginners as well as experienced divers Discover Scuba Cozumel Our discover scuba options gets you breathing under water for $130 for a 2 tank experience. It's the best way for beginners scuba diving Cozumel to try our diving for the first time if they aren't quite ready to commit to doing the full certification course

The Best scuba diving in cozumel. Small, Fast Boats: No Cattle Carts at Blue Magic Scuba!! Your Cozumel Scuba Diving experience is enhanced with our unique Valet Dive Service. We set-up your equipment, help you gear-up and when the dives are over, we take your gear to our shop to rinse and dry, and have it all set up, onboard ready for. SCUBA DIVING COZUMEL. 20% ONLINE DISCOUNT on the best scuba diving Cozumel has to offer! Cozumel is ranked among the world´s top scuba diving destinations for a reason: each dive is simply among the best on the planet. It is the perfect place to get in a maximum number of dives with Dressel´s great package prices and offers

The absolute best scuba diving Cozumel brings to the table is on the western side of the island where it is isolated from the territory by a genuinely restricted and profound channel, which pipes the maritime supplement rich water Beginner Lessons & Certified Dives! Book Top Rated Scuba Tours in Cozumel. Quick & Easy Purchase with Flexibility to Cancel up to 24 Hours Before the Tours Start Jhon Smith. Cozumel Divers was the best experience of diving in Cozumel, before know them I was diving with deep blue but Deep Blue its more expensive and doesn't has a lot of diving spots as Cozumel Divers. Christina Hardy. It was best cozumel dive vacations thank you, see you in July. Janet Bennett

Scuba Club Cozumel is the grand old señora of Cozumel dive resorts, where charm oozes from every mismatched stone in its eclectic terraces, arched porticos and quatrefoil windows that peek out in unexpected places. Charm aside, this PADI Five Star shop is where serious diving happens Beginner Scuba Diving Cozumel There are a number of reasons why Cozumel is a good destination if you're a beginner to scuba . The average water temperature here is 25 ̊C/ 77 ̊F during winters and 29 ̊C/ 85 ̊F during the summers

If you want to find the best diving in the Riviera Maya there really is only one choice in location, Isla Cozumel. Having scuba dived in Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and Cancun, Cozumel for me is the best.In this blog post, I'm going to share with you everything you need to know about diving in Cozumel bottom dwell Angel Fish. # of Dives: 25 - 49. Location: Miami. 19. 0. 0. Hi everbody who has dove Cozumel. I am planning a dive trip in a few weeks. Im looking for referrals to a dive boat that is fast, small, and takes experienced divers to the best drift diving sites off the island Jungle divers are awesome!! Steph is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and safe on scuba adventures in the ocean and cenotes. Alex is so friendly, happy, and customer service is immediate and efficient. I can't wait to return to Cozumel and dive with them. They are literally THE BEST and I had a blast all week with them! Prices and gear. Cozumel Dive Trips. For 34 years now, Dive Paradise is the name you know and trust in Cozumel for satisfying scuba adventures. We offer an unmatched array of boats, reefs, departure times and special trips. Custom-design your scuba vacation around Cozumel's most extensive menu of options

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Cozumel. The island of Cozumel is perfect for beginners to try their hands in scuba diving and snorkeling, as the pristine clear water of this place helps them learn these activities at ease. The geographical location of this island plays a pivotal role in a seamless scuba diving experience Best Dive Sites in Cozumel. Cozumel scuba diving is so popular because there are so many dive sites to choose from. There are over 20 sites around the island for divers of all levels. You could easily plan your entire trip around diving on this amazing island

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Choose the Scuba Diving Package in Cozumel, Mexico Best for You. Together with Java Travel, we bring you over 50 different Scuba Dive Packages in Cozumel. From the Presidential Suite at El Presidente, to a shared-room hostel, and everything in the middle, we have what you are looking for Cozumel's Number 1 full service Scuba Diving shop. Fast boats, small tailored groups of matched scuba experience, long dives, 70 minutes minimum on our HP steel tanks. Discover only the best scuba diving in Cozumel with Aldora Divers 20% ONLINE DISCOUNT on the best scuba diving Cozumel has to offer! Cozumel is ranked among the world´s top scuba diving destinations for a reason: each dive is simply among the best on the planet. It is the perfect place to get in a maximum number of dives with Dressel´s great package prices and offers Scuba-Cozumel - This is the in-house dive operator at Scuba Club Cozumel. They have a fleet of seven dive boats of all different sizes and speeds. The staff is efficient and friendly and these guys know how to handle cameras! The bigger boats have beautiful multi-level camera tables and large rinse tanks dedicated for cameras

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Best Time to Go Diving in Cozumel. As Cozumel is located in the Caribbean, diving is pretty much available all year round. However, with that being said, December to April is considered the best time to visit Mexico and therefore is the most popular time to visit Cozumel as snowbirds escape Winter back home When scuba diving in Cozumel, 2-tank morning dives or afternoon dives are the standard. You can hop on a 2-tank fun dive trip for about $90 if staying on the island or a bit more if staying in nearby Playa del Carmen. It's possible to find single-tank dives, but these are rare during the day Dive resorts in Cozumel Trust PADI Travel to bring you top-quality hand-picked Cozumel dive hotels in one of the world's most popular diving locations. Cozumel dive vacations feature all the world-class diving you'd expect from a sunny Mexican island with lush walls, protected reefs and some of the world's speediest drifts

The best scuba diving company in Cozumel. There are literally a hundred dive shops in Cozumel so you will want to do a thorough research and book your spot in advance to have a great experience onboard and underwater. As a divemaster and a scuba instructor,. Snorkeling in Cozumel. SCUBA DIVING ADVENTURES Industry safety standards, and fun are very important to us. Making you happy is a priority, no crowds, you select the best dive sites or we may suggest a few great reefs for you. If you are visiting in a cruise ship we will get you back on your ship with plenty of time, guaranteed. Long bottom times Island Divers Cozumel, is a PADI Dive Center offering the best scuba diving Cozumel has to offer. Since establishing ourselves on the Island in 2015, we have rapidly become one of the go to dive operations in town. With close knit ties to our sister shop in Texas, www.texanscuba.com we are consistently managing groups and individual divers from.

What Deep Blue has to offer. All computer diving for maximum bottom time. Fast boats for groups of 6-9, custom and personalized diving, top quality instruction, excellent rental gear Best Diving Sites on Cozumel. Easily accessible, affordable, and with enough variety to suit all levels of divers, Cozumel offers some of the best diving sites in the world. You'll find much in the way of diversity, with both marine life and underwater landscapes! Here are some of our favorite dive sites around the island of Cozumel Cozumel has a lot going for it when it comes to diving, but most divers like to visit sites within the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Marine Park, which protects the northernmost point of the world's second-longest reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System.. The Arrecifes de Cozumel National Marine Park has depths ranging from 30 feet to 300 feet, making it ideal for novice and advanced. The best scuba diving in Mexico - 2021. There are few places in the world that can compare with Mexico when it comes to offering such a variety of scuba diving opportunities. The culture and tropical paradise you find on land is replicated in the oceans around this beautiful country If Cozumel is a ferry ride too far away and the idea of diving in a cenote fills you with dread then the best place to dive over here on the mainland would be Puerto Morelos.Scuba diving in Puerto Morelos is great for many reasons, but for me probably the top one is that everything is very close, so you won't need any long boat rides to get to your dive site

Post dive, you will learn about the editing process and how to produce a video that truly captures your scuba adventures. Prerequisites: You must be at least 10 years old and a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or equivalent certification. Includes: All gear rentals, local taxes and fees. Price: $185 USD per person Cozumel: Best Dives. Located in the Mexican Caribbean coastal zone, Cozumel is fringed by a complex coral reef ecosystem. Part of massive chain of reefs that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to Honduras, it is the second largest reef system in the World. Cozumel is considered as one of the best scuba diving sites on our planet because of many reasons Dive with Martin, Cozumel, Mexico Pro Dive International—Mexico, Riviera Maya. Scuba Club Cozumel Dive Center, Mexico. Scuba Du, Cozumel, Mexico. 3. Bay Islands. When seeking an all-inclusive resort with 24/7 shore-diving access, one doesn't have to look any further than the island of Roatan, Honduras For diving, the peak season in Cozumel is from December to April. Given that there's no weather disturbance, Cozumel is a great dive spot all year round. Another great thing about Cozumel is you can easily find dive shops to book. In this post, we listed 10 of the best dive shops in Cozumel that suit all beginners

Cozumel is a popular year-round tourist hotspot in Mexico, hosting amazingly healthy reefs and impressive walls, amazing drift dives, and a good range of dive sites for novice and seasoned divers alike.Boasting warm waters and stellar visibility, Cozumel is often referred to as a must-see destination for divers Scuba Diving in Cozumel. At Dive with Cristina, we offer the best scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling tours in Cozumel Mexico. Warm, crystal clear water and protected reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish are waiting for you. Our large, comfortable boat is set up for efficiency and comfort Dive With Martin Cozumel offers small, fast boats and expert staff to make sure your diving is the best experience possible! Dive your profile on the best reefs in the Caribbean !! Great for all levels of divers, especially photographers! Individual and Group reservations welcome! We offer packages that include accommodations too! FREE GIFT. Cozumel scuba diving is one of the best experiences in the world! Featuring up to 200 feet of visibility, crystal clear blue water, brilliant soft coral reefs, fantastic wall dives, and a huge variety marine life in the confines of the Marine Park Arrecifes de Cozumel Scuba diving in Cozumel for beginners. The island of Cozumel is the second most populated island and in it you can enjoy the beauties of the Caribbean Sea which is rich in coral reefs, main attraction for divers from all over the world. One of the best places for beginner divers is Chankanaab Lagoon, which is connected to the sea by an.

From seaside vibes, delicious restaurants, zesty culture and everything in between, there are many ways to experience this slice of Mexico. But one of the best ways to enjoy Cozumel remains through scuba diving. Scuba Diving on Cozumel. As one of the go-to scuba diving islands in Mexico, Cozumel, has the second largest coral reef system in the. Best Scuba Diving in Cozumel. Because Cozumel has a pristine and healthy reef, it is one of the best dive sites in the world. Cozumel is an island southeast of Cancun, just opposite Playa del Carmen. It's large, but small enough to maintain intimacy and great island life Cozumel is known in the scuba diving industry as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Every dive is a scuba divers dream. With the first airing of that film, Cozumel has consistently been on the top of many diving lists among diver's destinations. Through the guided tour of Cozumel's rich underwater topography, it is. Cozumel seduces both resort-course divers and those with decades of experience. In a week of diving with ScubaTony, I set out with divers of all skill levels, among them a newly certified diver who'd never taken to the open ocean, an Austrian couple that had spent the year racking up dives around the world after getting certified in Thailand, a former police rescue diver, and newlyweds.

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The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases: 1) Knowledge development: your dive center will provide you with all the material to start learning. It covers everything you need to know about basic techniques, terminology and safety procedures in scuba diving Cozumel is known as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Cozumel is the Mexican Caribbean's largest island, just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Located near Cancun; Cozumel is an island destination for scuba divers and non scuba divers alike. Every dive in Cozumel is a scuba divers dream Cozumel Dive Travel Vacations. Island Dreams began in the scuba travel business, more than 30 years ago, by providing value and quality scuba diving travel to Cozumel, Mexico. Over those years our owner, Ken Knezick, has made more than 60 dive trips to Cozumel, and we have sent thousands of divers on multiple visits to enjoy the best of this. Jul 16, 2021 - Explore stingray villa's board Cozumel Scuba Diving on Pinterest. See more ideas about cozumel scuba diving, cozumel, diving Visit our Adventures store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/hummansunsonBEST Scuba Diving in Cozumel Palancar Garden Reef TunnelsPalancar Garden - Divers of all.

A popular resort destination, sunny Cozumel is tons of fun above and below the waves. Cozumel is home to lush walls, reefs and speedy drift dives, ideal for all levels Paradise reef is the Cozumel's most popular night diving location. Punta Sur. Considered one of the best dive sites in Cozumel, Punta Sur is characterised by an impressive deep wall on the southern end of the island, reaching down to 165ft (50m). Remarkable swim-troughs will take diver to the Devil´s Throat, a narrow tunnel lined with red. The best scuba diving in Cozumel might surprise you! I've been diving here for longer than I want to admit (30 years!), but there is always something new! That is always exciting for divers. Cozumel is famous for incredible, towering pinnacles of coral, so beautiful and so colorful it is a wonder to see. Turtles, eels, nurse sharks, fish. Dive Cozumel. Photo Credit: mdanys 1. Paradise Reef. Paradise Reef is actually three separate reefs with a maximum depth of 45 feet. That makes for a host of awesome dive sites that are easily accessible from the beach which makes it a great dive site for those who are new to scuba diving.

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Scuba Diving in Cozumel has never been better when diving with Deep Exposure Dive Center. Cozumel is consistently voted among the world's top ten best dive destinations, easily accessible with short direct flights from many US cities, 5 star hotels and great local restaurants, which makes this the perfect dive get-away Maple Leaf Scuba is a dive shop located in Cozumel, Mexico. We offer dive trips, PADI dive instruction, and snorkeling trips to the best reefs in Cozumel. 273 Benito Juarez, Cozumel 7760 WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 29TH ANNIVERSARY AS COZUMEL'S TOP DIVE CENTER. CERTIFIED SCUBA DIVING. SCUBA DIVING INSTRUCTION. SNORKELING ADVENTURES & FISHING CHARTERS. 6 Years of Achieving Excellency. Check out what our clients say on TripAdvisor! LEAVE US A COMMENT. Experience the best diving adventure with us! BOOK NOW Dressel Divers Cozumel Quick Pitch. Cozumel is ranked among the world´s top scuba diving destinations for a reason: each dive is simply among the best on the planet. It is the perfect place to get in a maximum number of dives with Dressel´s great package prices and offers! Resort dive this exceptional underwater world with free Nitrox

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Unlike other destinations, Cozumel offers a world-class diving experience regardless of your skill level. On a recent trip to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, I had the opportunity to go scuba diving in Cozumel with Scuba Tony and believe me when I say it: It was one of the best scuba diving experiences I've had so far Cozumel's Top Quality SCUBA Diving. Diving in Cozumel is known far and wide as a leading destination for the best diving in the Caribbean, if not some of the best scuba diving in the world.. Thousands of loyal Cozumel scuba divers come back over and over, mainly for the truly and consistently superb visibility, warm water temperatures (avg. all year 81F/27), and a fun and very experienced. The island of Cozumel, just off the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, is one of the top spots for scuba diving in Mexico. And at the all-inclusive Check Prices Check Prices Cozumel Palace , you'll be just a short hop away from the extensive Palancar Reef, a solid favorite among in-the-know scuba divers About Cozumel. The best part about Cozumel is the affordability! Cozumel is one of the most budget backpacker friendly destinations with fantastic diving and is one of the six less expensive scuba diving Destinations for the budget Diver. Cozumel is a small island located southeast of Mexico in what is known as the Mexican Caribbean

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Best dive sites in Cozumel Punta Sur Reef - This is a fascinating, ethereal dive consisting of a deep wall with caverns and fissures. The appropriately qualified may enter one of the larger cavern systems and follow it down a sand chute to 27 m/90 ft where there's a complex system of coral tunnels and caverns that are absolutely bursting. I am fond of scuba diving and recently I have gotten a chance to indulge in diving. My concern was to know the best time to go and best things to do. The purpose behind it is to know what entertainment it provides and really I want to share it with you. One more thing Cozumel Dive Guide : 9 Best locations to dive In Cozumel Read More Cozumel is said to be an undeveloped Mexican island found in the Caribbean sea. It is a popular cruise ship port that is famous for its scuba diving. Cozumel is known for its powder-white beaches and crystal clear waters and it also has the largest barrier reef system in the western hemisphere making it perfect for both diving and for snorkeling Blue Magic Scuba's Divemaster Internship Program is THE best place to do your training. In fact, we are the only Cozumel Divemaster Internship program from a real dive shop, let alone at a PADI 5 Star IDC Center.The crystal-clear Blue Magic waters of the Caribbean offer, in addition to the great diving, an ideal location for training

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The island of Cozumel, located just off the Yucatan Peninsula, is one of the best Mexican travel destinations. Home to the all inclusive Occidental Cozumel and Allegro Cozumel, a getaway here offers the chance to experience one-of-a-kind adventures - especially beneath the waves of the Caribbean Sea. Cozumel scuba diving is one of the world's best experiences, with incredible Mexican dive. The amazing diversity of Cozumel diving. Beginners and advanced divers divers can dive in Cozumel, there are some fabulous shallow reefs to explore. But the deeper more exciting dives are of course a lot more fun. Drift diving made easy. Cozumel is the unofficial drift dive place-to-go of the Caribbean The beautiful Island of Cozumel has some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Americas. The Great Mayan Reef that surrounds the island is the second largest reef system in the world (second only to the Great Barrier Reef near Australia). The waters are warm and inviting, ranging from 84 degrees in the summer months to a cool of 76. Scuba Diving. Our under water world is one of a kind! Cozumel is home to some of the best scuba diving in the world. Check out our dive pricing, packages, and certifications. Photography. Have you been wanting to get more out of your equipment? We can help Scuba diving in Cozumel is a truly stunning and spectacular experience. And whether you are an experienced scuba diver or someone who has never gone scuba diving before, we have the right tour that will take you out to some of the best reef destinations off the coast of Cozumel

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The Ranger represents our commitment to offering you the best scuba diving in Cozumel. FIRST CLASS SERVICE. Dry towels, warm freshwater showers, a souvenir water bottle and an assortment of snacks, fresh fruit and cold drinks. Our commitment to your enjoyment and satisfaction while scuba diving in Cozumel will be clear in every aspect of our. 2-Tank Boat Diving - $90. 2-tank boat dives are the standard when diving in Cozumel. We have morning (7:30 am) and afternoon (1:00 pm) departures daily. A 2-tank trip takes 4-5 hours on a fast boat. Travel time is usually less than 30 min to the best scuba diving in Cozumel

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Underwater -- Scuba diving in Cozumel is the finest in the Western Hemisphere, with a tremendous diversity of reefs, caves, and canyons teeming with tropical fish and coral. The colors of the underwater life here shimmer with resplendence and breathtaking biodiversity. Whether you are a novice toying with the idea of a beginner dive, or an. Best Scuba Diving Fins 2021 - Reviews And Buying Guide. Scuba diving is the most popular adventure sport among people of different generations. The most addictive factor of scuba diving is to experience a sense Cozumel scuba diving is like living a dream, with dazzling soft coral reefs capturing the light through the crystal blue Caribbean waters, making the underwater world come alive. Known as one of the world's best scuba diving locations, Cozumel has so many coral reefs in its protected marine park that you'll always have more waiting for you on. Tres Pelicanos (trehs peh-lee-kah-nohs or Three Pelicans or simply 3P) started its Cozumel scuba shop in 2012 with a fast boat named the Skinny Shark.At that time, we were the first dive boat in the Cozumel marina to have a 300 hp Yamaha motor. We have since evolved with another boat called the Loan Shark and each of those vessels is now powered by 350 hp Yamaha motors These experiences are best for scuba & snorkeling in Cozumel: Cozumel Snorkeling Tour: Palancar, Colombia and El Cielo Reefs. El Cielo reef by Catamaran with Beach Club. Cozumel Snorkeling Tour: Palancar, Columbia and Cielo Reefs. Discover Scuba Diving

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That's how divers find their way here. Built in 1976 as Cozumel's first dedicated diver's resort, Scuba Club Cozumel is still a very intimate place where Cozumel Aficionados find convenience and good value. Designed and built — by divers for divers — to provide all services in one convenient place These are some of the best place to go scuba diving in Cozumel. The Palancar sites are all relatively easy. What makes them so amazing are the elaborate maze-like paths that divers can explore throughout each dive site. It's truly a unique dive destination, and that's what undoubtedly made Jaques Cousteau love Cozumel..

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The barge was sunk many years ago and has long since been overgrown with plenty of marine life and makes for a great Cozumel dive site. The barge measures 154 feet long, 33 feet wide and 40 feet high. The barge sits upright on the ocean floor. Expect to see plenty of large groupers and green moray eels Scuba Refresher Course Freshen Up Your Skills Before Diving 4 Hours - Includes 1 Dive - $67.50. Open Water Check Out Finish Your Certification in Cozumel! 2 Days - Includes 4 Dives - $225.00. Nitrox Training Increase Your Diving Bottom Time! 3 Hours of Instruction - $85.50

The best time to dive the cenotes is between May and September. Wreck diving in Veracruz, Cozumel and Puerto Morelos. There are an estimated 4,000 wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. Veracruz is slightly more 'off the beaten path' and offers five dive-able wrecks. Cozumel is home to the Felipe Xicotencatl, which wa Oct 20, 2019 - Are you Willing to Plan for New Scuba Diving Aventure in Mexico So This Board BECOME your lovely PLACE All You Need To Know About Next Cozumel Spots ️ , Best Resorts ️ , Top Things To Do , Travel ️ Guide, Travel Ideas Diving Best ️ Pins Picked For You Here Tips And More On ===www.bestscubapro.com==== Follow To Stay todat New Pins . Known as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world, Cozumel is a mecca for divers of all skill levels. Jacques Cousteau, naval officer, explorer, and researcher who studied the sea visited Cozumel in 1964 and is credited for positioning it as a beautiful diving area. Celebrated for its visibility, impressive wall dives, and. With visibility ranging some days upward of 200 feet, this Caribbean wonderland deserves its reputation as a major scuba diving destination. The best Cancun diving is found off the shores of Cozumel, where crystal-clear, warm water houses thousands of incredibly beautiful tropical fish and other marine life A top vacation destination, Cozumel boasts of beautiful beaches, waters, and resorts. At Bottoms Up Scuba Adventures, we're committed to making sure you have a relaxing memorable vacation. We'll take care of the hassle of planning your dream vacation. We only go through the best scuba dive shops, quality lodging, and bucket list destinations Home » Cool Lists » Top 30 Best Scuba Diving Locations Top 30 Best Scuba Diving Locations Ever since we first set foot on this extraordinary planet, our inquisitive nature and fascination of the unknown pushed us towards exploring and discovering the Earth in its entirety