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Grip Removal and Club Shortening with Andrew Ainswort 'Shorten' your driver to find the sweetspot - and the fairway - more often. We're taught to grip the driver at the top end of the grip. It makes sense; by making the club as long as possible, you make it as powerful as possible. But gripping at the top can also lead to loss of control Remove the grip from the driver using a hook blade or a utility knife, as well as the grip tape on the shaft. Measure the length that you want to shorten on the shaft. Add an extra 1/8 inch to this and mark the position using a permanent marker. Fix the golf club in position in a vise If I decide to shorten my 915 D2 driver to 44 it was suggested I retain the red weight and simply install a 25gr grip for a D0-D1 swing weight. Please sign in to comment Sarge4.

To shorten your backswing, load your weight into your right foot and thigh (above, left). Hold your driver with your right hand on the hosel and your left hand on the grip (above). With arms. You loose 3 swingweight points for each 0.5 you shorten the club - so for 2 you'll be loosing quite a substantial 12 points, which would take a D4 down to a C2 for example. To restore swingweight, you need to add approx 2g of weight for each point so you'll be looking at 24g minimum to get the swingweight back

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  1. My suggestion would be to grip down your current driver and see how it goes before you go through the expense of shortening. I'm 66 yrs old and am 5'8'' so the usual 45 driver is a bit long for me. I have been gripping down about half an inch and found that my accuracy has improved
  2. The best driver to fix a slice has been to commonly go to a slightly offset club face. The adjustable weighting system on drivers is also helpful to promote a closed or open club face. Set up the weighting system to promote a draw. Before you go and spend the pile of money on the new driver ensure your top hand is correctly positioned on the grip
  3. How Do You Shorten Your Driver Length? The easiest way to change the length of your driver is to just slide your hands down the golf grip about a half an inch. This mimics the same swing you would have if you were to cut down the shaft
  4. If you are shortening irons, every 1 inch you shorten the club will make the iron effectively play 2 degrees flatter. You may need to have the lie angles readjusted after shortening them. Step 1..
  5. Place a towel or clothes underneath your vice grip. Place the club into the vice. Put the club into the vice such that the grip end of the club is pointing at you. Cut off the grip. With a utility knife, carefully make a cut along the grip. Remove the grip and dispose of it in the garbage. Remove the tape
  6. If the length of our driver shaft may be killing our drives, you may want to shorten up on the grip by 2 inches for better control. Shorten Your Grip for Control and Speed: I got this idea when I saw a Top Speed Golf Blog with suggestions to use when your game is falling apart

Driver. Just for fun, I did try to grip down on my driver. My shaft is already shortened down to 44, which is about 1 ½ to 2 shorter than standard. It's been one of the greatest changes I've made with my clubs. It has given me more accuracy off the tee without sacrificing too much distance Hi Eric, Ryan is right. For every 1/2 you cut off the driver length, you will reduce the swingweight by 2-3 swingweights. If you have the Red 9 gram weight, you will want to purchase a Black 14 gram weight or your other option is - if you have a standard 50-52 gram grip, you can keep the 9 gram red weight and regrip with a grip that weighs about 8-12 grams less so a 40 gram grip Remove the existing grip. With steel shafts, use a tubing cutter to trim the shaft; with graphite shafts, shorten using a hacksaw. Re-install a grip on the newly shortened shaft. And, most importantly, Wishon says, add weight to the clubhead in some manner to restore the swingweight feel of the club Finally, choking up on a driver is a good idea if you're playing a tight hole and really need to find the fairway. There are some holes where a 3 wood isn't enough distance but a driver is kind of risky. To make it safer, grip down a little bit to reduce the spin rate, lower the ball flight, and you won't lose out on much distance. Iron Driver Cut it Down or Choke Down with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Steve Buzza. Talking golf drivers and if you should get them cut down or can you j..

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Video: Trevor Immelman: Three ways to shorten your golf swing Trevor Immelman gives three ways to shorten your golf swing for greater control. v4.25 - GolfChannel Player How to improve your grip strength. All of this is a way of saying, simply, that grip strength is important. You should probably be gripping the club firmer than you are already, and be actively.

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But the worst thing is, it gets you into the habit of hitting every shot with 100-percent effort: Instead of hitting a smooth 7-iron with a normal grip, the player who chokes down tends to shorten. Example: 265cpm @ 45 cut down to 43 would be a 282.2 CPM shaft. It is 4.3 per 1/2 of cut or 8.6CPM per 1 of cut, if you are going shorter ADD CPMs if you are going longer SUBTRACT CPMs. ~ Swing weight WILL be effected, if you go longer or shorter. It is 3 points less per 1/2 of cut off Golf Club Length 101: Chart to Determine Your Ideal Length. Your golf club length is vastly important to having a good game. If you're using clubs that are too long for you, you're going to have a rough time closing the gap between your tee and the hole. If it's too short, you're going to hit it too fast without proper form

The advantage of shortening the club (over lengthening it) is that if the feel isn't ideal, then the process of 'correcting' it is pretty simple! Lead tape can be used initially, then the change can be made 'permanent' with Tungsten powder down the shaft jammed in with a cork. Last edited: Nov 22, 2015. Nov 22, 2015 Waiting on my lead tape and lighter grip to show up in the mail but I couldn't help myself and cut the driver to 44″. Today I played it as is at C2.5 and that didn't work so well. (Tried using foil tape and 2 quarters on the back of the sole, but they were gone pretty quickly. 1. Choke down an inch when you grip the club and cover the face of your driver with a dry erase marker. Hit a few shots with your normal grip and a few choking down an inch, note where on the face you are hitting the ball and see if you are more consistent at finding the center of the clubface with the shorter length. 2

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How to Adjust a Golf Club Length. Changing your golf club's length also changes the club's playing characteristics -- which is the reason golfers decide to shorten or lengthen a club. On the other hand, maybe you received a driver as a gift that's a bit too long, or you found an otherwise perfect wedge at. Stay committed to your plan: choke down to shorten the distance and drop down two lofts to lower the flight. The swing itself is soft and simple. You don't want to punch the ball (it's more of a love tap), so focus on delivering a soft hit by making a syrupy swing back and through the ball. Practice your pairs on the driving range to imprint. Place a bowl or similar under the grip when pouring on the White Spirit. Take the grip and slide it on, making sure any alignment tweaks are done quickly as there is a limited window in which you'll be able to manoeuvre the grip. Slide the new grip on quickly, aligning it as well as possible. Take it out of the vice and check it in the. I have a Burner 2007 HT Draw driver with 45 shaft and it is marked M flex (senior) but it plays closer to regular since the stock shaft is 45.75. It has a Winn Excel RF oversize grip on it. In regards to swingweight: Shaft length - for every 1/2 on steel it is 3 points. Graphite is about 2.5 points. Grip weight change - 1 point for every 5. After the neutral grip has been deployed, players must decide on how high or low on the handle the club should be held. In general, for a standard shot, players should be leaving about half an inch of the grip visible above the left hand. This should ensure the handle is held with the thick end of the grip (the butt) not interfering with the swing

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  1. The butt end of the shaft is grip end. If you are shortening or extending the length of a golf club, this is where you will cut. If you want to change the play-ability of the club (feel, flex to a certain extent, spin rate, dispersion), you will be cutting the tip end of the shaft. To read more about the effects of tipping a golf shaft, here is.
  2. The balance point impacts the swing weight - i.e. how the club feels when swung. This is relevant to junior clubs as you don't want a heavy club head and light shaft and grip which is what happens if an adult driver is simply cut down - not a good idea. Grip Size & Weight. Make sure the grip is a junior size or undersized grip
  3. Each 1/2 inch cut down results in a loss of roughly 3 swing weight points. This means a 45 inch driver at D3 will play at D0 when cut to 44.5 inches. Counter Balancing with Butt Weight. The other option to reduce the swing weight and corresponding head-heavy feel is to add weight to the butt end of the club
  4. Distance Killers #1: Hitting Down on the Ball. When using your driver, Kolb says the most common cause of power loss is hitting down on the ball. We know without a doubt that in order to maximize your distance when hitting the driver, based on whatever your club head speed is, that you want to hit up on the driver
  5. Shaft balance points in driver shafts range from 48% from the tip to 56% of the length of the shaft. Shafts that have a balance point less than 50% are considered tip heavy and rare in driver shafts. Center balanced is where the shafts balance point is exactly in the middle. Lastly, if the balance is more toward the butt or the percentage is.
  6. g. However, you now know how to measure for the BBGM
  7. A golf clubs length is measured from the heel of the club to the butt end of the grip. When fitting clubs and cutting clubs to length, cut the shaft 1/4 of an inch shorter than the desired length to allow for the butt end of the grip which is, on average, a 1/4 of an inch thick
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I went to the claw grip which helped some, but I was still a bad putter. I began testing counterbalanced putters with larger grips and began to find some improvement. I found a new putter I could aim well and began to customize weighting. The putter has a 377 gram head with an oversize 57 gram grip and a 50 gram butt end counterweight // STEP 1 - REMOVE THE OLD GRIP. Removing the old grip may require the use of a hook blade or knife. Remember to always cut AWAY from you, to avoid injury. Once you've sliced through the grip, you should be able to pull the old grip off fairly easily. Working with golf clubs, it helps tremendously to use a vice and shaft clamp to head the club.

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If you want a shorter driver length to test for better consistency and control, start by cutting the length of the present driver shorter from the grip end of the shaft - then add some lead tape to the head to get the headweight FEEL back up to where you can definitely feel the presence of the head as you start the downswing. if you just cut. Includes a golf grip size gauge, grip solvent, 13 pre-cut tape strips and a rubber golf shaft clamp - golf grips not included. 9.9900 $9.99 9.9900 $9.99 At only 25 grams, this light weight model is the perfect replacement grip for drivers and fairways that use a light grip as a component. You Might Also Consider. The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack

Yes . The G425 Max delivers on that promise in a big way. In testing the G425 Max head to head with my G410 Plus, the most obvious difference was the superior forgiveness of the G425 Max . Mishits with the G425 Max driver were consistently a little faster with more robust launch and spin numbers. On the course, that means there's less. cut through sand and heavy grass more easily. When assembling woods, very often the driver will have a different shaft than will the rest of a player's woods. It may be a totally different swingweight than the other woods as a result. If the fairway woods all have the same shafts, it would be a normal weight in the head and grip end: It. MySpider Tour Putters deliver Tour-proven performance to every golfer. With perimeter weighting for added stability and the ability to personalize to your liking, MySpider Tour provides a stroke of confidence to help golfers drain more putts when they matter most. MySpider allows you to completely customize the color, shaft, sightline, sole. Over time, the face and grip of a club, in particular, may become worn through normal use. For example, a grip may become so worn that it becomes moulded for the hands, or the grooves on an iron club ma To install the driver shaft, you will need a solvent, a vice grip, and special golf club glue. These are all things that you should be able to find either online or at your local golf retail store. Start by attaching the shaft of your club to your vice grip

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  1. Shorten Club: Price of new grip: Shorten Club (save grip) $12.00: Reshaft (Steel or Graphite) $15.00 plus price of shaft: Reshaft (Bore Through) $25.00 plus price of shaft: Drill-Out: $15.00: Lie & Loft Adjustment: $5.00 per adjustment: Lie & Loft Charting: $2.00 per club: Swing Weight Adjustment: $15.00 per club: Shaft Extensions: $10.00.
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  7. Gripping down vs Shortening golf shaft. Sep 16, 2008, 06:19 AM. Just wondering what the expert opinions are on the merits of: choking/gripping down on the grip vs. shortening the golf shaft to fit. I choked down on my 4- and 5-iron shots in the last few rounds and was pleased with the more consistent and predictable results

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I typically do a bit of both with my short drivers. If you are used to playing 44 inch drivers it shouldn't be a big issue, I suspect if the shaft is already installed and the club playing at 46 inches then you will need to remove the grip and butt cut. When you shorten a club, 99.9% of the time you want to do it from the butt end chippa13: I have cut 1.5 off my driver, and I also choke down almost to the shaft. After many experiments with lead tape amount and placement, I am finally hitting driver well (the few times I actually try to use it) after years of being Steve Sax with it. Entire Thread: Cutting down on the driver vs Choking dow I stood them on an eggtray [it was conveniently handy]. I had taken my grip on my present driver, which was recently shortened. Noted where the hands were on the grip and put a strong thin elastic band at the base of my top hand. I then put a band on the grips of the other two drivers as they were leant against a wall 2. Weak grip. Even if you take a grip like above, you can still slice the ball if you have the weak grip. When you grip the club like above, make sure you can see more than 3 knuckles of your left hand when you look down to see your grip. Don't forget to turn your right hand to the right to match your left hand as well. 3. Relax your arms and hand

Its length at 43.75 is long for a fairway wood but short for a driver which makes it appealing to those who like short drivers and hit their fairway woods very well off the tee. The D/S I got is the 13* model with Tour AD F-65 Stiff shaft. As I mentioned its 4.75″ and weighs in at 325g Rickie Fowler offers up tips for great driving. The colorful young player tells readers they don't need to be big to hit the ball far, they just need to set up properly and release correctly A lot of modern drivers give players options to promote a draw or fade bias. Some drivers help golfers achieve a draw bias through lie angle, pushing the toe in the air to make it more upright and. TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc. BEST VALUE. The twist face technology on this driver allows you to drive straighter and farther on the fairway. The face is also more flexible and lighter, given the reinforced outer parts of the slot. The center portion of the slot increases ball speed low on the face. View Latest Price

Shorten a par 5, even if you're over 55. Hiskei forged component irons are designed in Japan from soft 1020 Carbon Steel. After 5 stampings they undergo precision grinding and finish for the softest, most forgiving cavity back forged irons you can buy. Hiskei driver heads are Japanese spec, lightweight in either forged or 2 piece cast designs Shafts. Dallas Golf Company is proud to be one of the leading online sellers of custom, aftermarket golf shafts for drivers.We have thousands of shafts from more than a dozen manufacturers (Aldila, Fujikura, Oban, Mitsubishi, VA Composite, Graphite Design and more!) that our team can fit into virtually any driver on the market

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A short left thumb grip is characterized by its two main features. Firstly, as its name implies the left thumb extends much less down the grip than it does in the long finger grip. Indeed, a golfer with a short left thumb will notice how his thumb will extend barely past the other fingers down on the grip. Secondly, the knuckles will line up. Solvent, towel, new grip and preferably a solvent tray. It is best to do this next part in a fluent motion without any pauses. Hold your finger on the small hole in the end of the grip, like on the picture , and fill the grip with solvent. Pour solvent onto the grip tape and make sure that alle the tape is soaked at Address. The way the ball is positioned at address can vary in different ways. Indeed, it can be placed at various distances from the target (forward, center, or back); it can vary in relation to the distance from the golfer depending on the club in hand; and finally the ball position can also differ in how high it is removed from the ground when using a tee Use Rubber Bands for Grip. Wide rubber bands work well for providing the driver bit with enough traction on the stripped screw. Cut the rubber band with scissors, then lay it across the screw head. Place the driver bit on the rubber band and press hard while turning the screw counter-clockwise

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Magnetic bit holders accept a variety of inexpensive driver tips: Phillips, Torx, square drive and straight. Next, to drill bits, a magnetic bit holder is chucked in my drill the most. Bit holders save a ton of time by quickly accepting a variety of screwdriver bits. The bit holders come in different lengths Adding grip in the front to an under steering kart will give the front tires a better chance of steering those 2 big rear tires. Again like the previous list these are listed in order of smallest to biggest effect. 1. Add front torsion bar. Unlike in the rear when we were trying to add flex and therefore decrease grip here we are doing the. How to Apply Lead Tape. In order to get the lead tape to stick to the area that you are applying it, you must make sure that the area is clean. Also, you can lightly sand down the area with 200-800 grit sandpaper to prep the surface. Last, the area must be relatively flat. Once you have chosen an area, prepped it, and applied the lead tape, use. How much does regripping golf clubs cost? On average, regripping a golf club can range anywhere from $1 to $4 per club, but this won't include the materials, so be prepared to spend another $4 to $9 per grip, bringing the total to $5 to $13+ per club with the grip. For example, Callaway golf club grips cost about $5 to $7 each The shaft weight is calculated before the shaft is cut to the required length. For left to right (draw) trajectory and lower spin, more weight is required while a lighter shaft will produce the opposite. Graphite driver shafts between 0.12 to 0.13 pounds for men and 0.09 to 0.11 pounds for women

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Let's have a look at the Dustin Johnson driver swing, which produces an average of 315 yards off the tee. DJ has quite a strong grip but he does a phenomenal job of matching up the patterns in his swing.Everybody talks about the bowed wrist at the top of the swing and the clubface being closed but one of the big things that he's got that gives him so much power is that he's completely. The increase comes from a few reasons, The Belly putter ruling which caused some further experimenting with longer shafts, bigger grips, and heavier heads as an alternative to anchoring. What was known was that the backweighting steadies the hands, what was never tried was to grip the putter below the back weight XXIO Eleven Irons combine power, precision, and incredible lightness. Altogether, you'll experience an easy swing feel that improves your overall performance, enhancing distance and accuracy on each shot. Engineered Forgiveness. A hot forged titanium faceplate, integrated tungsten sole weight, and intricate composite construction mean that. PING Repair Department. 2201 W. Desert Cove, Suite 100. Phoenix, AZ 85029. To setup a PING repair order, please complete the following steps: Fill out the form below and sign the release by checking the box and clicking SUBMIT. PING Customer Service will setup your repair order and email you a repair order number (RCC Number)

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Installing Custom Grips. $4-$9 per club** More Details. Altering Club Length. 4 per club* More Details. Adding Additional Wraps. $3 per club More Details. *Adjusting the length of a club will entitle you to a new standard grip at no charge. **Includes grip and installation. ***Orders that include custom options may require an 3-5 business days. The newer shaft will be cut to size and applied to the golf club using an epoxy. What are the extra costs? Clubhouses may charge an additional fee to re-grip the clubs. This process can range anywhere from $5 to $15. Grips are going to vary in pricing. Higher end grips are going to cost more than a lower end grip If drivers are operating a personal vehicle with an automatic transmission, they must have at least good (4/5) strength in their: Right ankle (dorsiflexion and plantar flexion) Right knee (flexion) Right hip (extension and flexion) Both hands (grip) Both wrists (flexion and extension) Both elbows (flexion and extension) Both shoulders (all motions Doing so may provide the extra grip you need to twist the fastener. 6. Cut In with an Oscillating Tool . Photo: shutterstock.com. If there's an oscillating tool in your workshop, such as a. Global Headquarters. 968 Albany Shaker Road Latham, NY 12110 Phone: 518-861-013 We protect people from workplace hazards. Our hand protection offerings include cut, puncture, tear, abrasion, heat, or cold. We differentiate ourselves as a supplier by manufacturing many of our product offerings. From our leather tanning facilities, cut and sew operations, yarn spinning, and string knit manufacturing, we utilize the latest.