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  1. Shell V-Power Unleaded is the most advanced unleaded petrol ever marketed by Shell in the UK. • Shell V-Power contains Friction Modification Technology (FMT). • Shell V-Power features enhanced octane quality. With an octane rating of 99 RON, Shell V-Power is designed to provide more power and improved responsiveness in many modern cars.
  2. Shell 91, (or V-Power 93) and most of the other brand premium gasolines do not have ethanol. So your lowest tier (usually 87 octane) will have 10% to 15% ethanol in it
  3. League Table. Here are the latest results received from Ethanil users, allowing comparison of the ethanol concentration of different fuel brands and grades. Please complete the table below, to share the ethanol concentration of the petrol you've processed with an Ethanil kit
  4. Premium fuels Some retailers sell their own high-performance, high-octane fuels, e.g. Total Excellium Unleaded and Shell V-Power Unleaded, which has an octane rating of 99 RON, the UK's highest
  5. In September 2021, the standard petrol/unleaded/Shell FuelSave grade (or main grade) in the UK will become E10, in line with government mandate. E10 petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, compared to 5% currently, which is added to help reduce CO 2 emissions 1, according to the Department for Transport
  6. All Shell unleaded fuels contain up to 5% ethanol as allowed under the European fuel specification EN228 and UK government legislation (which requires for blending biofuels). Virtually all outlets sell unleaded fuels with ethanol. Most vehicles manufactured after 1991 are suitable for petrol with 5% ethanol
  7. This means that, in the UK, Shell regular unleaded and Shell V-Power unleaded are likely to contain some ethanol, but it will not be present at more than 5% (in accordance with current UK specification requirements)

V Power used to be ethanol free but now isn't (up to 5% ethanol). Shell have also reduced their cashback on the new club card due to forcing you to be part of their carbon offset virtue signalling. I know people will say I'm being daft re ethanol, but it was forced on the industry by governments for green reasons, not because it is a better. Shell V-Power diesel with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology for our best cleaning performance 1. 1Designed to help clean and protect key fuel system components such as intake valves and/or fuel injectors from the build-up of performance robbing deposits. Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle condition and driving style1 All 95RON fuel in the UK contains a minimum of 5% ethanol by law. Tesco Momentum 99 contains 5% ethanol. (Greenergy docs) Shell V-power Nitro+ and Costco Super Unleaded in the UK are 99 octane minimum. All content is viewed and used at your own risk. We do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information It is 99 octane and has no ethanol added to it (depending on which part of the UK you are in). It makes my M run smoother and there is no rough idle like i used to get with momentum and vpower. Butt dyno feels the same to me, could not tell the difference. m3nts, Jan 10, 202 In the United Kingdom and Denmark (where Super Plus Unleaded must be a minimum of 97 RON), V-Power has a rating of 99 RON (whereas V-Power's predecessor Shell Optimax was rated at 98 RON)

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Free Member. As i understand it the benefits of V-Power are; Higher octane rating - Only really noticeable on 'performance' engines or cars imported from Japan where their normal fuel is 99. Can you please advise what brands of super unleaded fuel are still free from ethanol as I now understand Shell VPower contains an unspecified amount of ethanol and I do not wish to run ethanol in my classic bikes and cars, with all the associated corrosion problems for steel, glass fibre and carbon fibre? - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit https://www.honestjohn.co.uk

Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ has seven times the cleaning agents required to meet federal standards and removes an average of 70% of baked-in deposits left by lower-quality premium gasoline, starting with the very first tank. Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ provides unsurpassed protection against gunk to help improve engine performance The new E10 petrol grade is being introduced across the United Kingdom from September 2021. The move is part of the government's strategy to reduce harmful emissions from transport. Although the new E10 petrol retains the same 95-octane rating as existing unleaded petrol, it contains a much higher proportion of ethanol Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline is an innovative premium formulation engineered with four levels of defense against gunk, corrosion, wear and friction to help keep your engine running like new. * It delivers unsurpassed protection against gunk, unbeatable protection against corrosion, and our best protection against wear and friction Shell V-Power ® NiTRO+ has 7x the cleaning agents required to meet federal standards and removes an average of 70% of baked-in deposits left by lower-quality premium gasoline, starting with the very first tank.** Shell V-Power ® NiTRO+ provides unsurpassed protection against gunk to help improve engine performance

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Shell V power and 99ron tesco come from the same distribution centre and come from the same reservoir. More ethanol for instance, higher RON. Temple, London, EC4Y 0AB, United Kingdom Coupled to the fact that ethanol content is going to go up to 10% from September I started looking into what else I can use. Esso Supreme 99+ seems to tick all the boxes for me as they say it does not currently have any ethanol in Supreme 99+ (but it may change from September) except if you happen to live in Devon or Cornwall Friday 19th August 2011. I have heard that E10 fuel is coming. (a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline). Most engines up to now have been designed to run a max 5% or even 0% What is the ethanol content of your fuels? The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government's Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 and 99 grade petrol).. I was putting Shell V Power in my E Etype, but have recently found that it can contain up to 5% ethanol. Kind regards What is the ethanol content of your fuels? The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government's Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO)..

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  1. Thanks to new DYNAFLEX Technology, New Shell V-Power fuels are formulated to help remove performance-robbing deposits from your engine and prevent more from building up to deliver our best cleaning power. 8. New Shell V-Power unleaded contains 30% more cleaning molecules than previous formulation, which helps to target dirt and helps to restore engine cleanliness by removing deposits that have.
  2. . 98 Octane (which of course is correct, if read as upper or lower limit
  3. What does 'Shell V-Power Britain's no.1 Performance fuel' claim mean'? Changing the name from Shell V-Power Nitro+ to Shell V-Power, does that mean we have removed something from SVP? Are the reformulated Shell V-Power fuels only to be used by high performance and/or new vehicles

Is Shell V-Power Nitro+ better than cheap gasoline? Shell claims that it cleans better and contains 7 times the amount of detergents required. So, will She.. Also, what is the ethanol content of Shell gasoline Shell 91, (or V-Power 93) and most of the other brand premium gasolines do not have ethanol. So your lowest tier (usually 87 octane) will have 10% to 15% ethanol in it Here in Wisconsin the 93 octane Shell V-power does not contain ethanol This is usually cheaper than Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate, but opinions vary as to whether it provides the same engine cleaning and mpg improvements as the top two fuels. Another point is that Tesco Momentum 99 super unleaded reportedly contains more ethanol than super unleaded fuels like BP Ultimate

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Hi, The cleaning claim sounds dubious to me, but whatever. The other thing is that it's apparently 95 RON (octane). 95 octane is only of value if your engine is designed for 95: Octane is about knock, and it takes meeting, not exceeding the engine.. Shell used to sell 100 RON fuel (5% ethanol content) from a small number of service stations, most of which are located in major cities (stopped in August 2008). United Petroleum used to sell 100 RON unleaded fuel (10% ethanol content) at a small number of its service stations (originally only two, but then expanded to 67 outlets nationwide.

Super Unleaded has the higher-octane rating (97/98 RON) that is widely available here in the UK. It is mostly used for high-performance cars that require it, and that will benefit from using it. Premium Fuels (e.g. Shell V-Power) Premium fuels, such as Shell V-Power, have a higher octane rating (99 RON in this case) Shell Gasoline is scientifically proven to help improve your mileage. * With more than twice the cleaning agents required by the Environmental Protection Agency, all three grades of Shell Gasoline help improve your vehicle's fuel economy by actively cleaning and protecting critical engine parts from performance-robbing gunk. Shell Gasoline is also certified TOP TIER™, a higher standard for. Supermarket due appears to be better than it was a number of years ago but appears to still be inferior to branded fuel. Certainly Shell makes claims about Fuel Save 95 octane which must have some validity. The largest concern is now bio-content. Bio-ethanol now constitutes 7.5% of BS:EN228 95 octane petrol since spring 2018

UK petrol has up to 5 per cent ethanol in it while diesel has up to 7 per cent of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester. But all new cars sold in the UK have had to be compatible with these since 2011. There are legal standards. All fuel that's sold in the UK must comply with legal standards set nationally and internationally Shell V-Power is actually 99 per cent the same as the fuel compounds used by the Ferrari F1 team, explained Dr Cantlay. The fuels are so close now you could get an F1 car to run on V-Power, or.

Shell ClearFLEX is comprised of up to 83% ethanol and 17% gasoline as required by strict US government standards, and is visibly clearer than gasoline. Shell ClearFLEX is the only alternative fuel that can provide you with the high quality you have come to expect from Shell Shell V-Power. Creating a fuel that provides our best performance and efficiency 3 requires insight, effort, and planning. That's why we've worked with the Scuderia Ferrari to develop the new and improved Shell V-Power 4. Shell V-Power has breakthrough DYNAFLEX Technology that can help protect your engine 5

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December 18, 2016. 3. Shell says its V-Power Nitro+ fuel helps protect vintage car engines | William Hall photos. Modern gasolines have become a recurring headache for classic car owners. Low octane and unleaded fuel have presented challenges for years, but federally-mandated 10 percent ethanol content has caused new problems with compatibility. Posted November 25, 2015. On 25/11/2015 at 08:49, Richf said: The base fuels may be very similar but Momentum contains much more ethanol than V power/nitro +. In that case, I've no idea if and when ethanol is added at Stanlow. All refined gasoline will have to be approved by the lab before it leaves Stanlow

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Title: Shell V-Power - Fuel The Feeling. Description. With no international travel, thousands of Australians are taking to the roads for domestic trips and holidays. This television commercial shows us how Shell V-Power can help fuel the feelings of excitement and freedom that most of us associate with a holiday. Duration: 0:30 mins Shell has released its latest fuel, V-Power Nitro+, which is designed to minimize negative effects from gunk (carbon deposits), corrosion, and wear. They've.

If your vehicle manufacturer recommends a minimum 95 octane then Shell V-Power may be a more suitable fuel. What is the octane rating of Shell Unleaded which contains up to 10% ethanol? Shell Unleaded which contains up to 10% ethanol has a minimum 94 octane rating V-Power Diesel is Shell's version of an enhanced diesel fuel, similar, say to BPs 'Ultimate Diesel'. Like BP Ultimate Diesel, Shell V-Power Diesel is designed for modern compression-ignition diesel engines, to facilitate enhanced engine performance along with increased engine protection, for more consistent operation and engine longevity. [4]V-Power Diesel is a blend of regular petroleum-based. Shell V-Power has the highest ratings of the Super fuels so would be a good one to experiment with first. For diesel we would suggest BP Ultimate. Supermarkets and branded fuel comes from the same refineries and has to meet the same British and European standards. What percent of ethanol is in premium gas? So the higher the ethanol content, the. In addition Shell FuelSave Regular Unleaded and Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded also contain up to 5% ethanol. This is in order to respond to the European Union and UK government's initiative to promote biofuels, whose aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and enhance energy supply security. For the latest information on biofuel legislation in the UK. The consensus is that modern Ethanol containing fuels are not good for old carbed cars, forming deposits in carburetors and eating away at fuel lines, i just noticed that Shell has opened a gas station near me, so far i've been using BP Ultimate 98 octane because it doesn't contain Ethanol and the car runs better on it than regular 95 RON, so does anybody know if V-Power contains ethanol? i.

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Shell VPower Nitro Super Unleaded according to Shell's website 'may' have a 5% Ethanol content. It is up to the gas station retailer whether the filling station carries VPower with Ethanol. I can imagine going to one of the local Shell filling stations and asking does your VPower Super Unleaded have a 5% Ethanol content even if the person at. Re: Tesco Momentum vs. Shell V-Power Post by CTID » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:27 pm With regards use of Ethanol my wife had a Focus 1.8 dual fuel on a 56 plate that was set to work for either normal or up to E85 fuel (not choice just happened to be the right age/model/price) These values mean that your tank of pure ethanol will: - take you only 68% of the distance that petrol will take you. (Or have 32% worse mpg, if you prefer. If you get 20mpg on petrol you will get 13.6mpg on pure ethanol) - Produce 18% more power. - Require a fuel pump and injectors that can flow 49% more fuel Vpower vs Tesco Momentum,IME the car feels sharper with the Tesco fuel,maybe because of the ethanol content allowing more timing advance T ea m C ha v 2 01 I've used Shell V Power and Tesco Momentum unleaded, it did seem more eager with the Tesco Momentum, I think the Shell has the best cleaning package and that's why it doesn't feel as.

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Shell V-Power in Germany States it has a maximum 0.7% ethanol content. The British rubbish seems to be mostly E5 even though it is still exempt. I don't think the uptake with E10 has been very much. I suspect it is probably more common in Netherlands where fuel prices are very high Use v power shell or super BP. No ethanol. And empty tank over winter and use old petrol mixed with diesel to start your winter bonfires Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Esso products in the United Kingdom. www.esso.co.uk BP and Shell super/V max the same No Ethanol generally . Supporter. Jun 23, 2021 #9 What is the ethanol.

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I understand that most petrol sold in the UK has 10 - 15% ethanol and that this is likely to increase. Shell V Power and BP Ultimate also contain ethanol but only to a maximum of 5%. I have used Shell V Power in my Guzzi Nevada with no noticable change in performance but a slightly improved economy Current petrol grades in the UK contain up to 5% bioethanol, known as E5. The proposed E10 fuel increases the share of the renewable energy produced using crops, to 10%. Estimates fail to mention, however, that there could be as many as 600,000 vehicles on our roads that aren't compatible with the fuel. Here is a look at the pros and cons of.

Here in France it appears that ethanol free petrol isn't available; there's E5 and E10, but no E0. Yes, I know E0 doesn't exist, but you get my drift. Octane is usually 95 or 98 (others may exist). The 98 is always E5, with the 95 available in both E5 and E10 format As best I can see the super will still be E5. My TRS states no ethanol in the manual but it runs on E5 OK (Shell V Power) and as best I know you cannot buy ethanol free fuel in the UK unless you buy the Aspen fuel for chainsaws. - this seems to back up it is the E10 that is an issue No, Its a premium fuel, like BP Ultimate and Esso Supreme. Its a basic fuel that contains a lot more dopes. In The Netherlands These premium fuels contain 0% Bio-Ethanol. This makes the fuel better for older cars who aren't running long and good o..

However, it depends which region of the UK you are in. Shell V Power 98 is ethanol free in certain areas, as is Esso Synergy 97. I only use Shell V Power in my humble Ford Focus, and I feel that it is better for it. Certainly, my experience of the E 10 s**** they sell in France is enough to make up my mind regarding fuel with ethanol added However the amount of ethanol in each blend is probably what concerns UK drivers most. The latest info that I have managed to find is that Esso supreme has none. Shell v power has up to 5% as allowed in the UK market although I suspect the regime may change soon. Most other premiums have up to 5%

MMOC Member: Yes. Re: fuel. Postby KeithL » Fri May 15, 2020 8:33 pm. I tend to use Shell V-Power as I have been told that it has less ethanol than regular petrol and we do so few miles the extra cost is minimal. Also the Shell garage is the nearest to us. Certainly the cars runs nicely on V-Power Hi guys, Anyone seen this yet? What is Shell V-Power Nitro+? - United Kingdom It's the next fuel from Shell which is an improved version of..

The Easy Bit - Premium Fuels (Shell V-Power, BP Ultimate, etc.) We'll start with the easy bit. Premium fuels, such as Shell V-Power Nitro+ and BP Ultimate, are not the same as regular petrol or diesel , although you can mix them freely with standard fuels without problems. Petrol like this is known as 'super unleaded' E10 will become the standard for 95 RON in UK from Sept 2021 but RON 97-99 super unleaded (eg VPower) will remain E5 till ~2025. The amount of Bioethanol in E10 is quicker to perish some older composition non-hardened rubber hoses, brass and other alloy couplings/pump components, and metal petrol tanks. It also goes off quicker than E5 as it. V Power is 99 RON and 87 MON minimum which equates to 92.5 AKI (or American octane rating). IIRC that Momentum is 99/87 so 93 AKI, however Momentum's extra octane is due to Ethanol content. V Power does the best job of keeping an engine clean. I have no MON data for BP, however Esso is 97/86 so is probably similar

Yes Esso Synergy Supreme (now 99Ron), is my normal fuel for the TR4A , Shell V-power for my BMW Z3M, as the V-power is recognised as the very best petrol for cleaning the fuel systems, especially injectors. Synergy Supreme 99+ fuel has ethanol added in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and in Scotland according to Esso Ethanol fuel mixtures have E numbers which describe the percentage of ethanol fuel in the mixture by volume, for example, E85 is 85% anhydrous ethanol and 15% gasoline. Low-ethanol blends, from E5 to E25, although internationally the most common use of the term refers to the E10 blend. Blends of E10 or less are used in more than 20 countries. New labels are set to appear on all petrol and diesel pumps by 1 September 2019 but the fuel you use is exactly the same. New labels are starting to appear on petrol and diesel pumps and nozzles across the country as well as near the fuel filler cap on new cars. All pumps must have the new label on them by the beginning of September 2019 In 2011, Shell and Cosan launched the Raízen biofuels joint venture (Shell interest 50%) in Brazil to produce ethanol, sugar and electricity, as well as supply, distribute and sell transport fuels. With a production capacity of more than 2 billion litres a year of ethanol from sugar cane, Raízen is one of the world's largest sugar-cane. I currently use Shell V Power in my MGs, which I understand contains 5% ethanol, but there are moves afoot to establish E10 (10% ethanol) across the board. I believe most ordinary unleaded (95 octane) already contains 10% ethanol

Shell V-Power: | | ||| | Shell |petrol station| displaying V-Power brand World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias. In 2011, Shell and Cosan launched the Raízen biofuels joint venture (Shell interest 50%) in Brazil to produce ethanol, sugar and electricity, as well as supply, distribute and sell transport fuels. With a production capacity of more than 2.1 billion litres per year (35 thousand b/d ) of ethanol from sugar-cane, Raízen is one of the world's.

The new V power is 99ron. typical unleaded over here 95, and various supremes 97. I use typically shell v power in my car, which is highly tuned to accept nothing less than 97. If I use an octane booster with v power we are into race fuel category - and it shows in engine responsiveness Shell V-Power NiTRO+ contains the highest concentration of the New Shell Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System; Shell V-Power Nitro+ premium gasoline contains 0% Ethanol. Shell V-Power Nitro+ premium gasoline removes an average of 60% of performance-robbing gunk on intake valves left behind by low quality premium gasolines 2006 cooper S 221bhp. Joined Jul 28, 2019. ·. 770 Posts. #5 · 7 mo ago. We have a petrol station near us that's just started selling 99 Ron, the chain is called 'Essar' the owner says it comes from the same refinery as shell V power. Currently £1.20 a litre. K The new Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Dual Fuel Truck is the fourth generation of our Dual Fuel Vehicle. The Shell technical team spent hundreds of man hours modifying the engine and fuel system to run on.