How to spool a spincast reel without line twist

How to spool a spinning reel

Everything you have been told about spooling a spinning reel is wrong. There are thousands of how to videos, giving completely incorrect information and lea.. How To Spool A Spinning Reel Without Line Twist. Someone new to fishing picks up a fishing rod every day. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the. When spooling up your Spinning Reels, use this technique to save yourself a HUGE headache!! Be sure to check out the videos mentioned below for more tips and..

In this video i show you how to spool a spinning reel without getting any line twists! This is the easiest way to put line on a spinning reel. There are a lo.. Place the spool of new line in the floor. Orient it so that the line comes in the same direction that will go to the reel's spool to avoid problems with line twist. For example if the line does not come correctly with the label side of supply spool, flip it over. So you need to know how to line a spinning reel properly. Step 4 If you're reeling line onto the reel in the opposite direction of how it comes off the spool, you're effectively adding line twist with every turn of the handle. To avoid this, place the spool of line on the floor with one of the side facing up. Hold your spinning reel directly above, facing the spool. Turn the handle If you hold the rod in your hand and look down at the reel, you'll notice that when you turn the handle the spool rotates clockwise. Set the filler spool so the line comes off counterclockwise as you look at it. That's all there is to it. I have a nail in my garage wall. I stick the spool on it and face it with the rod tip

Frustrated with line twists on your spinning reels? Here's how to untangle the mess, and how to prevent line twists from happening in the future. And here's.. I learned as a kid that I could not spool up a spinning reel or spincast reel without creating line twist . So whenever I restring one of those reels I always walk it out in the grass afterwards and reel it back in . That removes the line twist

How to ACTUALLY Spool a Spinning Reel WITHOUT Line Twis

But controlling your spinning reel line doesn't have to be one of them. So don't ever let a knot, twist, or loop in your spinning reel line be the cause of your lost fish. Learning how to properly spool a braided line on a spinning reel without line twists, loops, or knots should help you avoid that variable going forward Spool your reel with line as much ahead of time as possible. If you plan on fishing this weekend, try to spool your line midweek rather than Friday night, or worse yet, in the boat the morning of. The longer the new line sits packed onto the spinning reel spool, the less memory it will have of its past life on the factory spool

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Should the line get twisted, remove the twist. When reeling the line back on the reel, there's shouldn't be anything at the end of the line. Reel the line in slowly but surely. To know more about the details on how to spool a spincast reel, please watch this video Spincast reel vs Spinning reel. There is a long discussion between spincast reel vs spinning reel while most users can not identify the main differences. Spincast reels contain a button on their reel. As a result, it can allow the line for unspooling comfortably. Well, a spincast reel comes with no required line twist. Besides, it includes no. Open bail arm and encourage a few yards of line to flow from spool till current begins to pull line from spool, then walk slowly upstream to straighten and help unspool the line. When you judge enough line is out, pause for a minute or two then reel in the line, obviously between finger and thumb to tension it onto spool

Visual inspection of line twist Step #5: Make Periodic Checks on The Line. Make sure that the line is being fed on the reel spool in the same manner in which it comes off the filler spool. All the same, you will have to slacken your line in order to check for twists. Check whether the line un-spoons out of the reel spool to find out if there is. By having the line come off the line spool counter-clockwise, it helps tame some of the line twist. Keeping tension on the line, I begin to wind the reel handle and fill the reel spool. Keep an eye on the reel spool to make sure that the line is filling the spool evenly and fill the spool within 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch from the edge 2. Put the spool of line on the floor, label up. Run the line through the guides on the rod to the reel with the bail open and tie it tightly to the spool. If you use a regular overhand square knot, pass the end through twice instead of just once - it will help keep the line tight on the spool. Close the bail Spincast reels, also sometimes called push button or closed faced reels, are straightforward to add line. Follow the same general practices as spooling a spinning reel to keep tension during spooling. One significant difference with these reels is that the top of the reel must come off before you can tie your new line to the spool. Line twist is the usual culprit, creating snarls such as that shown in the photo. And because of the way spinning reels work, with a revolving rotor spooling line around a stationary spool, some.

As you wind the reel, run the line through your fingers below the guide and apply firm pressure. Stop after 15 cranks or so and release the line in your fingers. If the line is limp and without twist, continue winding. If the line twists around itself, the wrong side of the spool is facing up. Flip the spool over and resume cranking If there is no twist finish filling the reel spool (leave about 1/8 inch below the reel spool lip). Keep enough pressure on the line for a good tight fill but was less the you have the drag set. Three reasons for spinning/spincast line twist: 1. Line installed with twist. Solution put it on correctly to start. 2 This is a recurring pattern with me, using spinning reels with 8 pound test: The line wraps around behind the spool and then gets stuck under the spool. I then have to take the drag off and untangle the line. Often, it is so messed up that I have to cut it away and re-setup the pole. It is not a drag setting as it happens when it is tight or loose I'm also thinking Berkley Solutions line. I purposely got this for a small narrow diameter spinning spool and it has worked well there. Both spinning or spincast reels will twist the line, and will need untwisting periodically, but the Solutions seems to handle it longer. I've only had it about a year so I guess it'll last through the season But after maybe 3 casts I was getting tangles under the spool cover, in the line on the spool (line sinks into line already wound) and behind the spool. This happened with multiple reels, including, IIRC, an Abu 475, a Zebbie 33 Platinum, and Abu 170, and a Johnson TF 10. Ditto for the Qualia DM-40 with 50 lb. Omniflex braid

The major disadvantage of a spinning reel is line twist as it comes off and goes on the spool. The twisting can lead to line tangles and snarls that can damage the line. The reel's open spool allows line to freely fly off the spool to make long distance casts, but it also makes it trickier to make accurate casts A line guide with a freely rotating inner race supported on ball bearings for use with spincast and spinning fishing reels. The line guide is attached forward of line spool either on the reel or the fishing rod to reduce friction and line twist

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Stripping a reel and adding fresh line is a breeze if you know the drill—literally. May 29, 2020 By Game & Fish Staff Removing old fishing line from a reel and spooling up with fresh line is one of those necessary tasks few anglers look forward to doing However, this experience is not enough for dealing with a spooled reel. A poorly spooled reel will cause line twists, knots, and line overfill. Therefore, the line should be properly spooled on a reel. This article, How to Spool a Spincast Reel will surely help you to deal with the problem very easily Line-twist is easy to identify. Pull some line off the reel, and let it hang limply. Line-twist will reveal itself as a series of curling twists, as shown in the illustration. There can be multiple instances of these twist loops. Some anglers blame the line itself for twisting

Now you can start re-spooling. Like spooling a new line into a spinner reel, keep the packaging of your spool of line facing upward. Remember to put some pressure on the line by holding it between your thumb and index finger! Then, start reeling. Spool enough line until there's about 1/8th of an inch of space from the edge of the reel's spool The Achilles Heel of Vintage Spincast Reels. unlike bait casting reels, spinning type reels don't have revolving spools to wind line onto. instead, they rely on a mechanism separate from the spool to wind the line onto the spool. the same is true when it comes to releasing the line from the spool. in casting reels, the spool revolves. Spool Your Reel. Now you can re-attach the cone to the base of the reel. Slowly turn the handle so that the line begins to wind around the spool. Do not rush this. Keep the line taut as you turn the handle, so that the line does not loop off the spool into the compartment, or become tangled up in itself Take off the old line to give space for new line. Leave a little in the spool to help tie the new line. Tie the old and new together with two knots. 2. Lay the spool with the new line on the floor or table so it comes off when you are feeding it into the reel spool. 3. Hold the line tautly and slowly reel it. Make sure the spool stays tight. 4 CONS. Unfortunately, the amazing benefits of the Baitcast Reel come at a cost when compared to other different types of fishing reels. Most notably, due to the specific design which allows for a multiplying spool that releases a larger amount of line, this reel is slightly more difficult to operate and requires a little bit of training and experience

The line should balloon or spiral off the spool as you pull it up. With the line threaded through the rod guides and attached to the reel, hold the rod tip 3 to 4 feet above the supply spool. Make fifteen to twenty turns on the reel handle and stop. Now check for line twist by reducing tension on the line Originally posted by dewman View Post. 3 potential problems with braid on a spincaster-. 1. Wear on your pickup pins. 2. Shortened casting distance. 3. Fighting a sizable fish or a snag might cause the line to dig into the spool To spool a spinning reel, first open the bail by flipping up the handle. Then, string your line straight through the circular guides at the bottom of the rod and secure the line to the spool with an arbor knot. Next, cut any extra line with line cutters before closing the bail and placing the spool on the floor How to tie a fishing line to a reel? Use the simple Arbor Knot to attach your fishing line to the reel with any type of fishing reel - reel with a fly, spinning reel, or bait. Then you need to put the mono reel in the spooling tool. The next thing you need to do is put the reeling tools on the suction cup While spooling the reel, use a glove or a towel on the line with light pressure. This pressure prevents any types of tangles and prevents the line from coming to loosen up. To avoid line twist at first, reel the line in the spool and observe the butt ring. If the line stay twisted around it then it is ok to go

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Putting a line on a spin cast. To do this, first, remove the reel's face. Then take away the leftover line. Push the line in the line guides at the top of the rod near the reel. Remember, the line guides are ring-like circles. Cover the line on the spool following the direction the reel is turning to Use Newer Spinning Reels With Large, Revolving Line Rollers . In older reels, line twist can occur by the simple act of line passing over the line roller on the bail arm of the reel when the handle is turned. The roller moves line from the spinning reel bail to the spool but may cause it to turn over (twist) in the process Determine the direction in which the reel spins to determine how the line should be spooled. Open the bail and remove the old line. Close the bail after stringing the line through the guides. As you wind the reel, be careful not to twist it. Replace the line in the spool. Cut it and fasten the line

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  1. Now take the spinning reel, place it over the top of the new line and starts reel slowly. Now you can note the direction of reels rotations. Start Reeling The Line on A Spool. Wrap your finger around the mounting bar and another hand on the crank handle. Now start reeling slowly. Then, Shut the bail of the reel with reducing the wire arm
  2. One particular type of reel is the spincast reel, which was first commercially introduced in 1949. The use of the best spincast reel was an attempt to provide a solution to the backlash problem found in baitcast designs and also reduce the line twist and snare complaints that sometimes occur with a traditional spinning reel design
  3. PLUSINNO Fishing Line Spooler with Unwinding Function, Compact Fishing line Spooling Station Works with Spinning Reel, Cast Reel and Spincast Reel Without Line Twist 5.0 out of 5 stars 23 $19.99 $ 19 . 9
  4. NO LINE TWIST - The Radius design allows fishing line to come off your filler spool and directly onto the reel spool without any twist in the fishing line. When spooling a casting reel, the line comes off the top of the filler spool and winds directly onto the top of a casting reel without changing the coiled memory of the line
  5. #Put off the cover from the reel: The spincast reel comes with a cover. Simply unscrew the cover and open it wide. #Remove any old line: Completely remove any old or existing lines on the coil. Take out a new line spool and hit a pencil through the center. Find a small bowl and fill it halfway with water. Place the pencil across the edges of.
  6. A perfect gear ratio of 3:4:1 is maintained in Zebco spin-cast reels and better than most of the open face reels in the market. Other spin cast reels in the market lack ball bearings, while Zebco surpasses all. Overall, this is an ideal closed face spincasting reel. Comparing to other products in the market, Zebco Omega is relatively cheap

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You can pick a good quality spincast reel that's cheaper than any other reel in the market and it'll do the job. No line twist. The simple design allows the line to unspool freely and it does not rotate during the cast. No backlash. Because the line is covered by the plastic box, spincast reels do not become tangled; Cons. Limited casting. A spare spool for a spincast reel? Yup! Zebco is the first ones to use a system that allows Anglers to quickly change spools when needed. The Quick-Change spool system on the Omega allows you to change the size or type of line without having to re-spool onto a single fixed spool like other spincast systems To me, a spincast reel is the simplest reel to use compared to its competitors, bait casting and spinning reels. It's great for kids, but a good one can be a good reel for people serious about fishing. The reel was developed to eliminate backlashe.. 3. KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel. Check Latest Price. KastKing is one of the more reputable brands known for manufacturing reliable as well as affordable reels. With the given price, the Brutus spincast is one great freshwater spincast reel to consider as it comes with amazing features like a pre-spooled line Spool the Reel. If you are wondering how to spool a spinning reel, here is where you learn how. This is a crucial step in fishing, and you need to master it before you go out fishing. If not done properly, it can lead to a frustrating fishing experience. Here's how to go about it: Open the bail and place the fishing line around the reel once

Step 3: Cut Old Line and Remove Spool. Carefully snip the knot on your spool. For baitcasting, remove the side panel of your reel housing. All reels are different, check your owners manual for the proper way to remove the side panel. Some are twist knobs, some are pull pins, depends on the manufacture of your reel Step 7: Crank Until the Reel Spool is Complete. Currently, all you need to do is fill the reel with line. Standing up, dealing with the spindle on the flooring, hold the rod parallel, placed a little tension on the line by grabbing it between the reel and the initial guide, and start slowly cranking. Pick up speed as well as keep going till the. Reels have a line spool, brake to slow running fish, handle to retrieve line and foot for clamping to a rod. Reel styles include CASTING (revolving spool), SPINNING (line coiling off stationary spool); SPINCAST, (like spinning but with a nose cone), and FLY (storing thick fly line/backing and to fight big fish) However, the best fishing line for spinning reels is required for a perfect performance. The best fishing line will improve your casting, and you will spend a fine day on the water. On the other side, a bad fishing line will twist and tangle, lose lures, and you will have a terrible day

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How to Prevent and Remove Line Twist, the Bane of Every Angle

The concept here that you need to realize is, each spinning reel's bail spins in a certain direction, be it clockwise or counter-clockwise. The direction it spins depends on the brand. Now the same is true with a spool of fishing line. The way the line comes off the reel depends on the manufacturer.. but the key concept is matching the rotation. I seem to always fight wind knots and twist knots when using a spinning reel if I don't put a swivel out by the 'bait'. The line comes off the spool in coils but is guide over the takeup on the bail and spooled back perpendicular to the axis of the spool so it gathers twist. You need a swivel to release that twist Possible Cause:Spool empty of line or insufficient line length. Solution:Fill spool with new line or replace with new wound spool. Possible Cause:Line tangled behind spinnerhead. Solution:Remove front cover and spinnerhead assembly to untangle line.Remove all damaged line (i.e. abrasions, kinks). Possible Cause:Reel spooled with inappropriate line (i.e. too heavy or braided line) With a fixed spool reel, what actually causes most of the twist is not the winding, but the clutch. The more the clutch slips, the more the line will twist. To avoid this happening, reduce your use of the clutch. If you need to pull line off the reel, open the bail arm and pull line from the spool freely Without doubt the two most common problems to come from spooling up incorrectly are enhanced line twist and a casting distance and smoothness reduced by a spool being short of line. The dreaded line twist can also reduce casting distance, as coils of twisted line struggle to flow through the guiding rings or in some cases 'frapping' around.

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  1. ate line twist. 5 & 6. Use a glove to keep some tension on the spool when winding on the line. 7 & 8. After winding on some line pull some back of the spool and check for line twist. if it is twisting badly flip the spool over as shown in pictures 3 & 4
  2. For Spincast Reels Step #3: Remove the Top Part of the Reel. You won't be able to spool the line without removing the face of the reel. Twist the cover counterclockwise until you can pull off the reel. Step #4: Insert the Line Starting from the Tip of the Ro
  3. A spincast reel is a fixed-spool fishing reel utilizing a conical cover that encloses the spool and helps to control the fishing line. Unlike spinning reels which sit below the rod handle, spincast reels are generally mounted above the rod. Spincast reels, also known as, closed-face reels, are commonly used by.

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next mount your reel onto a rod and remove the front cover. starting at the rod tip string the new line through the rod guides, then run the line through the front cover of the reel from the outside in. now you will need to tie the line to your reel spool. the spool is located behind the chrome plated rotor, simply wrap the line onto the spool. Unscrew the drag knob at the top of the spool, and remove the spool from the spinning reel. Then open the bail arm, and put the spool back in place. Now when you close the bail arm, the line will run under it, and you'll be able to retrieve the line by turning the handle. 2. Spinning reel hard to turn Pro Tip: Putting fishing line in warm water before spooling your reel helps reduce coils and line twist. How to Put Line on a Baitcast Reel. Spooling a baitcast reel follows the same process as a spinning reel. If the reel has a built-in line guide, feed the line through the center of the line guide. Then wrap the tag end of the line around the. Unscrew the face of the reel. Before you can spool the line, remove the top part of the reel. Twist is counterclockwise until it's loose enough to pull off the reel. Some beginner-friendly models have a button you can press to pop off this cap. Unwind any old line left over by spinning the handle Most spincast reels use a narrow spool that is not cross wound. You might have trouble with line dig into the spool whilst playing a large fish. I also have difficulty with casting crankbaits. You get an awful lot of line twist and any wind knots can be a real pain. You also get a lot of fouled plugs with braid

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The spincast reel got developed as an attempt to provide a solution to the backlash problem found in baitcasting reels' design. Spincast reels also reduce the line twist and snares that sometimes occur with a traditional spinning reel. The closed face reel has all the integral parts covered beneath the nose cone PLUSINNO Fishing Line Spooler with Unwinding Function, Compact Fishing line Spooling Station Works with Spinning Reel, Cast Reel and Spincast Reel Without Line Twist 4.8 out of 5 stars 43 1 offer from $19.9 The main benefits of using a spin cast reel are that it's extremely simple to use and it doesn't cause line tangles. Additionally, it's the cheapest type. Since most anglers start off with a spincast reel, it holds a dear spot in most anglers' hearts. On the downside, the close-faced design makes it so debris and water stay inside the.