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How to Do Dreadlocks with Caucasian Hair. Get your matted coils started with even the straightest hair with these tips. Instructions. TIP: The natural method takes the longest, looks the most unkempt, and may create a bad odor or dandruff from not washing your hair or maintaining scalp health. you don't have residue-free shampoo you can. Top 3 Best Shampoo for Dreads Reviews. 1. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. A multi-purpose soap like Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap is an ideal option for dreadlocks. This simple formula is perfect for thoroughly cleansing your hair without overly softening it and without stripping it. The formula contains some amazing.

10. Dread Empire Shampoo. The coconut and plant-based product will cleanse and moisturize your hair and scalp and free your locks from oily residue to allow then to tighten well and tighten fast. It is very suitable for allergic people because it is completely free from fragrances, essential oils, and additives Regular shampoos are not capable of providing clean finish as they leave residue. But dreadlock shampoos have special ingredients which ensure clean hair and scalp without leaving any residue behind. To choose the best dreadlock shampoo for your hair, we recommend considering below factors Residue-Free - Check the ingredients list of the. Paul Mitchell shampoos contain ingredients that are not ideal for dreadlocks and all conditioners lubricate dreadlocks which hurts the locking process. This may be a great shampoo for normal hair but we do not recommend it as a Shampoo for Dreadlocks. The main ingredient in most Paul Mitchell products are Sulfates are not good for dreadlocks UPC : 871206001104. Material Feature : Biodegradable Warning. Manufacturer : Knotty Boy. ASIN : B00HFG2B1I. Best Sellers Rank: #217,279 in Beauty & Personal Care ( See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care ) #5,304 in Hair Shampoo. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars. 351 ratings

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  1. utes and rinse with lukewarm water
  2. Straight hair can be a lot harder to dreadlock than other hair textures. It does not naturally interlock as easily as kinky, curly or even wavy hair does. It may take some experimentation with a variety of techniques and require lots of patience, but it's possible for a white person with silky,.
  3. Some folks worry that dreadlock shampoo will cause their normal hair to get tangled and knotty. For the most part, this is not true! In actuality, dreadlock shampoo is far healthier for your hair than the stuff you buy at your local pharmacy or department store. Most products widely available contain sulfates/sulphates which are extremely.
  4. Whether you're years into your loc journey or just getting started, there are so many different methods for maintaining a crown full of healthy locs (or dreadlocks, depending on your cultural preference). Even if you love a low maintenance routine, the right products can have a major impact on the look, softness, and manageability of your hair
  5. Backcombing works best if the hair is 6″ or longer but it can be used to start dreads in hair as short as 3. Backcombing can be used in highly textured African hair, bone straight Asian hair, wavy Caucasian hair or any hair texture in between
  6. A good shampoo such as Knotty Boy and Dollylocks aid in the locking process of your hair. Shampooing your dreads don't deter the process. Here are all the information needed for dreading strength/Caucasian hair. As I mentioned above every hair type can dread so if you are planning to lock your hair be patient
  7. For me the biggest pro has always been that I don't have to style my hair at all and it's always right. No more bad hair days for me! A con is that they do take a while to get tighter and look really good. The first half a year or so they'll be de..

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Learn How to Grow Dreadlocks in ANY Hair type! For those who have decided or are about to decide to get dreadlockswe want to be there for ya, every step of tha waymaking sure that your foray into the world of dreadlocks is nothing short of joyous and that your dreadlocks journey enjoys a complete lack of regret, disappointment and pain. Dont burn your real hair. Get a beezwax use very little a dread is basically just a full strand that is back combed from root to end. In courser hair you can start a dread by doing a lock whick is basically what you are describing hair that is wound around or twisted with a comb

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How to Treat Dandruff on Dreadlocks. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo such as the Scalp Relief - Calming Dreadlock Shampoo. Follow the instructions on the dandruff shampoo bottle. Wash your dreads more often - daily for caucasian hair, once a week for afro hair locs. Improve your diet by reducing your consumption of dairy, sugar, salt, and fat Slowly add Detox Powder. Wait for product to fizz and completely dissolve. Submerge and soak dreadlocks for at least 5 minutes, using your hands to help squeeze out impurities, buildup, and debris. Rinse hair well with warm water. Shampoo, rinse, and repeat twice with Dollylocks Organic Liquid Shampoo (included) Dreadlock Shampoos & Soap. Dreadlocks are a common hairstyle in the natural hair community; however, many large hair care product manufacturers aren't actively developing products for dreadlocks. As a result, the majority of natural shampoos and soaps on the market today leave behind undesirable fragrances or product build-up in the hair Dreadlock Services. All ethnicities served. Comfortable in-home visits. Rated 4.9 stars by our clients. A+ service. Punctual, professional, & provided amazing work!. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. - Tyler, H. Click here for service areas

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  1. TEA TREE Dread Shampoo Bar 5.5 oz. DreadlockShampooCom. 5 out of 5 stars. (598) $11.00. Only 1 available and it's in 5 people's carts. Add to Favorites. Most popular! Dreadlocks Anti Dandruff Shampoo by Dread Empire, Large 400ml bottle, organic & residue free
  2. Dreadlock Updos-Sometimes you just need to look a little extra fancy, be it for a wedding, graduation, concert, or just to go out for a special night on the town! Raging Roots is now, officially, offering dreadlock updo services! All updo Continue reading →; Washing-The questions we are most frequently asked usually have to do with washing dreadlocks
  3. 15. Chocolate Brown Classy Dreadlocks. If you have chocolate colored hair and you wish to try out dreadlocks, go for this white girl with dreads look. Have long length bangs in the front and dreadlocks in the rest of the hair. Dye the tops of a few strands in ombre shade to complete the look. 16
  4. If you want to know where to get dreadlock near me, we do Caucasian crochet dreadlocks at our dreadlocks shop. We're offer standard hair salon, services in addition to starting dreadlocks, crochet dreadlocks Dallas Texas area. Featured Products. Reviews. Stay on the cutting-edge
  5. Shampoo your locs daily and use dandruff shampoo twice a week if you are Caucasian or Asian. Shampoo once a week using a dandruff shampoo if you have afro hair. How to wash dreadlocks. Now that you have found your favourite dread shampoo, here is a step by step guide on how to get squeaky clean dreadlocks. At least once a week
  6. erals that can leave residue in your hair. This is not good for your hair's health. There is some good dreadlock clarifying shampoos on the market that are paraben and sulfate-free. We recommend organic residue-free clarifying shampoos when washing dreads
  7. Our NATURALLY KNOT dreadlock shampoo is formulated to assist the maintenance of dreadlocks and is pH-balanced. Crafted from organic aloe vera to tighten dreadlocks and herbal extracts of olive leaf, gotu kola and white willow bark to stimulate hair growth and soothe the scalp. No hidden conditionin

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray - Coconut. Quick View. Knotty Boy All-Purpose 4 oz Shampoo Bar - Patchouli Love. Quick View. Knotty Boy All-Purpose 4 oz Shampoo Bar - Fresh Cut Grass. Quick View. Knotty Boy All-Purpose 4 oz Shampoo Bar - Spearmint Tingle. Quick View. Knotty Boy All-Purpose 4 oz Shampoo Bar - Olive Oil Unscented The 9 Best Shampoo For Dreads Reviewed 1. Lion Locs Shampoo And Conditioner - Best Overall. Lion Locs cleanses both your dreadlocks and your scalp to remove residue like dirt and product build-up so that your locs don't dry out. It also softens them, making them easy to retwist and style

Dreads accumulate dirt, buildup, and residues because they are tightly bound, twisted, tangled, and hard to wash. If you're experiencing stinky dreads or dread rot, the Neutrogena anti residue shampoo for dreads is a must-have. It deep cleanses through every single gap, to remove sticky waxes, mildew, pollutants, and even the stench that. Because no residue is left to lubricate the hair, there is more friction and dreads lock much tighter and faster. This is one reason why using a residue free soap is a good idea. Another reason is to avoid dread rot. Because the hair inside dreads is packed tightly together it has a tendency to trap everything the soap or shampoo leaves. Pour some white vinegar into an inflatable basin, add some warm water and soak your dreads for 10min. Once done, rinse your dreads with warm water, shampoo then twice with a dreadlock shampoo and dry them with the dryer. Both the vinegar and wet dog smell will be gone. Click here to buy an inflatable basin This method works great for curly hair but not so well for straight and thin hair. ALWAYS clean hair! As with any method of dreadlocks, dreads lock better with clean hair. Dirty hair is never good. You should always start with clean hair, removing any residues left from regular shampoos Hair Washing Services/Separate Services. Special Dreadlock Wash/w Conditioner $40.00; Special Dreadlock Strengthener/Stronger Dreads $40.00; Dreadlock Frizz Treatment $40.00; Dry Shampoo Treatment Scalp Cleanser small $10.00 ; Dry Shampoo Treatment Scalp Cleanser large $30.00; HAIR BRAIDING SERVICES : Straight backs: $60.00 ; Design braids: $ 65.0

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How to dread hair naturally. Dreading hair naturally is easy as can be. However some tips will make your natural dreadlocks journey easier and faster.. Dreading hair naturally tips: Clean hair dreads best- wash your hair often but not every day. use a non residue dread friendly shampoo or the baking soda deep cleanse, and wash at least weekly, at most every 2 days Dreads On Loc is a upscale luxury dreadlock focused salon, with amazing talented stylist, offering a variety of natural hair care services at affordable rates. While specializing in dreadlocks. We are also experienced with all hair textures. When entering our salon, you are assured of a great experience with no waiting time and no overbooking Fixing loose hair in the middle of a dreadlock. Take the loose hair tool and push it into and down through the middle of the dreadlock. Insert it about 2 inches from where the loose hair is. Make sure you push the hook in until the little latch is past the other side of the dread and loose hair

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Step 3. Use a Dreadlock shampoo. Before you start making your dreads, make sure your hair is clean. You can use a residue-free shampoo to wash your hair and then air dry it perfectly. Clean hair will give you the faster formation of natural dreadlocks as compared to dirty hair. Avoid using conditioner or any product once you shampoo your hair Best overall shampoo for curly hair: Living Proof Anti-Frizz Shampoo. Shop Now. With more than 80 awards in both the beauty world and academia, this groundbreaking shampoo is powered by the. Sometimes, it can appear as white residue after it dries; Buy Now at Amazon. 2. Knotty Boy Locksteady Tropical Dreadlock Tightening Gel. The Locksteady Dreadlock Tightening Gel is one of the must-have products for any person with dreads. This gel helps you fix frizzy hair into dreadlocks with minimum help of rubber bands Wash Your Hair Before Dreading. It's important for people with fine, thin hair to wash their hair before dreading it. As you may already know, thin hair has a tendency to clump together when left unwashed for long periods at a time. The individual hair strands will stick to each other, making it difficult to properly dread

Jan 21, 2016 - In this video I focus on how I wash dreadlocks, and also with what. There is a lot of debate about whether to use dread shampoo or just normal shampoo, and a.. Wash your hair with residue-free shampoo, rubbing all hair in one direction ONLY. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and completely, do not blow dry. Apply dread wax on each individual section of hair and roll between your palms to form a dreadlock. Remove the rubber bands after a month or so, when your hair has been locked together Shampoos and Conditioners . This might come as a shocker, number one cause of buildup is the residue left in your dreads by the shampoos and conditioners you use. They have saponified oils and components like Polyethylene Glycol. They won't dissolve in water, because of the structure of dreadlocks, the residue won't glide off the hair

For Caucasian hair: Backcombing is the most common method for straight hair. It involves using a finely toothed metal comb (a.k.a. dread comb) to tease the hair until it tangles on itself. The method includes backcombing a few strands at a time until the hair builds up into a tangled knot Eaurganic Real Moisture Shampoo: Simple, Natural Remedies for Dry Hair. Ever since I can remember, I have always had dry, frizzy hair. I would buy the cheaper moisturizing shampoos at the store, but nothing ever seemed to work. But then I learned about all the chemicals used in the shampoos that actually dry my hair out even more 11 Best Shampoos for Gray Hair in 2021, According to Stylists and a Dermatologist Prevent brassiness, amp up shine, and boost moisture with these silver-friendly shampoos. By Jessica Migal how to get dreadlocks if you have straight hair! I gave my wife dreadlocks!! Twist and rip dreadlocksCrochet Hook: https://www.greatlocs.com/product/crochet-..

Here are the ways to take dreadlocks out: 1. You can cut or shave your head if you don't care about your hair, this is the fastest way to remove the dreadlocks. 2. Cut the deadlocks until they are about 3 inches long and then soak the rest of the dreadlocks in Dread Removal Cream and comb them out. This will leave you with about 4 or 5 inches. Wool dreads can also make a serious style statement. Shake it up with different colors or keep it chic with natural tones like brown, black, and white. Just bear in mind that wool dreads will be heavier when wet and take longer to dry, so you'll wash them less regularly. Use dry shampoo in between washes to keep your scalp and hair clean Rinse your dreads carefully. It's especially important to wash away all the shampoo so that there's no residue left in your dreads. Leaving shampoo will dull the look of your dreads and can damage the hair. Step 7: Squeeze Out Excess Water. Once you've turned off the shower, you'll see water dripping from your locks

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Jun 5, 2021 - Explore Mountain Dreads | Dreadlock Be's board Dreadlock Hairstyles, followed by 10184 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about dreadlock hairstyles, dread hairstyles, dreads We also recommend trying out TRESemmé Botanique Hemp Hydration Sulfate-Free Shampoo. This shampoo will give your hair hydration and shine, but won't over-moisturize, making it perfect for creating dreads on healthy-looking strands. Step 2: Let your hair dry. You can blowdry your hair or you can simply let it air dry. Step 3: Section hair and braid Naani's Naturals Locked Down Dreadlocks Butter. This product for locked hair gives your hair luster and creates strong, yet flexible locs. It includes moisture-rich ingredients, like jojoba oil, olive oil and Vitamin E. These moisturizing ingredients, combined with its great aroma, makes it wonderful for dry locs To dreadlock straight hair, divide the hair into small sections, then backcomb the first section in the direction of the scalp 5-10 times until the hair bunches up. Next, push a crochet needle through the section several times to bunch up the hair even more

The best locking gels for dreads will lock your hair in place and keep the nourished. The Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Hair Gel is suitable for all scalp types and provides a strong hold. Product SKU: JLL24269TGB24B Product Brand: Jamaican Mango & Lime Product Currency: USD Product Price: $9.98 Price Valid Until: 2022-09-1 Irrespective of whether your hair is salt and pepper, white hair, or gray, make sure that you do a hair mask after using blue shampoos. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to dry out your locks, so follow up with a mask if possible to enhance the condition of your hair Retwist (Afro Hair only) - $70 per hour. Dreadlock Installation - Own Hair no extensions (Measure your hair from crown to tip) Full Head 20-40cm $550. Full Head 40-60cm $650. Full Head 60-80cm $750. Full Head 80-100cm $850. Dread Hawk or Dread Mullet starts at - $350-$550. Dreadlock Extensions Human Hair

Natural dreadlocks. The term natural dreadlocks is often very misunderstood and misused. Salons and locticians often offer natural dreadlocks meaning any dreadlocks that are real hair,not synthetic.others mean no wax or perm and consider crochet natural. but, natural dreads dread naturall Get the best deals on Dreadlocks Shampoos & Conditioners for your home salon or home spa. Relax and stay calm with eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Knotty boy dreadlock wax for Caucasian hair. Knotty Boy's Dark Dreadlock Wax is a favourite amongst many in the dreadlock community. It's not the cheapest. But you get what you pay for. People that use this product like it for its ability to help with shaping and forming new dreads. Also, the smell is ok compared to other dreadlock wax. It prevents hair from falling out. With a small amount of the wax, it will lock your hair quịkly and maintain the dread well. It doesn't matter if you're black or white, you can style dreadlocks and use this product. With regular use, the best dread wax for caucasian hair helps users maintain the natural shine of the locs. It does not. Use it as a guide to help you find your dreadlock shampoo of choice. As for my personal preference, I love Trader Joe's Tea Tree Shampoo! It leaves my hair feeling super clean and soft. I tried Shea Moisture's Clarifying Shampoo in the past but I don't recommend it. That shampoo always left my locs feeling dirty and sticky

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This method involves dividing up the scalp into sections, the size of the sections determines how fat or thin the dreadlocks will be. The backcomber then takes the section of hair and using a fine steel toothed comb will begin to brush the hair from the tip inwards towards the scalp Tight dreads take longer than normal hair to dry & can become smelly if left damp for extended periods - the same as clothes do when they're left in the washing machine wet - so there's no point wetting them when you don't need to. DRYING: As a rule of thumb, wash your dreads in the morning preferably on a sunny dry day

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1 of 10. Photos: White people with dreadlocks. Anne Lamott writes about everything from spirituality to motherhood to her hair in memoirs like Bird by Bird, Operating Instructions and Grace. The Knotty Boy Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit was designed for removing dreadlocks that have been started using wax-based hair products, but also works great for removing and deep-cleaning all dreadlock types The best method is to perform a dread detox in order to dissolve the product buildup and residue that has accumulated in your locs. First mix 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts distilled water, pouring the solution into a spray bottle. Saturate the hair and use it a pre-treatment. Follow the pre-treatment with a mixture of Betonite and. The truth about twists and dreads. Q. My son has baby fine, thin light brown hair with a wave curl, 4 inches long. After bleaching his hair, he was ready for dreadlocks. The hairdresser we went to said his hair was good texture + length for the dread locks. She sectioned hair in ½ inch squares, total of 61, split each square in two, twisted.

If you're new to the world of dreadlocks— or locs, as they're often called—then you need to know what you're dealing with before deciding that they're the hair leap you want to take next. They're high-maintenance at first, so you should know what you're getting into. That said, before embarking on your loc journey, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the five different stages. Dreadlocks on white men has always been a subject of debate, as their hair does not naturally take dreads as well as that of black people. Careful creation and maintenance of dreadlocks is the key to a white man's hair looking separated and defined as opposed to merely matted and dirty Braided Dreadlocks Bun; Almost 92% of African American black women love the bun hairstyle most as their favorite hairstyle. Most of the time, the buns are made of straight hair and some irregular braids. But dreadlocks can be a great substitute for the bun elements. Look at the picture and try to realize the effect of dreadlocks braided bun

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How to choose the best method for your hair type. Check out our dreadlocks frequently asked questions to learn more about how your hair type affects your dreads and find the best method for your hair type. 5 Myths about Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are dirty. Only if you don't wash them. BIG MISTAKE! Clean hair dreads faster than dirty hair 7 Don't Start Dreads with Food Products. Finally, another huge rumor about dreadlocks is that you can start dreadlocks with anything in your kitchen - from mustard all the way to mayo. Don't do that, instead, start your dreadlocks with products that are specifically for dreadlocks. You can find these products online or anywhere really Combo set, softens brittle hair, super hydrating shampoo, removes residue, includes black castor oil and apple cider vinegar, prevents breakage, encourages hair growth. Check Price. Shea Moisture Mango and Carrot. 8 oz. Gentle on skin, hair, and eyes, strengthens hair, protects against breakage, sulfate-free. Check Price 1. Wash and clean your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner. Dreadlocks are easier to keep in place when made in residue and oil free hair. 2. Section your hair into small squares of around 1-2 inches depending on how thick you want your dreadlocks to be. The rat comb makes sectioning easier than normal combs Dreadloc Divas Loc Studio LLC 9951 Atlantic Blvd #410 Jacksonville, Fl .32225 (478)284-4055 ALL HAIR SERVICES ARE FINAL

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Use the shampoo that suits well with your hair. It can be any shampoo like an anti-dandruff shampoo for itchy scalp. Do not make lots of lather because these will loosen the dreadlocks. Avoid using a conditioner because this can loosen the twists. If having a hard time with the locks, use a hair net to keep them in place The Camille Rose Clean Rinse Moisturizing and Clarifying Shampoo is another one of Redway's faves for type 4 hair. This formula is infused with a ton of oils to leave your hair hydrated, shiny. Keep in mind, no matter what residue totally free hair shampoo you are utilizing for your dreadlocks, it is never ever 100% deposit complimentary. Enjoy this guide video clip about just how to deep tidy dreadlocks: There is no demand to start deep cleansing your dreads immediately, due to the fact that you still do not have any kind of.

Modern dreadlocks take many forms, and as they're drastically increasing in global popularity, so do the methods people use to create their dread styles. Twisting hair with Aloe gel is one way to create healthy, easy to care for dreads. Dreadlocks Basics There are just as many misconceptions about dreadlocks as there are people who sport them Can't wait for one more second to decorate your matured dreadlocks with jewelry? Let's get started. Don't Buy a Caucasian Human Hair Until You Read This ABOUT. WigsMaster can be regarded as a good resource for learning wig and human hair tricks. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. FEATURED POSTS. 11 Best. Dread perm. The dread perm is a chemical method that makes the hair frizzy in order to help it loc better and faster. This is more commonly used in Caucasian or Asian hair since the texture is generally very silky and therefore more difficult to dread For those that have dreadlocks, the products you use on your dreadlocks is just as important as the food you eat. Dreads need to be clean to lock well and be healthy. This is where the best essential oils for treating dreadlocks come into play. Essential oils feed your hair and help to address hair and scalp needs Take a look at the extensive range of shampoos from Wella Professionals & discover the ideal product for your client, whatever their hair needs

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Dreadlock Removal Shampoo with White Grapefruit and Hempseed Oil Whether you're about to be banned from the house because of your new dreads, or you've had them a while and are simply ready for a change, Knotty Boy's incredible Emergency Dreadlock Removal Shampoo helps to restore your hair to its original condition - easily 3 Kiehl's Rice & Wheat Volumising Shampoo. Kiehl's clever shampoo formula manages to cleanse roots effectively, without leaving fine hair looking limp or flat. I found the gentle formula to be. Among the most effective methods for bettering your own hair is backcombing. Employing this process, your hair will probably lock up quite quickly and the first result will likely be closer to your best dreadlock shampoo than other procedures. To use this process, you ought, to begin with, clean dry, and part it into 1-2 inch segments

It isn't. And I hate this cultural appropriation stint all because Kim Kardasian went and got boxer braids, got praised for it, and other people get butthurt because they're not allowed to wear that hairstyle at their job. Yeah, she's a celebrit.. Some recommendations you should consider for washing hair in dreadlocks are related to the water temperature, the type of shampoo used and the application of other products: It is essential always rinse with warm water and prevent hot water as this could cause the wax used to roll dreadlocks to deteriorate, plus much more damage and dry the scalp Treebraid Temporary Cornrow Loc Extensions are Natural Looking Loc Extensions that will be installed in a cornrow type technique that will last an individual (4 MONTHS) and give them the look of a beautiful head of flowing locs..This look will give your clients the look of having a full head of beautiful dreadlocks for 4 months.Your clients will be able to shampoo their hair every 3-4 weeks. Tea Tree Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar. Tea Tree oil, a natural antiseptic, germicide will refresh, stimulate and deep clean your scalp. In hair care Tea Tree oil is used as a treatment for dry scalp, oily hair, dandruff and itchiness. Removes buildup and rejuvenates dull lifeless dreads

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9. Rosemary Oil. Rosemary oil is derived from the flowers and leaves of rosemary plant. This essential oils can fight dandruff, lice, and germs that may occur due to dreadlocks. Rosemary oil is rich in hair growth-boosting properties. It can stimulate your hair follicles and promote longer and thicker hair The Knotty Boy Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit was designed for removing dreadlocks that have been started using wax-based hair products, but also works great for removing and deep-cleaning all dreadlock types. Dreadlock Removal Shampoo with White Grapefruit and Hempseed Oil (4 oz./120 ml)Whether you're about to be banned from the house. Discover our range of top brand shampoos designed for all hair types. Order and collect to a Boots store near you on dreadlocks and cornrows for some students. > Male students enrolled in the school's 5-year MBA program who take the seminar class cannot wear dreadlocks or cornrows in class. Bossip White People Dread To wash your dreadlocks off, soak them well in water while noticing about the root. Next, take a bit of dread shampoo or shampoo bar and gently work them in your dreads. Finally, you rinse the shampoo off. In order to make dreadlocks dry, the best way for you is to work depending on your hairstyle Separate a section of the human hair. The larger the section of hair, the thicker your loc will be. Your locs should be proportional to the size of your future natural locs. Stretch out the section of hair. Pull the hair vertically from both ends to stretch it out a bit. This will prepare the hair for the next step. Insert your crochet hook