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Standard Toilet Dimensions Standard toilet dimensions are typically between 28-30 deep, roughly 20 wide, between 27-32 high, and have a rough-in between 10-14. Now you can find the perfect toilet I'm designing a toilet room with an inward-swinging door. Currently, the specified size is 36 x 72. Is this large enough to comfortably enter the room and use the toilet? The door pictured is 30. Would 28 be better? The toilet is about 30 deep. I've searched the forum.. This size is the general size as it encompasses both ¾ baths as well as full baths, giving you just about enough room for a shower, a bath, a sink and a toilet. For a larger home, the average size fluctuates between 40-100 square feet depending on the size of the property. Common Bathroom size layouts Below are common bathroom size layouts

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The general rule of thumb for standard toilet sizing is between 27 and 30 inches deep, the back height is usually between 21 to 31 inches and the width is about 20 inches. It is also important to note that an ada compliant toilet must be of 17 to 19 inches in seat height. What are the different types of toilets The TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet has a depth of 28 (71 cm), width of 19.5 (49.4 cm), tank height at 28.5 (72.4 cm), and seat height of 15.625 (39.8 cm). The TOTO Aimes One-Piece Toilet (Washlet) is a sleek contemporary toilet fixture with curves and forms designed to compliment a modern bathroom aesthetic

Standard Room Sizes: In this post we will provide all standard room sizes such as bedroom sizes, living room sizes, kitchen room sizes, dining room sizes, bathroom sizes, guest room sizes, garage sizes, toilet Sizes, laundry room sizes etc. Have a look. Foyer: Size: Dimensions (in ft) Dimensions (in m) Small: 6 x 6: 1.83 × 1.83 Standard Bathroom Rules And Lines With Measurements Ering Feed. Standard Room Sizes And Details Daily Civil. Standard Bathroom Door Size In Meters Image Of And Closet. 4 Super Tiny Apartments Under 30 Square Meters Includes Floor Plans. Standard Toilet Dimensions Bathroom Page 5 Line 17qq Toilets: At the bare minimum, you need a 30″ wide by 54″ long space for a toilet installation, but it is typical to have a space that is at least 36″ wide by 60″ long. The IRC requires a minimum of 21 inches of clear space in front of a toilet. Elongated toilets extend an additional 2-3 inches, so take that into account Standard living room (hall) size is 9 feet x 10 feet. Standard size of bedroom is 10 x 10 feet. Minimum Size of Side : i) For one Room minimum width should be 2.4 m. ii) Where there are two rooms, one of these shall not be less than 9.5 sq. m. and others not less than 7.5 sq. m. with a minimum width of 2.1m

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Bedroom size for a twin (single) bed Minimum / standard bedroom size (twin/single) by code. I'll start by saying that most building codes (and as it happens, the UK housing act) require a minimum floor area of 70 square foot (eg 7 x 10ft bedroom) with a ceiling height of 7ft 6ins of ceiling height for a room to be 'habitable' Small Bathroom Layouts generally include bathrooms of 30-60 square feet.. Standard Dimensions of various Bath Fixtures: 1) Sinks: Standard size for sink is 1.5ft W x 1.5ft D x 3 ft H 2) Toilets or WC: The standard seat width used is 1.3 feet.Seat lengths vary from 1.5 to 1.6 feet. Proper toilet seat dimensions should have height of 1.3 or 1.5 feet iv) Balcony having entrance from the toilet/bathroom and width as 1.2 m. for drying clothes. 4.4 NON-RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS The minimum area for office room/shop or any other space to be used as workspace shall not be less than 6.0 sq m. with a minimum width of 2.1 m. 4.5 OTHER GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 4.5.1 Kitche Usually the room should be positioned on the sides of the building in order to get at least one wall is exposed for proper lighting and ventilation. Range of the standard size of bedrooms: Small: 3.00 x 3.00. Medium: 3.50 x 4.50. Large: 4.50 x 5.00

Standard size of drawing room may range from: 4200mm (14ft) X 4800 mm (16ft) to 5400mm (18ft) X 7200mm (24ft) 2

The average bedroom size in most Australian standard new homes is around 3.2m x 3.0m, and this gives enough space to comfortably fit in a double bed, a door wardrobe, and a study desk. If you're planning to build more than 2 bedrooms (including the master bedroom), the decision on size and configuration of the rest all comes down to how you. Standard Room Sizes, Room Sizes, Standard Sizes For Building, Standard Sizes For Building Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, average bedroom size in meters, standard r..

Room Sizes The size of a room is determined by the function of the room and by the furnishings that go into the room. The list of typical room sizes shown below should be used ONLY as a guide for general planning purposes and to determine overall square footage of a proposed plan. FOYER • Small - 6 x 6 • Medium - 8 x 10 • Large - 8 x 1 Store rooms should be located near the kitchen and should have sufficient number of storage units. Standard size of store room may range from: 2500mm X 2500mm (8ft X 8ft) to 3000mm X 3000mm (10ft X 10ft) 5. Standard Sizes of Toilets and Bathroom Typical Cubicles Sizes. Standard toilet cubicles are recommended to be between 800-950 wide, with a typical depth of 1500-1600. See Figure 1 for details. Ambulant toilet cubicles must be between 900-920 wide, with a minimum depth of Toilet pan + 900 circulation space to the inside of the toilet cubicle door. This depth is typically 1600mm

Save Photo. Powder Room Doors. You can choose from a variety of types and sizes for the powder room door. It can be styled like the rest of your home's decor or unique. Common widths are 28, 30, or 32 inches (71, 76 or 81 centimeters). Wheelchair-accessible doorways ideally should be at least 36 in. (91 cm) wide Standard sizes for an awning window include widths that begin at 2-inches to 3-feet, 10 1/8-inches and heights that start at 1-foot, 8-inches to 7-feet, 8 7/8-inches high. Casement Windows These windows are styled to open from the side and are ideal for areas of the home that require a little extra help ventilating, like a kitchen or a bathroom Apr 13, 2017 - Includes information on enlarged wc cubicles, standard toilet cubicles, ambulant disabled cubicles and wheelchair accessible cubicles. CAD files available May 25, 2015 - Possible size of small full bathrooms. See more ideas about small bathroom layout, bathroom dimensions, bathroom floor plans

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  1. Indian apartment standards Main door 1000x2100 Bed room door 900x2100 Toilet door 750x2100 Windows 1500x1200 Window 1200 x 1200 Ventilator 600x90
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  3. imum toilet cubicle dimensions. Here are recommended standard toilet cubicle sizes and dimensions.They refer to the Building Regulations Part M and the Equality Act 2010 that showcase guidance on standard, ambulant and enlarged toilet cubicle dimensions for companies to follow
  4. Standard toilet rough in dimensions are 12 inches but can be anywhere from 10 to 14 inches in some cases. Overall, a standard toilet will be between 27 and 30 inches deep, with a back height of 21 to 31 inches and a width of about 20 inches. An ADA-compliant version needs to have a seat height of 17 to 19 inches
  5. But if you are remodeling, be certain to note the toilet dimensions in your project so you have adequate space. There are standard-size toilets and elongated configurations. The elongated type will extend into the room by an additional 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 centimeters)
  6. The height of your towel rail can be flexible but a standard height for it to sit above the floor is 1200mm. A dressing gown hook can also be adjusted to suit your height but 1500mm is typical. A toilet roll holder's standard height is about 650mm (up to 800mm) from the floor. A measurement of 900mm wide is standard for toilet space
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Toilet Room Location. The Standards specify the location of toilet rooms in two instances: Where toilet rooms are provided in multi-story facilities that are exempt from the requirement for vertical access between stories (§F206.2.3, Ex. 1 or 2), a toilet room must be provided on a story that is connected to an accessible entrance by an accessible route (§F213.1) Bathroom with a bath. Whilst there is no definitive data on the average UK bathroom size (measuring over 25 million+ bathrooms might take a while!), we reckon the average bathroom size to be roughly 2.4m x 2.7m (or around 6.5 sq. m). So, for your bathroom to be truly classified as small, it should be more compact than this Beside the standard size housing, I also made low-cost designs inspired from Latin America where for example in Brazil (each state have own laws about minimum room sizes) I saw that most apartments have master bedroom 2.6 x 3.2 m, common bedrooms 2.4 x 3.2 m (judging by bed size 80×200 cm and wardrobe 50 cm deep, a 2.4 x 3.2 m bedroom. The United States Code of Federal Regulations for Toilet Facilities Content of this page is for information only. It is not official and non-relevant text has been removed Please refer to the OSHA Website for the Official Regulations 29 CFR 1910.141(c)(1)(i) Toilet Facilities Scope This section applies to permanent places of employment. Definitions applicable to this [

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  1. imum size for a bedroom, however adequate size is needed to fit a bed and perform personal activities. The master bedrooms usually consist of a walk in wardrobe and attached bathroom or ensuite. The 3 rd or 4 th bedroom in a house tends to be the smallest and can often be used as the office or study
  2. imum width between surfaces) Door Type - Outward Opening. Enlarged toilet cubicle. Where 4 or more cubicles are provided in a run within a toilet room, one of these should be an enlarged cubicle. Enlarged cubicles must be a
  3. Suitably manufactured toilet pans and hand wash basins specially designed for use in a disabled toilet room should be installed. The correct number, size, and positioning of grab rails should be installed within the room. Toilet flush handles should be of a paddle type design to assist users with limited dexterity. Compliant Doc-M toilet pack
  4. The standard room size is 18 X 12 and suite room 20 x 18 suite room have one separate area for seating their is separate TV (LED) , bathtub and garden view room
  5. Standard Bathroom Size In India. Building bye laws and standard size of key measurements to make the most of standard size bathroom door standard height of bathroom ings standard sizes of rooms in an indian. Bathroom Layouts And Plans For Small E Layout Gharexpert. Standard Bathroom Size In India Image Of And Closet

Standard Bathroom Size: The standard size of a combined bathroom (bath area, WC, and sink) is 5 ft x 8 ft. The ceiling height should be decent so that anyone can stand suitably for shower bath. The ceiling height should be a minimum of 7 feet. List of bathroom fittings with standard heights are discussed below Powder Room Layout. Typical powder room dimensions include the following: Standard size of 20 square feet, with smaller powder rooms being allowed as small as 11 square feet. Minimum of a 32 opening for a door. At least 21 in front of the toilet and sink for leg room. Toilet and sink must be 15 apart Standard Room Sizes is determined by the function of the room and by the furnishings that go into the room. The list of typical room sizes shown below should be used ONLY as a guide for general planning purposes and to determine overall square footage of a proposed plan. FOYER . Small - 6 x 6; Medium - 8 x 10; Large - 8 x 1 Minimum Standard Sizes of Rooms 1. Habitable Rooms. The area of habitable rooms should not be less than 9.5m 2 where there is only one room. However, such rooms shall have at least 13.5m 2 of floor area and no dimension less than 3.0 m as per Ontario Building Code (OBC).; Where there are two rooms, one of these should not be less than 9.5 m 2 and other be not less than 7.5 m 2 with a minimum.

The standard bathroom vanity sizes are 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches width for single-sink bathroom vanities. For double-sink bathroom vanity, 60 inches and 72 inches are the standard sizes in width. The standard bathroom vanity height is 32 and 36 inches. Standard bathroom vanity depth is 21 inches. Let's check in detail about the Standard vanity. This bathroom plan uses the end of a narrow room for a custom tile shower. A clawfoot tub and a small vanity leave flexibility for the position of the toilet. The toilet could be tucked in-between the end of the bathtub and the shower wall or positioned to the side of the vanity and the sink. Dimensions . Length: 144 inches; Width: 96 inche The minimum size bedroom needed to comfortably fit a queen size bed is 10 feet by 11 feet. Master Bedroom Size. In new construction homes with less than 2500 square feet, the average master bedroom size is 14 feet by 16 feet or 224 square feet. The minimum amount of space needed in a master bedroom to accommodate a king size bed is 10 feet by.

Living Room Standard Furniture Sizes. Armchair: 900mm x 950mm. Two seater sofa: 1500mm x 950mm. Three seater sofa: 2100mm x 950. Coffee table small: 750mm x 750mm. Coffee table large: 1000mm x 500mm. Round coffee table: 750 mm diameter. Desk: 1500mm x 750mm. Office chair: 450mm x 500mm Living Room Size. By Meg Escott. So let's have a look at some living room sizes. We go from very small through to large. For each living room size I've taken into account a conversation area (a square conversation space) and an extra 3ft (0.9m) for circulation.. All the dimensions I talk about are for a rectangular shaped room A standard bath generally measures 1740mm (d) 800mm (w) x 612mm (h) PLANS Thomas Keeler Space required around bathroomware. To ensure a comfortable amount of room around each piece in the bathroom, there are some fairly standard guidelines to follow Space: You can only add a downstairs toilet if you have space. The minimum size required for a downstairs toilet is probably around 80cm x 140cm, which is what this example is, but could be as little as 70cm x 130cm in some circumstances (assuming only a toilet & hand basin are required). PS Don't forget the space taken when the door swings. Hello Everyone In This Video I Am Going To Show You That what is the standard size of room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom, Study room, Recreation r..

Very often 6' x 6' room will be a perfect for a standard tub/shower combo, medium vanity and toilet with no space wasted. Ideal bathroom size. How big the bathroom should be will mainly depend on family requirements and practical use. On average a 1,900 - 2,100 square feet three bedroom house will have 2 full and 1 half bathrooms Penguin Toilets 524 White WaterSense Elongated Comfort Height 2-Piece Smart Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (ADA Compliant) item number 1. American Standard Edgemere Bone WaterSense Elongated Chair Height 2-Piece Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (ADA Compliant) it has a rating of 4.6 with 162 reviews

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Of course, to fit both fixtures into your bathroom and leave enough space to get in/out of your tub and shower, the ideal size of your bathroom should be no less than 45 square feet. As you can see from this 5' x 9' bathroom plan, there is little room left for dressing and undressing, even if you already use a space-saving corner shower It has three standard-size bedrooms and two common toilet and baths. This contemporary house design has a total floor area of 160 square meters. Although it is small, this bungalow house design uses simple yet modern features. It is painted with the shades of orange and brown, giving the house a fresher and more modern look

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Standard House Plans. Find many standard house designs using traditional room sizes and floor layouts. Bedrooms and kitchens are standard layout. Duplex units and single story homes. Small House Plan with 2 Master Bedrooms & a Single Car Garage 10202. Plan 10202. Sq.Ft.: 999. Bedrooms: 2. Baths: 2 Subway tile is easily identified by its 1:2 aspect ratio (height to width). The smallest size tile that can be called true subway tile is 3 inches high by 6 inches wide. Subway tile is used on bathroom walls, kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, showers and tub surrounds. It is rarely if ever, used as floor tile If you would like to fit a bath into your small bathroom then it will often fit snugly between 2 walls as above. Most baths are 170cm x 70cm, and in small bathrooms these will often fit from wall to wall. However, if your room is only 150cm long you can still fit in a compact 150cm x 70cm bath. Baths also come in 180cm lengths and this is handy. Living room sizes can be hard to get right with striking a balance between cosy and inviting as well as providing room for entertaining. (Image credit: Sharps, The Home Collection) On this basis, a living room/space of around 7.6 x 6.1m (46.36m²) seems to work as an optimum

Standard double hung window sizes are 24 inch by 36 inch, 24 inch by 46 inch, 28 inch by 54 inch, 28 inch by 66 inch, 28 inch by 70 inch, 34 inch by 46 inch or 34 inch by 62 inch. As with single hung window sizes, any size other than those listed for standard double hung windows would be considered specialty or custom sizes Standard thickness for an interior door is 1 3/8, if your door exceeds 36 or is over 90 in height; the recommended thickness for that door would be 1 3/4 inches. The chart below has a list of widths and heights and what those sizes are generally used for. Keep in mind, you can add these door heights to any room in your house

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Standard bedrooms take up about 17 percent of the house size. The average size of a kids bedroom is 11 feet by 12 feet (132 square feet or 12.26 square meters), but can be as small as 10 feet by 10 feet (100 square feet or 9.29 square meters). One of the key factors to determining what size you want your bedroom to be is the size of your bed Standard widths for different types of interior doors can be anywhere between 24 inches and 36 inches. The most common width for interior doors is 32 inches. So the standard interior door size is 32″ wide by 80″ high. Most people can clear a doorway of this size without brushing the sides of the frame Queen size beds don't require much more room, at a standard size of ten feet by ten feet. A king-size bed bumps the standard size up to 10 feet by 12 feet and 6 inches. If you are considering putting a bunk bed in your room, you may have to put some extra consideration into the height of the ceiling Many claim the optimum master bedroom size remains 4 x 4m to 4.5 x 4.5 m. The reason is that these measurements will allow enough space around the bed and make movements within the room easy. That's how the best master bedroom size should be

The Standard Bedroom Door Height And Width. There are several factors that influence the size of a bedroom door. We'll touch on the factors shortly. But, if we talk about one standard size, then the width of the door can be anywhere between 24 inches, 28 inches up to 32 inches. The height of the door is 80 inches usually The size of a tatami mat varies slightly by the region of Japan, but a standard tatami mat is about 1.8 meters by 0.9 meters, or about 5.9 feet by 3.0 feet. In Tokyo, they are a little smaller, about 1.76 meters by 0.88 meters. The size of a Japanese-style room is measured by the number of tatami mats: Four mat room = 6.12 sqm = 66 square fee

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What are the various standard sizes of doors and windows that one can choose from in Indian conditions? Team BricksnMortar's reply : Dear Abha, foremost there is hardly anything in this world today which can't be adopted as a desirable size in terms of doors and windows Table Size: In a dining room, the diameter of a chandelier should be at least half the width of the table. Example: a 42″ wide table should have a 21″ minimum diameter chandelier (42″ ÷ 2 = 21″). Another method is to make the diameter of the chandelier no larger than the width of the table minus 12″

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For kitchen floors, a 12-inch tile is a standard and is available in porcelain, ceramic, and various natural stone options. Bathroom floor and wall tile sizes vary from tiny mosaic tiles to gigantic tiles, which can reach meters in length. Standard tile sizes for bathroom floor areas include 8-, 6-, 4- and 2-inch Standard Toilet Cubicle Sizes. The following standard cubicle sizes refer to Building Regulations Part M and the Equality Act 2010 for guidance only. Cubicle Centre can manufacture made-to-measure cubicles to suit your individual washroom requirements The standard sizes that you can choose for your interior doors such as the bedroom door are: 24 inches. 28 inches. 32 inches. 36 inches. And the standard height of bedrom doors is usually 80 inches. It could be a bit smaller or higher at times, like 79 inches or 81 inches (depending on the contruction). Read further as I discuss interior doors. So, the Standard height of the door from floor level is 2.1 m or 7 ft. it can be simply calculated by following calculations, Windows height from floor level = Height of Door - Height of Window. If the height of the door is 7 ft and the height of the window is 4 ft, then the height of the window will be = 7 ft - 4 ft = 3 ft

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Locker Room Size Rules of Thumb. Since there are no specific industry standards on locker room square footage, expert opinions are varied—but most agree locker rooms should take up 10-15% of the facility's overall square footage. As a rule of thumb, the quick answer is in general about 12-15% of the overall club size, meaning if you have. Verify their companies info carefully functions, but may be no need to industry. Oh 45215 USA, Toll Free: 800-528-4058 Tel: 513-772-8281 Fax: 513-772-8306 distance of feet. Plant signs Free to contact us for any help or a price for large quantities distinct advantages stickers A standard toilet is from 28 to 30 inches deep, and the waste opening is usually just in front of the tank, so the hole should be roughly 40 inches from the facing wall. You also need room behind the hole for the toilet to fit, which is 12 inches from the center of the hole to the finished wall for a standard toilet Follow Us: The minimum size for a toilet room is 15 square feet. This is the smallest amount of overall space needed to accommodate the required distances between the floor and ceiling, toilet and sink. A toilet room is also known as a half-bath or powder room. The International Residential Code, or IRC, requires that a certain amount of clear. Standard Cubicle Dimensions. Every standard cubicle by law must now have a minimum of a 450mm diameter for the user to manoeuvre in. We have highlighted the following sizes to outline a recommended guide on toilet cubicle dimensions: · Standard Dimensions - 850mm wide x 1500mm deep. · Inward Opening Door Type

Room / Area sizes in meters (m) Basic Rooms small average large living room Dining room Kitchen Utility room bedroom (common) master bedroom Bathroom Servants quarter Additional rooms: Halls (hallway) Garage Den Family room Wardrobe closet Walk-in closet (1 rod) walk-in closet (2 rods We'll apply them in a standard-sized small bathroom, just over three square meters in dimensions. Then, we will arrange the pieces so that the area feels more comfortable and spacious. Keep in mind that building codes require that the minimum distance from the center of a toilet and/or bidet to a shower or any other bath fixture or a wall. If you're pressed for width 900mm would be an acceptable compromise. Having said that 100mm makes a big difference to a small space but can have little effect on a larger one. The 1500mm length is to be able to fit a cavity slider as this about the about of room they need, but also at minimum 1500mm it allows the occupant to use the space. Naturally, the closer the toilet is to the wall, the less space it takes up. Kerr often calls for smaller fixtures in older homes where the rough-in is 10 inches and the toilet is centered in a 28-inch rather than a 30-inch space along the wall. It's not that a regular-size toilet won't fit, she explains Image description: Diagram demonstrating how to calculate the size of a window in relation to the size of a room. Example: if the living room floor area is at 5 m 2 /53.8 ft 2, the minimum unobstructed glass area at 10% is 0.5 m 2 /5.4 ft 2. Image 5: Windows in a tiny home. Plumbing. Your tiny home will have to meet plumbing requirements

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The average living room size. The average living room size as of Oct. 1, 2018, was 330 square feet even though this varies widely depending on the total square footage of your home. A living room that measures 12x18 feet is a fairly small one while the large type likely to be found in custom homes would measure about 22x28 feet. Homes in the range of 2000 to 2900 square feet had an average. An electrical room is a room or space in a building dedicated to electrical equipment. Its size is usually proportional to the size of the building; large buildings may have a main electrical room and subsidiary electrical rooms. Electrical equipment may be for power distribution equipment, or for communications equipment 2. Door Size. There is always a standard to design door sizes. However, most doors come in a range of width sizes from 28 inches and increasing in size every 2 inches up to 36 inches. Determining your linen-closet width is subject to this door size 1. An enclosed puja room The measurement of an enclosed medium-sized puja room should be at least 5x7 feet so that two or three people can comfortably pray together. Note that this size of a puja room can be accommodated only within homes that have a carpet area of more than 1500 square feet. Some homeowners like to position their puja room near the open or common areas of the home, such as.

American Standard. Clean White WaterSense Elongated Chair Height 2-Piece Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (ADA Compliant) ADA Compliant. Model #2514101S.020. Shop the Collection. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x. 915 Common bedroom sizes. Typically bedrooms with the longest wall up to 12 feet will accommodate a full size or smaller bed, two nightstands and medium dimensions dresser. Very compact 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meters) bedroom might be perfect choice for children, a single person or as a spare room for overnight guests The size and layout of water-closets and toilet stalls should comply with the minimum requirement (fig. 7) (fig. 8). The height of the toilet seat should be between 0.45 m and 0.50 m from the.