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Fennel for Hypersomnia. Boil 3 to 4 big spoons of Fennel in 1 liter water. Boil until the mixture remains to half. Add some rock salt and have 1 cup in the morning and evening. info@herbpathy.com This is the email id of herbpathy . Anisa . 14 Nov 2016. thanx, but this email id doesn't work. Sameer ( MAHARASHTRA Most effective herbal treatment for Hypoglycemia and herbs for Hypoglycemia. Causes and Symptoms of Hypoglycemia. Herbal treatment of Hypoglycemia by natural herbs is given in repertory format Metabolic conditions in Ayurveda. Samanyaj Vyadhi : It is caused by the imbalance of either one dosha or all the doshas. E.g. Anemia, which is caused by the imbalance of either Vata, Pitta, Kapha or all the three doshas. Nanatmaj : An imbalance of one particular type of dosha is called Nanatmaj. Some common types are Hyperkalemia is a disease of the Whole body and Metabolism. An abnormally high level of Potassium in the Body is Hyperkalemia. Potassium is an important mineral that regulates the functions of the Nerves and the Muscles

St John's Wort is a flowering plant. It is perennial. It grows in a temperate climate. It grows up to 1 M. Best used for Wounds, Injury to nerves. St John's Wort is remedy for those injuries which are Sensitive to touch Old Nerve Injuries Injury to Nerves and the Spine Limb injuries ( specially of fingers, toes and nails ) associated with Spine injury It is Trophorestorative for Nervous System Traditional phytotherapy is a synonym for herbalism and regarded as alternative medicine by much of Western medicine.. Phytotherapy is a synergistic approach to health-care, combining the best of science, medicine and nature into a personalised, holistic natural medicine solution for you and your family.

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