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  1. Home → Colors & Textures → Exposed Aggregate Colors Triad Associates offers over 50 different colors of exposed aggregate with various options for stones and concrete dyes. Due to monitor differences, we do recommend that you select your exposed aggregate colors from physical samples or by visiting our 4,000 square foot product display
  2. When it comes to choosing exposed aggregate colours, you will find that your options are plentiful. The colour really depends on the geological origins of the natural aggregate. It is possible to achieve pastels, such as rose quartz and even pink. Or, you can try rich hues like red granite and dark blue
  3. Exposed aggregate is a popular paving solution for many Australian home-owners for many reasons. It is durable, low maintenance and highly flexible with a wide range of exposed aggregate colours available. With an extensive selection of exposed aggregate colours on offer, this product is highly flexible and can be customised to suit the style.
  4. Exposed aggregate exposed aggregate is another option for driveways. The rock (aggregate) in the concrete mix is exposed by either water pressure, chemical application, or by sandblasting. The aggregate can be purchased from a material yard for seeding in the fresh concrete mix. or a ready mix supplier may have colorfu
  5. Exposed aggregate driveways are flexable like all concrete with its ability to seemlesly accomidate the contours of your block. Lets nof forget that the range of colours and stlyes seem to be endless when you compare the industry leading exposed aggregate concrete suppliers that A1 Adelaide Concrete source from

Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Demand for exposed aggregate concrete has exploded over the last few years, and is typically associated with premium homes. There are a myriad of colour combinations available, and custom colours are common, allowing you to add to set your home apart Homeowners who want more color choices than gray or black should be happy with an exposed aggregate driveway, as the tiny stones on top can be various colors. This allows the surface to match the colors of the home's exterior, though it can also contrast nicely if that is the desire of the home's owner Exposed aggregate and standard concrete driveways have very different looks. Exposed aggregate is multicolored (due to the natural color variation of the aggregate material) and highly textured Bright colours such as orange and yellow are energetic, while darker colours like black feel sophisticated, greens and blues add a tranquil touch, and reds create a sense of urgency. There are lots of things to consider when selecting the ideal driveway colour for your home, so it's worth making an effort to get it right The exposé® decorative concrete range is created by removing the surface fines from the concrete resulting in the internal aggregates being exposed highlighting the natural elements of the stone. exposé® is ideal for use on outdoor areas, the more heavily exposed finish is perfect for driveways or areas requiring more grip.To add extra dimension and individualise your project, select any.

Combine exposed aggregate with other coloring techniques, such as integral color and topical stain. As an economical alternative to stamped concrete, frame exposed aggregate driveways with stamped borders. Diehl says that exposed aggregate looks its best when sealed, and the sealer should be reapplied every two years or so Instead of settling for a typical looking pool, you can turn to exposed aggregate to enhance the appearance of the pool deck, landscaping, and paving. Colours and styles are limitless. But more important than the design, exposed aggregate ensures a non-slip surface The options are endless: There are an enormous array of exposed aggregate concrete colours and textures. As such, this product always contrasts perfectly with all styles of housing - red brick, render, weatherboard, modern or heritage. It is always that perfect combination of functional and stylish

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Exposed aggregate is used in driveway and walkway applications. It often is mixed with brick and stamped concrete to create decorative landscape elements. Over time, exposed concrete aggregate can get worn. A change to your landscaping or house color may prompt the desire to paint your aggregate to match Colour Chart - Boral Exposed Aggregate / South East Queensland. Only allow BSA licensed contractors to apply the final touches to your new or existing concrete surfaces. Brisbane Concrete Services licensed concreter's are happy to advise you on the best options to suit your budget and expected outcome on your concreting project

The texture of exposed aggregate is much more coarse than other concrete finishes, which provides more traction for vehicles and reduces the risk of slips and falls for pedestrians. This makes it a good choice for homes with children and/or older adults, particularly if the driveway is built on a slope. Excellent Durability Exposed Aggregate concrete is a decorative style o f concrete suitable for a driveway, sidewalk, patio or even steps. Exposed Aggregate provides a visual interest for your home with many colours. Standard concrete paving also tends to be more affordable than exposed aggregate paving, costing only about $7-9 per square foot. Many homeowners like the nice, clean look of a standard concrete driveway as well as the fact that it can be tinted and stained in many different colours and is not slippery Exposed aggregate is a popular concrete finish option for outside areas like driveways, sidewalks, patios, curbs or walls. Similar to how granite or marble is transformed through polishing, the top layer of sand and cement is washed away to reveal the natural or manufactured aggregate below the surface Exposed Aggregate Concrete Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete finish achieved by removing the top layer of the cement paste to uncover the aggregate material beneath. With the many types and sizes of decorative aggregate and colourings for concrete available, you can now achieve unlimited colour and texture variations

Exposed aggregate comes in loads of different colours; Exposed aggregate is low maintenance; Exposed aggregate is durable and long-lasting against sun and rainwater; It has all the benefits of concrete, but with more variety; When are considering an exposed aggregate driveway, then cost will be one of the critical factors Exposed Aggregate; Honed Aggregate; Polished Aggregate; Concrete Driveways; Pool Decks & Surrounds; Liquid Limestone; Polished Overlay; Glowcrete; Polished & Burnished Concrete; Standard Grey Concrete; Concrete Range. Holcim; Limecrete; Past Projects. View All >> Driveway & Steps in Doubleview; Garage & Driveway in Cottesloe; FAQs. We Answer. Exposed Aggregate - Resort style Concrete Driveways Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Redland City. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways look amazing

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Exposed aggregate, like concrete, boasts impressive durability and compression strength. Heavy vehicles can be driven on exposed aggregate driveways without risks of cracking or sinking. Other than the expansion joints which allow the material to expand and contract with minimal cracking, exposed aggregate is laid as a slab An exposed aggregate driveway is a perfect way to make a unique statement about your home. You can choose a single colour for the entire driveway or have a collective of various natural and recycled materials added to the concrete to create an astonishing driveway that's uniquely your own. An unlimited array of textures and colour choices. Exposed Aggregate; If you love texture and want a finish that has more grip, an exposed aggregate finish is for you. Ideal for use on driveways but also around pools, you can continue the look from the front of your house to the back. Broom Finish; If you want one consistent colour with only a touch of texture, broom finish is the way to go

Op has seen the driveway and op is of the firm opinion that the images uploaded highlight a problem. If OP accepts the photos as accurate enough for purpose we should as well. I spent five years working in a Besser block plant manufacturing cement blocks, pavers and retaining walls in various colours and exposed split faces Exposed Aggregate. Exposed aggregate concrete is a style of decorative concrete suitable for driveways, sidewalks, or patios. The finished product exposes a smooth texture of small stones and pebbles that are a part of the concrete. This creates a contrast with a smooth concrete finish. Exposed aggregate creates a visual interest with patters. Typically exposed aggregate driveways are sealed, but too much sealant on a driveway with polished pebbles can cause issues by being too slippery when it rains. Fortunately our experts can work with you to get the desired look, colour and texture to make your Gold Coast driveway look amazing and be suitable for your needs For many years people have loved exposed aggregate driveways for several reasons: Economy: Your budget will benefit from the low cost relative to paving and other types of driveway. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of exposed aggregate. DurabiIity & easy maintenance: Exposed aggregate is long-lasting, hard wearing and low maintenance Exposed aggregate involves exposing the concrete mixture and adding stone and pebbles to the mix in order to provide a more attractive and durable surface. Adding aggregate helps with creating a grip for passing vehicles and is the perfect choice for outdoor areas or driveways

Exposed aggregate comes in a wide variety of colours and stoned textures, which makes it very adaptable to work with. Each and every exposed aggregate blend is beautiful in appearance and works against all weatherboard, brick and rendered homes. In fact, here at Simply Driveways in Melbourne, we have not seen a single facade or landscaped area. Mar 19, Exposed aggregate pebble driveway. Exposed aggregate or pebble finish driveways cost to per square foot or to on average. Exposed aggregate features stones mixed into concrete or seeded on the surface. Natural aggregates provide a textured, nonskid surface in various colors, including pass, earth tones, and deep reds an An exposed aggregate driveway may cost from $1,500 - $2000 more compared to plain concrete. This is equivalent to $80 per square meter more in additional expenses. The total inclusive cost per square meters for exposed aggregate including excavation, concrete, exposed aggregates, rubbish removal and labour can start at $180

Concrete driveways are definitely easy to clean and low-maintenance. But if you want to extend its lifespan, you need to think about regular checkups and register for a maintenance plan for your concrete driveway. Exposed aggregate . Exposed aggregate divulges the stones in the concrete mix on your driveway's surface Feb 10, 2017 - Get the best exposed aggregate concrete for your driveway with the help of Pavement FX. Exposed concrete aggregate at its best. Call us today on 03 9768 2154 Exposed aggregate is a decorative style of concrete suitable for driveways, pathways and patios. It's tough, strong and durable and works well installed on either steep slopes or flat sites. Mixes of exposed aggregate concrete are available in a range of colours including white, green, gold, tan, black grey, mid brown, pink and variegated hues Jul 6, 2016 - HML LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE offers quality Exposed Aggregate Driveway, Patio and Walkway services. Call us today to discover your options in color palates and ideas to add Exposed Aggregate to your Landscape today! P. 780.460.2088 E.info@hmlconstruction.com www.hmlconstruction.com . See more ideas about exposed aggregate driveway, exposed aggregate, aggregate patio Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular choice for driveways, patios and pavement areas. It tends not to show tyre marks in high traffic areas whilst has the warmth of the natural stone appearance. In combination with oxides which alter the cement paste colour between the aggregate many possible combinations are possible

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The cost of an aggregate concrete driveway can vary wildly depending on a number of different factors, how the driveway is poured and what materials are used. Opting to hire a professional will be an extra expense, but it is always advised due to the labor-intensive nature of the job as well as the speed at which aggregate needs to be exposed. From pool decks to driveways, exposed aggregate provides a versatile and durable solution for your home. With a finish that brings out the elegant pebbles and stones that are mixed with the concrete, exposed aggregate helps homeowners build a wide range of outdoor elements that are durable and built to last 1,328 exposed aggregate stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See exposed aggregate stock video clips. of 14. aggregate concrete patio aggregate concrete aggregate garden concrete finishing gravel patio exposed aggregate black aggregate path exposed aggregate finish terrace stone gravel top view The colours that exposed aggregate can be done in varies a lot. The primary colour mix can be a variety of colours but its usually a grey shade and also the stones can vary from a variety of colours. Pre blended concrete from major suppliers is what we supply 20kg. Coverage. A 20kg bag will cover approximately ±0.8m² at 8mm thick. 1 litre retarder will cover 6m ² to 7m ². Curing. The panels should be kept moist or wet for at least two days after application of the Exposed Aggregate mix. The moisture in the floor must be less than 5% prior to sealing. Colour/s

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Grey Concrete $45 - $70. Exposed Aggregate $70 - $120. Honed Aggregate $100 - $180. Coloured Concrete $60 - $90. An Aggregate driveway is relatively cheaper to install and maintain as compared to the other popular paving materials in Australia i.e., paving stones and asphalt Exposed Aggregate Brisbane. Exposed Aggregate Brisbane and Gold Coast and Ipswich. Best prices and high quality workmanship. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways are very popular due to the long lasting nature of the product and the beautiful finishes you can achieve simply by choosing a aggregate that matches your existing landscaping and dwelling colours Exposed Aggregate concrete is placed (min thickness usually 100mm, for driveways). Once the exposed aggregate is on the ground the concreter screeds the concrete, forming the area's levels and run offs. A bull float is then used to smooth out all screed lines and flatten the surface. As the exposed aggregate mix begins to set, they will edge.

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EXPOSED AGGREGATE. Exposed Aggregate (also known as Decorative Concrete) is one of Midway's most popular finishes for concrete. After the concrete is poured and has set for a number of hours, the top layer is washed off, exposing the aggregate, or gravel, in the mix. It is long lasting, non-slip and has an appealing architectural appearance Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete. A thin layer of concrete is removed to expose the gravel or sand that is usually part of the mixture but hidden. Different sizes of gravel can usually create the perfect three-dimensional surface, natural appearance, and colors. It will make your pathway or driveway unique among the other benefits that. Your Trusted Exposed Aggregate Concrete Supplier In Melbourne & Geelong. As a leading exposed aggregate supplier in Melbourne, Economix offer a countless range of aggregate concretes in different styles, colours, and textures. From smooth polished floors to heavily exposed finishes, you can find our solutions meeting all your interior and exterior flooring requirements

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The magic of Geostone. Geostone's powerful combination of unique and stunning looks created by harnessing the integrity of concrete with the uniqueness of Australian stone, is the perfect solution for contemporary yet classic driveways, pathways, indoor and outdoor living areas. Project showcase WA's Most Prestigious Exposed Aggregate Company Exposed Aggregate Polished & Honed Concrete Pool Surrounds Exposed Aggregate is a leading installer of exposed aggregate concrete, honed concrete and custom pool edging. We are the first choice for many of WAs premier architects, builders and landscape designers when it comes to high-end, quality decorative concrete. With man

For a more modern look, exposed aggregate concrete is available in a wide range of colours. Exposed aggregate driveways are not only visually appealing, they also give your driveway more grip. Darker aggregates including tones of grey are very popular for many older & contemporary home in Newcastle and the Central Coast Exposed aggregate concrete is a higher price point than other types of concrete (plain and coloured) because of the additional material costs (the stones) and the need for different equipment to pour the concrete. The cost is $110 per square meter including GST plus site preparation costs. Contact us for a free on-site measure and written quote

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Welcome to Pebblemix Concrete, we're veterans in the Melbourne concreting industry. We've laid more than 5000 decorative driveways and have in excess of 50 years concreting experience. Our customers keep coming back because they know we're fast, accountable and will deliver over and above what we promise. While we lay concrete driveways all. There are impressive exposed concrete solutions to choose from, making it easy to blend it with the existing look of your property. Durable and hard-wearing, the exposed aggregate driveway options we have for you are versatile and give you the flexibility to get the finish you want. Get in touch with us today or call us at 1300 374 839

COARSE EXPOSED AGGREGATE pavers have a rustic, natural look with a consistent coarse stone finish. The pavers are available in various dimensions and colours. PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: Residential Paving: Driveways and Walkways. Commercial Paving: Public Spaces, Parking Areas, Shopping Centres Residential Estates and Paved Roads. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIO Technically, honed aggregate is a form of exposed aggregate. These two types of concrete surfaces also utilise similar materials. Therefore, you can expect to have the same options as with exposed aggregate, mainly with the colour and stone options. However, there are a few distinct differences Concreted driveways offer a clean aesthetic and are available in a wide variety of colours. Exposed aggregate is concrete that has the surface exposed so the aggregates are visible. From Bluestone through to river pebbles, a wide range of different stone choices are available Exposed aggregate and honed aggregate are both made of the same materials explaining why they both are available in the same stones and colour variations. Washed aggregate has a coarse texture produced by letting the stones and other materials being visible on the top of the concrete layer Sealing your driveway can make it look beautiful and protect it from the elements. Here we go thru the cleaning, crack repair and sealing process and talk a..

Exposed driveways have been a popular choice for upper end driveways and in Edmonton area. The standard colours of the aggregate are brown and grey but it is possible to colour the concrete as well to create even more striking appearances Exposed aggregate driveways and other exterior surfaces are Concrete Canberra's most in-demand services for a good reason. It's a great way to make concrete more beautiful, even decorative, as natural aggregates can vary in colour. Exposed aggregate is very durable and usually skid-resistant as well Its small, colourful stones allow for endless colour options to accent the exterior of your home, while its nonslip and durable surface makes it a safe choice for those who have driveways that are high traffic areas. Terrastone Architectural Concrete offers a fully inclusive service for your exposed aggregate driveways in Perth

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WA's Most Prestigious Exposed Aggregate Company Exposed Aggregate Granite Exposed Amber Creme Exposed Federation Exposed Coral White Fine Blend Exposed Coral Grey Fine Blend Exposed Coral White Exposed Coral Grey Exposed Coral Fine Blend Exposed Black Pearl Fine Blend Exposed Bluestone Exposed Black Pearl Exposed Black Ash Exposed Amber White Fine Blend Exposed Amber Whit By HU-343815869. Exposed aggregate driveway and portico for a contemporary home in Perth. This is an example of a contemporary exterior in Perth. Save Photo. Exposed Granite aggregate driveway. By American Patio Drive & Walk. Photo of a beach style exterior in Other. Save Photo. Exposed aggregate driveway Roslin Ave

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Exposed aggregate can be colour matched to the design of your house, complementing the garden and exterior design. Why Choose An Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway? Exposed aggregate is the perfect concrete solution for driveways and pools; let's explore some of the reasons why: It is exceptionally durable. The weather has little effect on. The Translucent Color Enhancer is not a solid or opaque stain. It's translucent, meaning you can see through it. This is why the Enhancer is used to restore or revitalize exposed aggregate! These images (below) merely simulate how the translucent Enhancer tints exposed aggregate with a new hue and allows the aggregate to show through the tint

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a standard grey or off white cement mixture with a select type of customised small aggregate (stones/pebbles) and will sometimes have a colour oxide mixed through (mixed through at concrete plant). It is finished with a high pressure blast exposing the aggregate materials (stones/pebbles) on the surface N° 85 - 5/26/2021. Exposed-aggregate decorative paving. Mapei Color Paving® for modern concrete paving. Mapei Color Paving® for modern concrete paving. #insights #urbandesign. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ALL THE ARTICLES. Specifications. A specifications guide for designers, architects and companies in the building industry Of course, this aggregate features a nonslip surface. But it won't have the ruggedness that exposed aggregate provides. So if you like the look of aggregate but not the texture, this offers a good solution. More so, there are other ways to get a textured finish on the concrete driveway, as well

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Exposed aggregate concrete is different from regular concrete in terms of shape, color and size. This allows you to design a custom concrete surface. Unlike regular concrete, the cement used to bind together the aggregate can be tinted to match the aesthetic of the house 1. Picket fence. A classic and conservative looking picket fence is a perfect introduction to driveway borders. Available in a multitude of colours and patterns (and even more if you're willing to do a bit of DIY) there's an option that will suit every type of exposed aggregate concrete combination Browse 248 Aggregate Driveway on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning aggregate driveway or are building designer aggregate driveway from scratch, Houzz has 248 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Designer Premix - Exposed Aggregate Concrete and Howard Design Studio. Look through aggregate driveway pictures in different colors and. Exposed aggregate driveways give Melbourne property owners a stylish take on the classic, smoothed-over concrete driveway. Available in a range of colours and mixes, it's possible to get a driveway which complements your home's exterior. Interested in an exposed aggregate driveway? Simply call today on 0402 082 472 to book an appointment

The porch floor is concrete, with an exposed aggregate finishing technique employed. This method permanently embeds a layer of decorative pebbles on the top of the concrete. It is also a friendly surface for bare feet on the porch. Design ideas for a modern courtyard landscaping in Austin. 2008 Potoroka Concrete, Inc was choosen as the concrete. Elegant exposed aggregate driveway. Exposed aggregate in a rustic colour. Combination driveway. Exposed river pebbles. Kimberley. Last updated 17 Jul 2021 Daniel B. Brisbane area. May 2017. They helped me save money by making smart selections in the planning stage. I had a small driveway done by City-Link. The driveway is excellent, thanks Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete that has natural stones from river beds and quarries hand seeded into a concrete base. A touch of class combined with durability makes exposed aggregate an ideal choice for pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, commercial entryways and more An exposed aggregate finish is created by pouring concrete and then adding in aggregates such as stones, pebbles, slate, shells, or a combination of aggregates, before sanding the mix to reveal a beautiful texture that highlights the embedded materials close to the surface, or otherwise be concealed by a thin layer of cement Exposed & Seeded Aggregate. Exposed Aggregate and Seeded Aggregate are very popular due to the long-lasting nature of the product and the beautiful finishes you can achieve simply by choosing an aggregate that matches your existing landscaping and dwelling colours. A great choice for your driveway, patio area, footpath, pool surrounds or for an. Exposed aggregate is versatile and easily coordinates with other materials such as concrete pavers, marbella stone pavers, acrylic coatings, brushed concrete, etc. These homeowners chose warm-colored concrete pavers to line their driveway and expand the driveway/walkway areas. These pavers contrast nicely with the rough grey exposed aggregate.