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  1. Or try plain fat-free Greek yogurt — it has about 80 calories in about 5.3 ounces (Stonyfield Farm Organic Oikos Greek Yogurt, Plain) and contains just a handful of natural ingredients. Although Greek yogurt is a bit of an acquired taste if you are used to eating artificially flavored yogurt, adding sliced banana or strawberries will make it.
  2. Bananas vary in size and shape, meaning the nutrient count will vary from fruit to fruit. One medium-sized banana provides 105 calories, 1.29 grams of protein and 26.95 grams of carbohydrates, of which 3.1 grams are fiber and 14.43 grams are natural sugars.A medium-sized banana also contains 422 milligrams of potassium, 32 milligrams of magnesium and 26 milligrams of phosphorus
  3. One popular combination for a homemade facial mask is banana, honey and yogurt. Honey is a natural antiseptic, and it tightens the pores. Bananas are nutrient-rich, so they nourish the skin. Yogurt has lactic acid, which smooths and softens the skin
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  5. A 100-gram serving of Fage Honey 0% Fat Free Greek Yogurt has 113 calories and provides 8.67 grams of protein. There are 127 calories and 7.33 grams of protein in 100 grams of Chobani Lowfat Greek Yogurt Clover Honey and 154 calories and 3.52 grams of protein in 100 grams of Karoun Original Greek Honey Yogurt
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2. Banana smoothie. A banana blended with low-fat milk boosts calcium and vitamin D intake. Deficiency of nutrients may deprive you of sleep. Bananas are a good source of magnesium, tryptophan, and vitamin B6. Together, they help your body produce serotonin, which relaxes the brain. Final Word on Eating Yogurt before Be Four Benefits of Combining Honey and Yogurt. 1. Honey and yogurt are great sources of protein and carbohydrates. Yogurt is packed with protein and honey has a high content of glucose (a form of carbohydrate). People who work out need both of these to keep them going; both are necessary for endurance and muscle recovery Banana Oats SmoothieIngredients ¼ cup rolled oats ½ cup yogurt 1 banana, cut into thirds ½ cup milk 2 tbsp honey (optional) ½ tsp ground cinnamonInstructions In a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Top it off with a pinch of cinnamon and serve immediately Banana, yoghurt and honey mask This mask works to moisturize the hair and get rid of dandruff. This is done by mashing a banana, adding 4 tablespoons of yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey, and mixing them together until they become smooth. Apply the mask to the roots and ends of the hair, leave it for half an hour and wash it with shampoo

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½ tablespoon honey; 1 ripe banana; Preparation. Mash the banana in a bowl until you have a soft and creamy paste. Add the honey to your mashed banana and mix it in well. How To Apply. Shampoo your hair and let it dry. Part your hair into sections and apply the hair mask from the roots to the tips with the help of a hair color brush Yes it has a million health benefits. But here is a pro tip: If your mama makes it for you and gives it to you and c'mon lets be realistic it tastes like shit, you can just apply it on your hair asit acts as a natural hair conditioner and curd is. If I'm using a sweet fruit, like bananas, I can use a very small amount of honey. If I'm using a tart fruit, like raspberries, I can use a little more honey, or maybe some maple or agave syrup. My very favorite add in is blueberries and honey. We get 20-30 pounds of blueberries at the end of each summer and store them in the freezer Take a banana and mash it properly. Now in a bowl mash almost 1/4 papaya and mix it with the banana. Now add a spoonful of honey and mix it well. Put the paste of banana and papaya in a blender to remove any possible lumps. Now apply the mask to the roots of your hair. Moving from the roots to the tips apply the mask Vitamin C repairs skin cells and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. How to: Whip up a banana and add 1 teaspoon of orange juice and 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt. Apply and let sit for 15-20 minutes for younger-looking skin. Tip: Wash off the mask with cold water to tighten the pores further

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1 cup, halves Strawberries 1 medium (7 to 7-7/8 long) Banana 4 oz Nonfat greek yogurt 1 tbsp Honey Nutrition 284.4 Calories 60.0 g 1.3 g 13.9 g 6.1 g 5.7 mg 0.3 g 44.4 mg 42.8 g 0 Blend banana with honey and yogurt, and enjoy recovering from a hangover. (14) Helps With Weight Gain Banana shakes and smoothies are widely popular for weight gain due to the presence of natural sugar and added milk

Put a couple bananas in the blender with some plain yogurt and add some honey to sweeten the taste. The fruit tends to calm the stomach and the honey helps to restore the blood sugar levels to normal Honey & Rose Yogurt Face Mask. Ingredients. 6-7 fresh rose petals 2 tbsp organic rosewater 1 tbsp local yogurt 1 tsp Manuka honey. Preparation. Crush rose petals in a bowl and add rosewater, yogurt, and honey and mix well. Apply to the skin and leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse. Just be sure to use a plain, organic variety

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Yes! These treats only contain plain yogurt, banana, and natural unsweetened almond butter (or peanut butter without xylitol) - all safe for dogs. Plain, low, or non-fat yogurt provides digestive and probiotic benefits and serves as an excellent source of calcium for our canine companions. (Avoid flavored yogurts that are packed with sugar. Step 1: Blend. In a glass bowl, mix the plain Greek yogurt and Manuka honey. According to Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles, Manuka honey has humectant properties (it draws water into the skin), as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more about the unexpected health benefits of. Health Benefits of bananas. There are a ton of health benefits of eating bananas, making it a great fruit to include in your diet. They contain a ton of nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and much more. If you want to see how to make this banana yogurt smoothie, then be sure to check out the video below Half a ripe banana; Three teaspoons of honey; A tablespoon of yogurt; A teaspoon of lime juice; How to Do. Mash the banana until no lumps remain and blend all the ingredients. The processing time takes 30 minutes. Use this blend on your hair and work your way from the roots to tips. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse using shampoo and cold water Instructions. Place all of the ingredients but the ice in a blender: strawberries, banana, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, and 1 teaspoon honey. Blend until smooth. Depending upon the size and power of your blender, you may need to stop it and scrape down the pitcher a couple of times

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WET INGREDIENTS: In a large bowl, stir together the mashed bananas, Greek yogurt, egg, vanilla, coconut oil (measure in melted form), honey, and brown sugar until well combined. FLOUR: From your 1 cup of flour, remove 1 tablespoon and replace it with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch (this makes a lighter, cake-like flour) 3 teaspoons of organic yogurt. ¼ cup of warmed honey. Directions. Mix papaya and honey together and add rice powder as well. Now, add yogurt. Blend all these ingredients well in a bowl and apply on your skin when it becomes smooth and pink. Apply a thin layer of it on your face and leave for 20 minutes. Use tepid water to clean your face 1 Banana; ½ Cup Natural yogurt (Greek, dairy-free or otherwise unsweetened) 1 Cup unsweetened almond milk/ soy milk/ rice milk or similar; 1 tsp natural (organic) Vanilla extract; 3 tsp Maple Syrup (or honey if you prefer) Ice Cubes or crushed ice; Simply pop it all in the blender and give it a good twirl

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Honey contains sugar, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. 8. For Sensitive Skin: Banana and Honey Mask. You will need. 1/2 mashed banana 1/4 cup oatmeal, cooked with milk 1 egg 1/2 tablespoon honey . Instructions: Mix ingredients together. Massage onto face in a slow, circular motion and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water Instructions. Place rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 12-cup muffin tin with paper or foil liners, or lightly grease with nonstick spray. Mash bananas in the bottom of a large bowl until mostly smooth. Whisk in the egg, and then the yogurt and oil Ripe bananas are rich in anti oxidants and potassium and other important nutrients. Bananas are known for their property of imparting glow and shine to things they are rubbed on. Plus, they are also good moisture locking agents. When combined with honey and curd, the banana doubles up its benefits and acts as a great hair mask Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie. Start your morning off with this thick and creamy Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie that is healthy, delicious and super quick to make! It's also dairy-free and vegan with zero refined sugar! Yield: 2 Servings 1 x. Scale. Prep Time: 5 mins. Total Time: 5 minutes Add banana, pineapple or other fruit, apple, lemon, honey, 1/4 cup of staying almond milk or ice and water (and some other add-ins like seeds). Blend until a smooth and creamy consistency is attained. Drink immediately. Health benefits of apple and banana smoothie: health benefits of apple and banana smoothi

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Either a high-speed traditional or personal-sized blender will work. Start with the banana, then add the strawberries, yogurt, and honey. Blend ingredients for 1-2 minutes. Watch for a completely smooth consistency. Add additional milk as needed. Serve immediately and enjoy! Garnish with some fresh fruit or whipped cream for an extra special touch 3x. 1/2 cup rolled oats. 1 1/2 cups almond milk (or milk of your choice) 1 large banana (preferably frozen) 1/4 cup peanut butter. 2 tablespoons honey. Instructions. Place oats in blender and process/blend to pulverize them. Pour milk into blender and allow oats to soften in milk for about 2-3 minutes It can contain 239cal calories, 3gr fat, 10mg cholesterol, 110mg sodium, 45gr carbohydrates, 37gr sugars and 8gr protein. But however, it will depends on the additional toppings of the yogurt. For further health benefits of greek yogurt and granola, take a look for a while into below points. 1. Ease Digestive Instructions. Put all ingredients into a food processor or blender. Blend until creamy. Fill a silicone mold or an ice cube tray. Freeze for at least 2 hours. Pop out of molds and serve to your furry best friend. Keep leftovers in an airtight container in the freezer Simple Frozen Yogurt Treats for Dogs Ingredients. 4 cups plain yogurt; ½ cup peanut butter (make sure xylitol is not an ingredient) 1 ripe banana, mashed; 2 tablespoons honey; Directions. In a medium bowl, melt the peanut butter in a microwave for 30-60 seconds. Using a food processor or mixer, combine all of the ingredients and mix well

PRO. vegetable oil, oyster sauce, lo mein noodles, cornstarch, garlic cloves and 7 more. Classic Lo Mein Noodles Chef Jet Tila. PRO. whole milk, mustard powder, water, unsalted butter, large eggs and 8 more. Baked Macaroni and Cheese Chef Carla Hall. PRO. water, fresh basil leaves, garlic, linguine, kosher salt, grated Parmesan cheese and 5 more In a bowl, take 4 tbsp of plain, fresh yogurt. To this, add a tsp honey and 2-3 tsp fresh lemon juice. Mix together and apply this hair pack all over the scalp and hair. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and after that, wash off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this remedy with yogurt to remove dandruff once or twice per week

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  1. Step2. Peel and slice bananas. If the oatmeal is too thick, add some more water or milk. Step3. Pour oatmeal into a bowl or deep plate and spread banana slices on top. Step4. Sprinkle with coarsely chopped walnuts and cinnamon. Add honey to taste. Ingredients for 2 servings
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  3. Add the milk, yogurt, and banana; blend. Add the peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) and blend again. Lastly, blend in desired amount of ice; the more ice, the thicker the consistency. Makes one 14 ounce serving. Try the Peanut Butter Berry Banana Blend for a fruity, antioxidant rich alternative
  4. Make the Golden Milk: In a pot on the stove-top add all the ingredients and heat on medium-low. Whisk continuously to blend all the spices until heated. Make The Overnight Oatmeal: Add ½ cup of oats to each mason jar. Pour in ¼ cup of golden milk into each jar. Add ¼ cup of nonfat Greek yogurt to each jar
  5. My recipe: 1/4 cup Uncooked oatmeal 1/4 cup Almond milk (unsweetened) 1/4 cup Low-fat plain greek yogurt 1 Egg 1/2 Banana 2 Ice cubes 250 Calories, 7g Fat, 4g Fiber, 7g Sugar, 16g Protein Delicious and healthy
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Instructions. Preheat your oven to 350ºF (176ºC), and lightly grease a 9 x 5 (23cm x 13cm) bread pan. In a large mixing bowl, lightly beat the eggs until the yolks break apart. Whisk in the yogurt, bananas, maple syrup, sugar (if using), and vanilla, mixing until smooth. Stir in the oats, baking soda, and cinnamon This simple smoothie is loaded with fresh spinach leaves, banana, peanut butter and Greek yogurt. It's healthy and nutritious! I'm kind of obsessed with bananas.I could have them in cake form with a Nutella swirl, deep fried or even in a savory breakfast french toast.But I think I found my all-time favorite use for bananas in a green smoothie 6. Aloe vera honey and banana nourishing face mask. Preparation. 1 tablespoon aloe vera; 1 teaspoon honey; 2-3 ripe banana; Method. Mash the banana. Mix all above ingredients in a bowl and make a paste of it. Apply. Apply the mixture to face. Let it sit for 10-12 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Do this once a week if required 0. 30284. The health benefits of yogurt for babies include ease of digestion, remedy from gastric troubles, boosting the immune system, remedy for diarrhea and dysentery, good food during hepatitis and jaundice, can treat insomnia and a remedy for urinary tract infections. Yogurt or curd, as we call it is a fermented milk product The benefits of applying banana on your face. How to make a banana face mask at home according to your skin type; 1. Banana Face Mask for Oily Skin. Banana helps in controlling excess oil and sebum. Lemon juice works as an excellent astringent, while honey helps in keeping the moisture restored. You will need: Ripe banana; Honey - 1 tablespoo

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1 tablespoon pure Honey; 1/2 teaspoon freshly squeezed Lemon Juice; Instructions: Wash your face with warm water to remove any excess oils & makeup. Mash avocado in a bowl with the back of a fork or spoon. Mix in honey & lemon juice. Apply to your clean face with a makeup brush or fingers. Let sit about 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly Add the frozen bananas, Almond Breeze Original Almondmilk, Greek yogurt, almond butter, cocoa powder, honey (if using), vanilla, and almond extract. Blend on high power until completely smooth, scraping the sides of the pitcher halfway through if any ingredients are sticking. Serve immediately Upside-Down Pineapple and Banana Cake Receitas Da Felicidade! cake flour, brown sugar, greek yogurt, eggs, sugar, butter, orange juice and 5 more. Protein Blender Blast Receitas Da Felicidade! pippin apples, almond milk, pineapple, bananas, honey, cinnamon and 2 more Yogurt can be used in different masks, mainly in conjunction with other natural products: lemon, avocado, banana, strawberry, tomato, egg, oatmeal and honey as in Yogurt Honey Face Mask. Try different recipes and you will find one that suits your skin 3. Mixture Of Yogurt And Banana. Besides the benefits of yogurt for diarrhea, banana is also considered to be an excellent food for those who suffer from digestive problems. Banana is really easily digestible and it has a high level of insulin and pectin that are able to produce the intestine infections against agents like probiotic bacteria

Any non-vegetarian food should not be taken with black gram, honey, radish, and germinated grains. Do not consume radish or jackfruit along with black gram. Banana with buttermilk, curd with dates, black pepper with fish, and milk with alcohol are incompatible. Ghee kept in a bronze vessel or plastic container for more than 10 days becomes toxic 4. Bananas. Bananas are one of the best known diet foods. It satiates, assists in relieving constipation and is considered by some health experts to be a super food.However, bananas contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium which can lead to an imbalance of magnesium and potassium in blood if you eat bananas on a completely empty stomach Heat oven to 350 degrees and butter a 9-inch cake pan. In a large bowl, combine the yogurt, sugar and eggs, stirring and whisking until well blended. Add the flour, baking powder, salt, ground.

Turmeric and honey face mask recipe. Enough talk about all the reasons why you should put turmeric and honey on your face — let's get down to business! Here's a simple way for you to enjoy all the skin-nourishing benefits of these two awesome ingredients, every day. Ingredients. 1 tsp turmeric powder; 1 tsp raw honey; Instruction Honey is food made by bees for bees, but many people also enjoy it. Humans have prized honey for its sweet taste for many thousands of years. Some researchers say honey is more than a sweetener. People will add honey to sweeten, cereal for some crunch, or maybe nuts and fruit, says Gans. All of these things can be great additions, but in modest amounts. It's very easy to turn yogurt. Making banana mask is more like making a banana shake, you blend it to a smooth paste. And instead of drinking it you apply it on your hair. You will need: 1 ripe banana (2 if you have long hair) 2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil. 2 tablespoons honey. 1/2 cup coconut milk (you can also use full-fat milk or yogurt Swirl plain yogurt into your banana face mask to help reduce any inflammation and redness associated with pimples. Mix 1/3 cup of yogurt into a mashed banana, apply and leave on your face for.

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  1. 4. Yogurt and honey hair mask. High in lactic acid, yogurt is the ideal ingredient for making honey for hair masks, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. These two ingredients together create a mask that can help strengthen your hair, and help prevent hair loss. Ingredients. 1 tablespoon of yogurt (12.5 g) 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g
  2. How To Make the Best Berry Smoothie. Just add all of the ingredients to a blender, and pulse for 30 seconds. Stir and pulse again for another 30 seconds, until blended and smooth. Divide between two glasses, and serve immediately. Garnish with blueberries and blackberries, if desired, and enjoy
  3. B6 - 0.43 mg or 25% RDA 2- Manganese - 0.32 mg or 16% RDA 3- Vita
  4. s present in banana) provide your hair with the required nourishment that is necessary for health hair. Blend banana, coconut oil, coconut milk, and honey together and apply it one your hair. Rinse it off after 15
  5. Cover and chill at least 1 hour. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line 12-inch pizza pan with parchment paper, extending it 1 inch from the pan edge on at least 2 sides; set aside. In large bowl, whisk together oil, applesauce, brown sugar, egg, & vanilla until well combined

Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie. Start your morning off with this thick and creamy Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie that is healthy, delicious and super quick to make! It's also dairy-free and vegan with zero refined sugar! Yield: 2 Servings 1 x. Scale. Prep Time: 5 mins. Total Time: 5 minutes Greek yogurt is a popular addition to a healthful breakfast and other meals. In this article, learn about the health benefits of Greek yogurt, such as improving bone and gut health 1 cup frozen blueberries. 1 frozen banana. 2 cups plain Greek yogurt. Citrus Sunshine Smoothie. Honey, oranges and bananas combine to make this bright, cheery smoothie that's full of vitamin C and will help you tackle the day. 1/4 cup Sue Bee® honey. 1 orange, peeled and separated into sections. 1 frozen banana

This is a yummy little smoothie! I did not have a banana so I used an apple. Worked great. Also added 1 Tbsp of ground flax seed and used unsweetened almond milk. I used plain greek yogurt which I eat all the time. If you use vanilla yogurt keep in mind that you're adding a lot of sugar 5. Yogurt with Banana. Chop two bananas and mix the chunks into your yogurt. Consume once a day. Note: Try plain yogurt in a banana shake to treat diarrhea. Greek Yogurt for Diarrhea . Greek yogurt contains tons of probiotics and it is anti-inflammatory and anti-pathogenic. It improves your resistance to harmful bacteria and encourages proper.

Non-GMO Ingredients. The French believe the measure of good food is the pleasure and joy it brings to life. Oui by Yoplait seeks to bring these values to you through our delicious yogurt. It starts with simple, non-GMO ingredients, like: whole milk from cows raised on a diet of only non-GMO feed, pure cane sugar, real fruit and yogurt cultures May 11, 2015 | 2 Minutes. Yes, dogs can eat yogurt, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they should. While yogurt is not toxic to dogs, because it contains lactose, many canines will have. Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. 1 medium to large frozen banana (break your bananas into one-inch chunks before freezing); 1 heaping spoonful of almond butter (or peanut butter); 2 spoonfuls flax seed; ½ cup almond milk, yogurt or regular milk; drizzle of honey, agave nectar or maple syrup; tiny drop of almond extract (or vanilla extract, but the almond extract makes the smoothie taste almost. Instructions. In a small bowl mash up the banana until smooth and no lumps. Stir in the yogurt and peanut butter and mix until evenly combined. Spoon into dog bone molds (or ice cube trays). Fill evenly and smooth the top. Tap on the counter to ensure there are no air bubble and the mixture is evenly distributed

Instructions. In a high-speed blender, combine the zucchini, banana, peanut butter, honey, and spinach, if using. Blend until smooth, adding a little extra water, if needed to keep everything blending. Taste and add an extra squeeze of honey, if needed. Serve right away for the best texture and flavor It recently came to my attention that the red wine facial was a thing. As both a wine lover and a face mask-obsessed human, I couldn't wait to give it a try. With visions of pouring a bottle of. Kale Pineapple Smoothie. 4.95 from 67 votes. A delicious and creamy green kale pineapple smoothie with banana and Greek yogurt. Filled with healthy protein, nutrients, and will keep you full for hours! Prep: 3 mins. Cook: 1 min. Total: 4 mins. Servings: 2 smoothies. Review Honey is also rich in antioxidants that helps prevent damage to your hair and scalp. Read on to find some honey hair mask recipes, all tried and tested by me. #1: Honey, Banana and Olive Oil. This mask is my personal favorite to do and always leaves my hair feeling super soft, shiny and moisturized. It takes only 3 ingredients: 1 banana; 3 tbsp.

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  1. Ingredients 2 cups low-fat plain Greek yogurt 9 rectangular graham cracker sheets (4.8 ounces total) 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1/8 teaspoon salt Cooking spray 2 tablespoons honey ¾ teaspoon finely grated lemon zest 4 large strawberries, quartered, or 8 small strawberries, halved 3/4 cup blueberries 3/4 cup raspberries Directions Line a fine mesh strainerRead Mor
  2. Honey (I teaspoon) Black salt (a pinch) How to prepare yogurt watermelon smoothie. Remove the peel and seeds of the watermelon. Crush 2 pieces of watermelon in the household juicer. Add the required amounts of yogurt, honey and black salt. Mix well using a mixer. Now the smoothie is ready. Serve the freshly prepared smoothie is to be served as.
  3. Add cinnamon to the top of your shake if desired. Your banana almond milk smoothie should be sweet enough from the natural sweetness of the banana. But if you prefer a bit more sweetness, you can add a little honey (raw unprocessed) or maple syrup (100% pure) or agave (vegan option) to your almond milk smoothie. Serve immediately and enjoy
  4. utes.; Our easy blueberry smoothie recipe that keeps you happy for hours. One small smoothie offers almost 5 grams of fiber as well as 5 grams of protein. With 6 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber, this utterly delicious strawberry banana smoothie will.

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Serves: 2 Nutrition: (1.4 cup serving) 209 calories, 8 g fat, 3 g fiber, 28 g sugars, 5 g protein (calculated with plain nonfat Greek yogurt) In India, a lassi is a popular yogurt-based drink composed of blended yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. Although cantaloupe may not be the first smoothie ingredient that comes to mind, it's a worthy addition Both fruits are full of goodness for your skin, avocado is highly moisturising and nourishing and banana is full of precious minerals that will benefit your skin. You can also add egg yolks, olive oil, yogurt or vitamin E. It is up to you, be adventurous! If there is any leftovers, freeze them and thaw anytime you need a face mask It made plenty for one person. The banana I used was also frozen. I don't typically add that much yogurt or even need sweeteners in a smoothie. Going to work with the base here to see what I can come up with. I do not taste any fruit or even the vegetables really mostly just taste like liquified yogurt

Instructions. Pour almond milk into blender. Sprinkle in chia seeds and allow to sit for a few minutes. Add in the remaining ingredients {almond butter, banana, honey/dates, and a few pieces of ice}. Blend well until smooth and creamy It is absolutely dairy-free and gluten-free and still has a delicious taste. The rich and creamy coconut milk adds a refreshing tropical vibe to the smoothie while the banana and honey renders a mellow sweetness to it. Weight Watcher's Benefits - Both coconut milk and banana are extremely beneficial for weight loss

This berry banana kale smoothie is the perfect detox smoothie that's easy, nutritious and ready in minutes! Makes a great breakfast or snack anytime of day.. Smoothies are my favorite thing to make for breakfast in the mornings. This kale smoothie recipe is on my weekly rotation, as well as my strawberry banana smoothie, green smoothie and pineapple mango smoothie 2 medium-sized bananas. 1 1/2 cups Vanilla Almond Milk Unsweetened. 2 tbsp hemp seeds. 1/2 tsp turmeric. 1/2 tsp ginger minced. 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon. 1 1/2 tbsp honey. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. 6-8 ice cubes A tasty strawberry, blueberry, and banana smoothie that's perfect for breakfast, snacks or anytime you need a refreshing treat. Pour whole milk into the blender, followed by frozen bananas, blueberries and strawberries. Add a drizzle of honey and blend until everything is combined and the smoothie reaches your desired consistency 2 cups frozen strawberries. 1 medium banana. 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt. 1/4 - 1/2 avocado peeled and pitted. 2 cups unsweetened almond milk. 2 teaspoons pure maple syrup. water if needed

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