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  1. Hold the AF button down and move the back dial until you get AFS S, AFA S, or AFC S to select a single autofocus point. You can move it with the directional button and reset it to the center by pressing OK. AFS Focuses once when you activate autofocus when you half press the exposure button or press the AE-L AF-L back button
  2. 2. According to Nikon D750 User's Manual (rev. 03), there are 11 to 15 autofocus points rated up to f/8. On page 430, the manual details which points work with different lens and teleconverter combinations. The 15 points that usually work at f/8 comprise the 3×3 square around the center point, a row of 3 points to the right of the square's.
  3. D750. Camera Functions. AF-Area Mode (Viewfinder Photography) The focus area for autofocus is shown in the viewfinder. Choosing a different focus area shifts focus to another part of the frame. This selection can be made by the photographer or left up to the camera: what controls how the focus point is selected is AF-area mode. The camera.
  4. My Full Length Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video can be ordered here: http://www.canontrainingvideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id..
  5. 51-Point Autofocus System. Glossary. Off On. 1 1 1 of 2. The D4 D-SLR offers five different options for focus point combinations: all 51, 21, 11, 9 or 1. The Nikon AF five area modes of the D4s are (clockwise from the top left): Single-point AF mode, Dynamic-area AF mode (9 points), Dynamic-area AF mode (21 points), Dynamic-area AF mode (51.

There are issues with the D750 body. With both my 24-120 lens and 50 mm fixed lens, autofocus would sometimes work and then sometimes not work. Re-attaching the lens mostly fixes the issue, till you switch lenses and then it MAY happen again. I returned my camera body due to this issue Ralfs Foto-Bude http://www.ralfs-foto-bude.deToday I show you, how to make the AF-Settings at the D750. And I give you some more tips & tricks

Hector Javkin. I find the D750 autofocus accurate, fast and decisive, even in low light, particularly with AF-S lenses. In light suitable for what you're doing, I can't imagine your having trouble. I did a portrait session Monday with the old non-AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D, and one shot out of 90 was out of focus Hi guys! I got the new Nikon D750 and just going through everything. One thing I just cannot figure out is WHERE is the setting so I can manually select the AF point while shooting! I've been going through the menu, I've been on google and I've been looking at the manual. But I think I'm getting frustrated now and I'm missing it The Nikon D750 is an advanced camera with many different menus and settings, and it can be overwhelming for a lot of photographers at first. So, in this article, I want to explain all the camera settings on the Nikon D750 and provide some recommendations for how to set your camera properly

This means that the center autofocus point will likely be significantly faster, and more reliable, than the points on the edge. You can see the results yourself by repeating the test from earlier with the center focus point, instead of one on the perimeter of your viewfinder. D750, D810, D7100, D7200: 51 points, 15 cross-type (three center. This video is about D750 focus trackin AF-Area Mode. AF-area mode controls how the camera selects the focus-point for autofocus. The following options are available during viewfinder photography: Single-point AF: Select the focus point; the camera will focus on the subject in the selected focus point only. Use with stationary subjects

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The D750 has a feature set unlike full-frame DSLRs its size. It uses the same autofocus and metering technology as the D4S and the D810—Nikon's powerful 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and 3D Color Matrix Metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor. It's fast and responsive; shoot 6.5 fps at full resolution Autofocus. By Rishi Sanyal. The D750 inherits a version of the 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX AF system that we've seen used in the D800 and D810 but its 'II' version is actually more sensitive - rated down to -3 EV on all of those points. The D750 thereby offers superior AF reliability in poor light compared to the D810 and D4S, which is quite something (and which might prompt more than a few D800. The D750 is able to detect and accurately autofocus with numerous subjects in various lighting conditions. For dynamic area AF, the D750 can focus with 9, 21, or 51 autofocus points and also 51. Cameras today come with a lot of autofocus points (153 is the current record on the Nikon D5)—thing is, not all points are created equal. Cross-type points are sensitive both horizontally and. Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 51 focus points (including 15 cross-type sensors; f/8 supported by 11 sensors), and AF-assist illuminator (range approx. 0.5 to 3 m/1 ft 8 in. to 9 ft 10 in.) Detection range. -3 to +19 EV (ISO 100, 20°C/68°F) Lens servo

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Best All-Round Nikon Auto Focus Guide While I created this Nikon AF tutorial guide for the new, and ultra powerful Nikon 153-Point AutoFocus System (found in the Nikon D850, Nikon D500 and Nikon D5 DSLR cameras), the secrets found within, can easily be applied to any Nikon DSLR camera, from the beginner D3xxx series, D5xxx, D7xxx, D6xx, D750. Changing Focus Points. Having multiple focus points allows the photographer options in composition. All you need to do now is place any of the AF points over your subject, make sure that the AF point is active, then press the shutter release halfway down to activate the autofocus Step 3 - Set the camera to single-point, single-servo autofocus (AF-S for Nikon, One-Shot for Canon) Step 4 - Open the lens to one stop down from its widest aperture (e.g. set an f/2.8 lens to f/4) and the middle of its zoom range (if it's a zoom lens). Step 5 - Place the focus point in the middle of the frame (center dot). I prefer to.

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Autofocus mode can be selected by pressing the AF-mode button and rotating the main command dial until the desired setting is displayed in the viewfinder and control panel. For the purpose of focusing the camera, pressing the AF-ON button has the same effect as pressing the shutter-release button halfway Better news for action fans is that the D750 has Nikon's dependable and powerful Multi-Cam 3500 II autofocus module. This has 51 points, 15 of which are the more sensitive cross-type and 11 that operate down to f/8, which is especially useful for photographers who want to use an extender with their telephoto lenses Nikon D750 Autofocus Autofocus, along with sensor technology, is at the core of professional camera performance. For the way I shoot (often wide open at ƒ1.4), manual focus is not fast enough The Nikon D750 is a full-frame DSLR camera with a brand new 24.3-megapixel FX format sensor with an OLPF / anti-aliasing filter, a lightweight weather-sealed monocoque body, an ISO range of 50-51,200, Full HD (1080p) movies at 50p/60p, latest Expeed 4 image processing engine, new Multi-CAM 3500II FX 51-point auto-focus system that is sensitive down to -3 EV, new Group Area AF mode, 6.5fps. 3. Autofocus and speed. On the D750, the autofocus module is separate from the sensor. Part of the light is reflected by the mirror to the AF sensor which is found in the bottom part of the body. On the Z6 the focus points are embedded on the sensor itself. This is the third key difference between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras

Supporting the exceptional imaging capabilities of the D750 is an apt autofocus system that employs up to 51 distinct points, with options available to use 9, 21, or all 51 points depending on the situation, with AF detection sensitivity down to -3 EV. 15 cross-type points are also integrated within this array to provide even greater accuracy. Autofocus Points. Mar 4, 2016 Figure 4.14 The menu system on the Nikon D750 enables you to store the focus point by camera orientation. Figure 4.15 The focus point is placed squarely on the dog's face when the camera is held in landscape mode Go back and select Saved value. The menu location of autofocus fine tuning. Your lens' information should be displayed in the upper left corner and the fine-tune adjust on the right. D750 AF Fine-tune Apr 25, 2015 On page 389 of the English manual it states that 'AF tuning is not recommended in most situations. And may interfere with normal. When the Nikon D750 was released in 2014, it was marketed as a sports camera. As a result, the D750 is equipped with a 51-point autofocus system similar to that found inside the pro-sports Nikon D4. And flat out, the D750 shoots up to 6.5 photos per second, 50% faster than the new Nikon Z5. Read Nikon Z5 versus Nikon DSLR

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Autofocus Modes. 3D-Tracking autofocus on the D750 is exceptional and very easy to use. Press the AF-on button and your subject is tracked within the frame. Very simple. Conversely, The Z6 may have 273 AF points, with more frame coverage, but the tracking system is a more long-winded process, especially with an eye to the viewfinder A DSLRs focusing sensor will have certain number of phase detection points for autofocus. The EOS 5D Mark IV has 61 auto focus points, for example. My Nikon D750 has 51. However, if I'm using Live View (with contrast detection on the imaging sensor), I'm not restricted to 51 points—I can place my focus anywhere on the Live View screen

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  1. Nikon D500: Multi-CAM 20K autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection and 153 focus points; Nikon D750: Multi-CAM 3500 autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, with 51 focus points including 15 cross-type sensors; The Nikon D500 shows its semi-pro mettle as much on paper as in practice, virtue of the fact that it offers a whopping.
  2. I love that the D750 continues to use the EN-EL15 batteries, which now work with my D7000 and D810, along with the D7100, D600, D610, and D800. They seem to last a long time and charge up quickly. The 3.2 LCD screen is beautiful. Its bright and has a nice contrast. For the first time ever on a full-frame camera, Nikon incorporated a tilting LCD.
  3. QUAL RAW a6 Focus point wrap ON QUAL JPEG or RAW dep. on situation a6 Focus point wrap ON Autofocus Mode AF-S or AF-C dynamic 21-points a7 Number of focus points51 Autofocus Mode AF-S or AF-C dynamic 21-points a7 Number of focus points51 Nikon D750 Setup Guide Nikon D750 Setup Guide For Nature, Landscape and Travel Photography For Portrait.

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The Nikon D750 also has Group Area AF for improved accuracy, while the D610 by comparison has a Multi-CAM 4800 sensor, with only 39 autofocus points, of which 9 are cross type Nikon provides an autofocus assist light which helps the camera determine autofoucs in low light conditions. To make use of it, the camera must be setup for Single-point autofocus with the center focus point selected or it can be used with the Auto-area matrix style autofocus (closest priority). This can be setup in the menu shown in Figure 2 Single-Point (AF-S, AF-C) Single-Point (AF-S, AF-C) Normal Area (AF-S, AF-F) AUTOFOCUS AREA MODES Z 6 / D750 REFERENCE CHART Nikon's Z Series cameras adopt a newly developed hybrid AF system that is different from the AF system used in Nikon's DSLRs. To maximize your experience with the Z Series, the below chart and explanations will. The D750 uses Nikon's older and less sophisticated 51-point autofocus system. It's still very fast and powerful, even today, but not in the same league as the D500's new 20K AF module. The key.

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  1. The Nikon D750 is a full-frame DSLR camera announced by Nikon on September 12, 2014. It is the first in a new line of Nikon FX format cameras which includes technologies from the D810 in a smaller and lighter body. Nikon sees the D750 with advanced video features for videographers as well as a primary or secondary camera for fast handling and speed
  2. Nikon D750 has only 51 autofocus points compared to 117 belong to Sony A7 II. In addition, Sony A7 II also has a longer shutter speed range: 1/8000-30.. While Nikon D750 has only 1/4000-30. shutter speed range. They offer the same ISO range of 50 - 51200
  3. When you use the D750 to take pictures with the viewfinder, you can use the very good Multi-CAM autofocus module to get a good focus lock, quickly, even when using advanced 3D autofocus modes. But when you use the D750 with live view, and the mirror flips up, that autofocus module can't be used since it's not part of the image sensor, so the.
  4. The D750 is an excellent camera with top-caliber autofocus capabilities. It's likely you're introducing an issue in the way you use these capabilities. Here are a few things to check: 1. Choose the right focusing area: Spot focus, or one of the ar..
  5. The version on the D750 is the further-improved Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II (note the two) that can autofocus down to -3 EV. Additionally, since the D750 is a smaller body, its 51 AF points are slightly closer to the center of the frame compared to other Nikon FX-format DSLRs that use the same module, but the difference is quite subtle
  6. Having the Multi-CAM 3500 FX II with a 51-point AF system, D750 step up its game by being the primary Nikon DSLR to get the newest autofocus systems overtaking its prototype. This is a very accurate system that enables the camera to automatically focus on faces when the AF area is set to 'Auto' in both AF-C and AF-S modes, paying a little.
  7. The D750's Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II pro-level autofocus sensor features 15 cross-type sensors that let you detect and lock-on to a desired focus point, or points, and shoot with ease and precision — even when shooting in light as dim as EV-3, a level at which the human eye has difficulty seeing

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7. Has phase-detection autofocus for photos. Nikon D7100. Nikon D750. Phase-detection autofocus is much faster than a contrast detection autofocus, allowing for sharper images. 8. fastest shutter speed. 1/8000s. 1/4000s. A faster maximum shutter speed allows taking pictures of fast moving subjects without blur Nikon D750 Review - D750 Tech Info. Even better low-light focusing. The Nikon D750's autofocus system, too, is derived from that in the Nikon D810, but it's been further refined This is specific to the Nikon D7000.See my Guide to Nikon AF Settings for other cameras.. I usually leave my D7000 in its default AF settings, which today work great for almost every sort of shooting situation. Left alone at its default settings, the D7000 usually figures out what is the subject, focuses on it, and even tracks it if it moves The D750 borrows from it's bigger brothers, the D810 and D4s. It takes a professional auto focus system and puts it into a lower prices full frame body with pretty much the same top notch results. You now have 51 autofocus points and the Group Area AF mode Viewfinder autofocus has limited scope of coverage. The D780's 51-point focus system has the same spread as the D750, with the points bunched together in the central third in the frame. If.

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Using autofocus, focus on the flat surface of the object and then use focus lock. Keeping focus lock, photograph the ruler at the point next to the flat surface. How to interpret the results: If the camera focuses on the selected point no adjustment is required (the grey highlighted area indicates the focus point in the image above) Nikon D850 MultiCAM AF sensor module From Nikon: Accurate focusing is crucial to large-pixel-count images. The D850 comes equipped with the same powerful 153-point AF system as the flagship D5 — a technology widely praised by editorial sports photographers. The 153 densely packed focus points (55 selectable) provide over 130% of the D810's frame coverage, [ Relevant rumored specs include 4K video and autofocus points and performance improvements, as well as low-light improvements (not that the D750 was any slouch in that area) the d750 has a feature set unlike full frame d slrs its size. it uses the same autofocus and metering technology as the d4s and the d810 nikons powerful 51 point af system with 15 cross type sensors and 3d color matrix metering iii with a 91000 pixel... The Fandom Shop is bringing you great deals on lots of Nikoninternational SD & SDHC Cards including Nikon D750 DSLR Camera with 24-120mm Lens.

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that the D750 can be used, including a responsive 51 point autofocus system and fast continuous frame rate, the Group-Area AF Autofocus Area Mode where five autofocus points work together to focus on a subject that may elude a single point, and the Highlight-Weighted Metering Mode to help retain highlight details on brightly lit subject In Live View, the 273-point AF uses advanced eye-detection technology to maintain focus while tracking quickly moving subjects. Even though the D780 comes with the same 51-AF points and autofocus system as the D750, Nikon explains that it comes with an improved algorithm It has a weather sealed magnesium alloy body with a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor inside. This camera can support burst up to 6.5 fps which is great for action photography. The viewfinder is large and has 51 autofocus points (with 15 cross type) which is also great for action. On the back there's a tilting 3.2'' 1,229,000 dot display which allows. 7 points · 4 years ago. I should add to my previous comment that on the D750, 3D tracking is my favorite way to do focus and recompose - leave the center point selected, aim it at your target and then recompose how you see fit and the camera will move the AF point for you to stay locked on your target Nikon confirms the 51 AF points in the D750 are narrower compared to the D810. Today DC.Watch published a long interview with the team that developed the D750 DSLR camera. Most of the Google translation is hard to follow, but I came across an interesting Q&A: the 51 points AF system inside the D750 is indeed narrower when compared to the D810

Nikon D750 features both Contrast Detection and Phase Detection autofocus (AF) systems which ensures speed and accuracy of focusing in most situations. The AF system has 51 focus points and 15 of these sensors are of Cross-type Nikon has given the D750 a new Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus (AF) module, an updated version of the one in the D810. This has 51 AF points, 15 of which are the more sensitive cross-type and 11 that operate down to f/8, which is especially useful for photographers who want to use an extender with their telephoto lenses

f1 OK button > Shooting mode > Highlight active focus point. > Playback mode > Zoom on/off > 1:1 (100%) > Live view > None. f2 Assign Fn button > Access top item in MY MENU (This one is key for the Wi/Wi Workflow) f3 Assign preview button > Preview. f4 Assign AE-L/AF-L button > AE/AF lock The auto focus system is very good and I understand it is the same system that sits in the big brother the D810. But measured towards a modern mirror less camera, the 51 focus points and the fact that they sit very much toward the center of the frame, cannot match a modern mirror less where you easily find several hundred focus points and. From the very first wedding I shot with this camera - granted, it was the new toy -, I set aside the Nikon D810 at a certain point, preferring the Nikon D750 as my first camera. Not only is the auto focus fast, it's also really accurate, and this undeniably gives a greater sense of security during shooting and makes everything easier Hi all, I've recently purchased a new Nikon D750 and I love it. However, I've encountered something unusual with the autofocus features. When I use single-spot autofocus in either AF-S, AF-C or AF-A modes through the viewfinder, the camera usually ends up focusing on the foreground instead of where I had positioned the autofocus target

I have a 300mm f4 Nikon AF-S lens that auto focuses fine on my D300 and my D810 but when attached to my D750 the auto focus won't work. The D750 auto focuses fine with my other lenses. Is the focusing read mor At this point you should have your camera dial set to P and your lens focus switch set on AF for autofocus. Aim your camera towards an object and press the shutter button half way down. When you see the middle focal point light up or blink, take the shot. You have now taken a photograph with auto focus turned on

Nikon D750 Auto and Manual Focus. The auto focus system on the camera a little bit confusing in some cases because we have an auto focus switch on the camera and we have one on the lens as well, at least on modern lenses. If you have a lens that's twenty years old, you probably don't have one on the lens and you'll have to use the one on the. How to Focus the Nikon D750 Focus Modes. The Nikon D750 offers 3 different focus modes for focusing through the viewfinder. Auto-Servo AutoFocus (AF-A) is complete auto-focus, where the camera automatically chooses your focal point for you, making it a less desirable option for most photographers The Nikon D750 offers great quality at a more affordable price of around 1400. The camera boasts 51 autofocus points, which is solid enough to capture really crisp images. The shutter speed caps at 1/4000sec, which is slower than higher marketed cameras. Although there is no 4k option, the D750 still offers excellent 1080p full hd quality The Nikon D750 In Depth. What is unique about the D750 is that it borrows heavily from the best and most technologically advanced cameras in the Nikon lineup, including the D810 and the flagship D4S, while introducing new features unique to the D750. The two most important technological advances incorporated into the D750 are the new autofocus. The D750's 51-point autofocus system is a noticeable advantage, especially when trying to frame difficult, skittish subjects, like this dartfish. Fathoming the multitude of autofocus modes means heavy use of the camera's user's manual (which could be used as an extra dive weight!)

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The single-point autofocus mode is quite accurate and quick. Unfortunately, the D750's Live View performance remains locked in the doldrums, taking about 1.5 seconds to focus and shoot under. Sure there's the autofocus section of the instruction manual, but the truth is, we're only talking about a handful of pages. That's barely enough to get you started! So, that's where this new e-book, Secrets To The Nikon AF System comes in! This is over 450 pages of everything I know about the Nikon AF system The Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus is a new upgrade (51 AF points). As always, you can get the same sharp, vivid images, especially when matching the camera with a proper, quality lens. Another improvement is that this new autofocus model copes better with low light and now works at down to -3EV The D750 features a new autofocus module, the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II, which employs 51 focus points, 15 of which are cross-type, and 11 of which work at f8. So far this shares the same specification as the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX module in the D810, and indeed the D800 before it, but what's new on the D750 is the ability to autofocus in. Please read your manual to see your options for changing your auto focus mode. Auto Focus Areas/AF Point Selection: the area in which your camera determines where it is going to focus. The modes are (Nikon/Canon): ~Single-point AF/Manual AF Point: just like the AF-S mode, the only point on which your camera is focused is the one you choose

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Nikon D750 Preview: New Nikon 24.3Mp full frame 'consumer' DSLR The new Nikon D750 offers serious enthusiast photographers the design and build quality of their pro D810 camera with the lower resolution 24.3Mp sensor similar to the D610Nikon D750 Specification: Same resolution but greater sensitivity than the D610The new D750 is Nikon's 3rd full-frame FX format camera released so far in. I have two D750 cameras. Camera 1 is set for autofocus mode AF-S, and AF area mode of S. Custom setting a8 (Store points by orientation) is set to yes. When I focus on the subject with the camera horizontal, the focus point is where I want it to be tobycat2, good point about my impression re: the Z6 autofocus being potentially superior to the D750. I was speculating, and perhaps being too general, when I made that statement. More likely is the possibility that each AF system excels in different ways. My thinking was this: the Z6 has more focal points, which cover the entire frame DX Lenses on the D750. Let us start by saying: don't do it. Most DX lenses technically are compatible on FX-format cameras like the Nikon D750, so you will be able to take photos and use the autofocus. However, when a DX lens is attached to an FX camera like the D750, it automatically uses a DX crop mode to record only the center portion of.

Nikon D750: 51-point autofocus system (covering the middle 20% of the frame) Nikon Z6: 273-point autofocus system (covering the entire frame) Nikon D780: 51-point autofocus system OR 273-point auto-focus system in Live View. Conclusion: This is another area where it seems like the D780 is the best of both worlds There are no substantial differences in terms of autofocus capabilities. Both cameras feature a Multi-CAM 3500 AF module with 51 AF points (15 cross-type points). The Nikon D750 can autofocus down to -3 EV, while the Nikon D810 goes down to EV -2. When it comes to burst shooting, the Nikon D750 seems to be a better performer Auto Focus Nikon D750. For stills, the D750 is equipped with Nikon's high-speed high accuracy 51 point AF system. If you're shooting moving subjects, you'll notice how the group area AF provides faster and more secure auto focusing with single point AF. It's the same auto-focus system from the D810 and I love the D810 auto-focus system The D750's improved version of the Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus sensor has detection sensitivity down to -3 EV for superior low-light focusing. The autofocus specs are otherwise the same as the D810's, with 51 AF points to choose from (15 of which are cross-type) 51-Point Autofocus System: The D750 is equipped with a powerful 51-point Autofocus system. The system selects the focus point that best applies to the subject, demonstrating an outstanding level of precision, even when shooting in constantly changing conditions. All 51 focus points, including the array of 15 cross-type sensors located in the.

The D750 has a feature set unlike full-frame D-SLRs its size. It uses the same autofocus and metering technology as the D4S and the D810—Nikon's powerful 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and 3D Color Matrix Metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor. It's fast and responsive; shoot 6.5 fps at full resolution The Nikon D750 FX-format D-SLR has been designed to liberate photographers from previous limitations while giving them more freedom of photographic expression thanks to a variety of factors. For example, because of the high ISO performance and the autofocus capability in low-light situations, hand-held shooting is made possible even in the dark This is a guest Nikon D750 review by wedding photographer Jay Cassario.. What you are about to read is a very down to earth, real life shooting, working pro's Nikon D750 Review.I've had the unique opportunity these past couple years of being able to get my hands on pretty much any new gear that I want to test and review Its new sensor is built with 273 on-chip phase-detection AF points, making for much faster performance than the D750's contrast-detection-only live-view autofocus

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Ignite your creative desires. The D 750 has a feature set unlike full-frame DSLRs its size. It uses the same autofocus and metering technology as the D4S and the D810—Nikon's powerful 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and 3D Colour Matrix Metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor Because of the 51 point AF system, every single AutoFocus point in the D750 focuses in lower light than any previous Nikon DSLRs. The AutoFocus system works in harmony with the 91k-pixel RGB metering sensor to provide an efficient autofocus with face-detection and groundbreaking subject tracking that is capable of sticking accurately to moving.

Nikon D750 24.3MP DSLR Camera with AF-P 18-55mm VR Lens & 70-300mm ED Lens Kit + 32 GB Sandisk Memory Card & Deluxe Gadget Case. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 9. $1,799.00. $1,799. . 00. FREE Shipping. Only 9 left in stock - order soon With a 51-point AF system borrowed from higher end models, the D750 can focus quickly and easily on moving or still objects, in bright conditions or in low-light. The D750 features a newly developed autofocus sensor which has the ability to focus in extremely dim light, which combines with the aforementioned brilliant High ISO-performance to. Nikon D750 -> 51 distinct points available, you get options to use 9, 21, or all 51 points depending on the situation. Canon 5D Mark III -> 61-point autofocus system with upto 41 cross-type AF points (with f/4 lens support) and 5 dual diagonal AF points (with f/2.8 sensitivity)

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The D750 has a feature set unlike full-frame D-SLRs its size. It uses the same autofocus and metering technology as the D4S and the D810—Nikon's powerful 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and 3D Colour Matrix Metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor. It's fast and responsive; shoot 6.5 fps at full resolution Nikon user JimPurdy: I have a Nikkor 300mm f/4.0 AF-S lens that will not autofocus on my D750 body. This lens works fine on my D700. The rest of my l For autofocus the D750 borrows Nikon's 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX II system from the D810, which with 51 targets boasts a greater number of targets than the D610. Nikon also claim the autofocus has been improved on the D750 with greater sensitivity for faster and more accurate focusing in low-light, compared to the D810, and there's also the. You may also be interested in these comparisons: Nikon D780 vs Nikon D750 Nikon D780 vs Nikon D850. It is a unique camera that Sony cannot offer, while Canon can, but is not interested, I guess. The Nikon D750 offers a highly proficient 51 point AF (auto focus) system with very reliable metering to boot. 47khitman Comparisons