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We Know Which Harry Potter Character You Are Based On The Random Choices You Make. Are you Hermione or Ginny? by quizzes_girl. Community Contributor. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community Tea Everyone's A Combo Of A Harry Potter Actor And Character — Here's Yours It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. by Nora Dominick. BuzzFeed Staff BuzzFeed Quiz Party!.

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Pick 8 Sweet Treats And We'll Tell You Which Female Harry Potter Character You're Most Like. Are you more Hermione or Ginny? This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community I decided to take the Which Harry Potter Character am I quiz....twice, because, well, you'll find out! Hope you enjoy this video, let me know if you have any.. Everyone Is A Combo Of Two Harry Potter Characters — Which One Are You? Are you a total Hermione-Voldemort? This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community

These Might Not Be Real Harry Potter Characters, But I Bet You Still Wanna Know Who You Are You could be Evie Malfoy, Ava Black, Kaiden Black, Haley Rosier, or Edward Malfoy. Evie Malfo Which Harry Potter Character Should You Actually Marry? Accio heart! by Chelsey Pippin. BuzzFeed Staff, UK BuzzFeed Daily. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter

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  1. d to. While you are one of the brightest of your peers, what really sets you apart is your deter
  2. credit Warner Bros. Your result is: Hermione Granger. You're clever, ambitious, and have enough brains to be in Ravenclaw: You're Hermione Granger, Harry's super-smart sidekick. Take quiz again.
  3. I'm taking quizzes again to find out which Blackpink member and Harry Potter character I am I'm excited! Buzzfeed quizzes as always surprisingly accurate,..

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  1. Which Harry Potter Character Are You? The Ultimate Harry Potter Spell Quiz. Amazing Harry Potter Facts! The Ultimate Hagrid Quiz. 15 Harry Potter Cast Facts! Which Harry Potter Movie Should I Watch? The Ultimate Ron Weasley Quiz! Harry Potter Picture Quiz! Easy Harry Potter Quiz
  2. The characters from Harry Potter did not have a lot of time to date. Some lucky Hogwarts student cannot wait to take you out on a date. Check out which Harry Potter character is likely to go out with you by taking this fun quiz. All the best and have fun! Upgrade and get a lot more done! 1
  3. Which Harry Potter Character Are You? You'd be lying if you say you never wondered. Let's play. Question of 8. If you were to win the Elder wand, what would you do with it? Snap it in half. Challenge the strongest wizards to duel. Would never speak of it. Would convince everyone that it's an ordinary wand

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  1. Harry Potter. You showed the closest resemblance to Harry Potter. He is known as the Boy Who Lived and is the main character of the entire series. Harry is a complex character who led the charge in the defeat of Lord Voldemort. Harry was best known for being brave, loyal, and selfless, and he clearly showed that throughout the series
  2. Snake Summons Spell. Avada Kedavra. Protego Diabolica. You are: DRACO MALFOY! You're got the slickest hairstyle in Hogwarts and would rather eat a bowl of cold beans than hang out with Harry Potter! You are: BELLATRIX LESTRANGE! Ooh, you're a bit of a villain! You are: SEVERUS SNAPE
  3. You don't need to be Professor Trelawny to see everyone has a Harry Potter character that matches their soul. Take our quiz to reveal which of J.K. Rowling's famous characters you're most like. Get your results faster than you can say expecto patronum
  4. Everything within the world of Harry Potter is magical, but one of the coolest aspects of the wizarding world is the Yule Ball. This beautiful, winter-themed party takes place during the Triwizard Tournament, when the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, the Durmstrang Institute and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry come together and have students compete in different challenging tasks
  5. Which 'Harry Potter' Character Are You? Written by Jill Slattery. Begin Quiz. of
  6. Jan 19, 2019 - I think I am quite right in saying, my dear, that you were born mid-winter? Which Harry Potter Character Is Your Zodiac Twin? that you were born mid-winter? Article by BuzzFeed. 113. Harry Potter Quizzes Trivia Harry Potter Life Quiz Harry Potter Twins Draco Harry Potter Harry Potter Houses Harry Potter Characters.

Harry Potter. You are a brave, kind-hearted person with a lot of caring for others. You are a person that everyone wants to be friends with. You enjoy the spotlight sometimes but it could also be hard for you to have everyone's attention. Ronald Weasley Some people might think you've got your head in the clouds, but you're kind and a good friend! You are: CHO CHANG! You're star Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and all-round nice person! You are: PROFESSOR FLITWICK. You're a Hogwarts boffin and a sharp-dressed chap, too! You are: GILDEROY LOCKHART Buzzfeed: Can You Pass the Hardest Harry Potter Trivia Quiz? By. Universe Contributor-October 30, 2014. 8040. but how well do you really know the Harry Potter series? Facebook. Twitter

You are: Harry Potter! You're the boy who lived and a bit of a wizarding legend. We think someone should write stories and make films about your adventures. You are: Ron Weasley! You're Hogwart's biggest sweetheart, although we're not that keen on your driving skills. You are: Professor McGonagall! You're a wizard teacher who always seems a bit. Magical farts. 9/10. Harry Potter invited Luna Lovegood to a party. Whose party was it? Horace Slughorn. Bellatrix Lestrange. Argus Filch. 10/10 Everyone is one half a disney character and one half a Harry Potter character. Which combo are you? Take this quiz to find out

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Which Female 'Harry Potter' Character Are You? Article by Livingly. 2.8k. Magie Harry Potter Harry Potter Witch Harry Potter Girl Harry Potter Birthday Harry Potter Quotes Harry Potter Quiz Buzzfeed Tonks Harry Potter Harry Potter Character Quiz Harry Potter Female Characters This Harry Potter personality quiz will determine which wizard from the series best fits your personality. HP quiz, Harry Potter Trivia, Hogwarts, Wizarding World Quiz, Buzzfeed Quizzes, Playbuzz Quiz, Hogwarts Houses, Fandom Quizzes, Harry Potter Quizzes, Pottermore, Slytherin, Fun Quiz, Potterhead, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, JK Rowling, Hagrid, Dobby. Hogwarts Quiz: Who Is Your Harry Potter Sibling? You can't pick and choose your family. Let this quiz do it for you. Let's Play! Amber Nicole Colby. Aug 27, 2020

Which Harry Potter Character Are You? From Luna Lovegood to Voldemort (Don't say his name!), you can be any of these Harry Potter characters! Created by Evelyn Walker On Mar 29, 2017 Which magical object would you want? A Phoenix . A Firebolt. The Elder Wand. A Wrackspurt Horn. The Ressurection Stone Harry Potter is a story about friendship, strength, and magic adored by many. You might have dreamed about which character you would be most like. Take this test and find out which Harry Potter character fits your personality

11/04/2013 11:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 What Your Favorite 'Harry Potter' Character Says About You. No one really debates over whether the Harry Potter series is great or not (because DUH. Of course it is), but we all for sure argue over who the best characters are. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. ©2021 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights. After doing an intense amount of research, I have made an accurate quiz to determine what Harry Potter character you are most similar to. It's short, but accurate. If people want, I will make another one of these with other characters in the show Arthur Weasley. Arthur Weasley. Your dad is a true family man. He is always looking to deepen his understanding of the world and uses that in ways to benefit those he cares about. Don't forget to tell your Mr. Weasley to have a Happy Father's Day! Albus Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore. Your dad loves tough adventure Which Harry Potter Character Are You? No doubt, you have watched Harry Potter movies or read its book series once in your life. As you know, Harry Potter is a series of British-American movies based on Harry Potter's books and has gained a lot of fans since 2001

Inverse - Jake Kleinman • 8h. We didn't get Wolverine, but maybe we got someone even better. When The Falcon and the Winter Soldier headed to the infamous Mutant hangout Madripoor, . Avatar. Barry Goldfedder. flipped into MOVIES, TV, MUSIC & BOOKS Which Harry Potter Character Are You? (FOR KIDS) 10 Questions - Developed by: Tiger - Developed on: 2018-06-21 - 56,475 taken - User Rating: 3.5 of 5 - 32 votes - 165 people like it. This here is a quiz you have never seen before. You will find which Harry Potter character you are

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  1. No surprise considering Draco hates pretty much everyone. He hates the way you walk, talk and act. He just hates the way you're so optimistic about everything, ugh. It's enough to make him crazy! Dumbledore...hates you. Dumbledore...hates you. It's not easy to disappoint the big man on campus but you've managed to do it
  2. g And It Actually Looks Better Than Fantastic Beasts. It's time to settle the debate once and for all, because we.
  3. Ron Weasley. Ron Weasley. Ron Weasley is a Pure-Blood student at Hogwarts. He is in the house Gryffindor and is one of the best friends of Harry. He also plays for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and is part of the Order. Let's Start. Play this quiz and find out which male Harry Potter character you are most like
  4. Which Harry Potter Character Should You - BuzzFee. In 1997, J. K. Rowling released her first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The first book in her series, it introduced the world to characters like Harry, Hermione and Ron. The series would go on to shine lights on other characters like Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy

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In 1997, J. K. Rowling released her first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The first book in her series, it introduced the world to characters like Harry, Hermione and Ron. The series would go on to shine lights on other characters like Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy Which Harry Potter Character Would Date You? (Girls Only) What is your ideal date? A calm walk along the Black Lake. Going to a Chudley Cannons game. Going to Hogsmead to replenish your supply of Zonko's joke products then heading to the Three Broomsticks for lunch

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What are your parents like? They aren't always happy with each other and they argue a lot. They fight often but work things out in the end. They barely ever agree, but they're happy. They are more like best friends. They are always smiling and laughing. 3 All your friends know it: you love everything about the Harry Potter saga and you worry about being in the wrong Hogwarts house. But you probably didn't think some of your favorite characters might hate you. RELATED: Which Harry Potter Gryffindor Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Your personality has strengths and weaknesses, and any one of them can make you win friends and enemies Personality tests -» Are you this Star / Figure? -» Movie characters -» Harry Potter characters / House quizzes -» Which Harry Potter character are you? Which Golden Trio Member Are You Most Like? - Harry Potter. 10 Questions - Developed by: AlwaysLily19 - Developed on: 2014-04-15 - 56,706 taken - 12 people like it

I am very smart. I have amazing friends. I am very popular. I am powerful. Advertisement. Can You Identify These Harry Potter Characters If We Remove Their Eyebrows? 6 Minute Quiz 6 Min. TRIVIA. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone — Film vs. Book Quiz. 7 Minute Quiz 7 Min. PERSONALITY Even in the Harry Potter books and subsequent movies, there's a castle, magical robes and friendship bonds that not even the most evil of characters can break. You don't have to choose which one you like the best, and you don't have to decide on just one character Your patronus is a STAG! Your patronus is a stag just like Harry Potter, which means you are brave. Best carry a bag of carrots in case they're peckish. Your patronus is a JACK RUSSELL! Your patronus is a little Jack Russell terrier just like Ron Weasley, which means you like messing around and jumping up at people when they knock on the door Harry Potter Character Test. The Harry Potter Character Test is an unscientific and just for fun personality assessment that will determine which of seven characters you most closely resemble. Online Harry Potter tests and quizzes have flourished due to the continued popularity of the franchise

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Harry Potter Personality Statistics. Harry Potter is a character from Harry Potter. This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical Which Character Personality Quiz.People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to volunteer to rate characters that they know When J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, she opened the door to an entire world of magic that muggles never even knew existed. It's easy for fans to get completely immersed in the HP universe, and before you know it you're imagining what house you'd be sorted into and which magical job you'd have after graduating from Hogwarts

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Ginny was also an avid Quidditch player and spent numerous years on the Gryffindor squad. She serves as the main love interest for Harry Potter for most of the series. Ginny was played by Bonnie Wright and appeared in every one of the Harry Potter films. If you got Ginny on our quiz, chances are you are a tough and independent person See more of BuzzFeed Community on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. Today at 11:21 AM. It's really hard to pick the Harry Potter series? BuzzFeed Community. It's really hard to pick the Harry Potter series? buzzfeed.com. Let's See Which Character From These TV Series Is Actually The Best. English (US). Which Female 'Harry Potter' Character Are You? Written by Kimia Madani. play-again. Play Again. Next Quiz. button-next. Written by. Begin Game. of

Not even close! You're just too nice! You are: 10% Slytherin! Even though you're kind and funny, there's something about you that would suit a Slytherin student! Hmm. You are: 95% Slytherin! There's absolutely no doubt that you belong to Slytherin! Must be the hair and the permanent sneer! You are: 100% Slytherin A young Harry is informed that he's really a wizard, and will soon be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This begins our journey with the harry potter characters that we have grown to love from the first book to the last. Which character is your soul mate? Take the test and find out

Harry Potter Animal Quiz Instructions: All you have to do is answer the questions below and in the end, it will give you a result. There are also social sharing buttons at the end which will help you easily share this with your friends BuzzFeed Quizzes harry potter ollivanders wand quiz › Verified 2 days ago › Url: https://www.buzzfeed. Buzzfeed quiz which harry potter character is your soulmate Picture: TMDB Many of us have been on a trip with Ron, Harry and Hermion from the beginning, but have you ever wondered what role would you be if you were in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Rowling's Companion Writings. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quidditch Through the Ages Honestly no harry potter movie is better than the book, like i am honestly lost for words here, like what. The movies sometimes don't even show the most important things, the movies don't understand the books, they lack the core aspect of the books, the mystery world news aggregator. uk «There's a magical Harry Potter themed apartment in the UK you can rent for the ultimate Ho» mirror.co.uk english world news data 170 countrie

Read PDF Harry Potter Comics Characters: In the Books Vs. In the MoviesHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone | Pencilmation Cartoon #43 How Harry Potter Should Have Ended Top 10 Potter in 2016. Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed 4. These comics that look at how it must have been to be a background character Well with this unique quiz you will have 10 possible characters. Which one will you be most similar to? This quiz is unique because unlike other Harry Potter quizzes, this one is based off of your personality as a muggle. After all none of us really know what shape our patronus would take. So in this quiz, answer as truly as you can and you. Which character from JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter' would you date if you attended Hogwarts? Includes 12 different characters Which character fits you best and what is YOUR life in Harry Potter? (FYI, this quiz has VERY long results, so just a heads up :) ) Published July 15, 2012 · Updated July 22, 201

Which Main Harry Potter Character are you most like? Find out with this incredibley accurate and fun quiz. Just a few clicks and you will soon know when one you are! Are you Harry Potter, the brave, talented and incredibly loyal one. Or are you Hermione, the clever and kind one or Ron Weasley, the funny and easy-going one. Created by: Ilovedogs17 The Harry Potter series was not short on the male eye candy! The main male characters were all good looking and had unique personalities. Harry was the caring and courageous one while Ron was the sweet and clumsy one A. Study during the last five minutes of class while everyone else is talking. B. You make a cheat sheet. C. You text your friend who just took the test and ask for the answers. D. You explain to your teacher that you completly forgot about the test and ask if you can stay after school the next day to re-take it. 2

which harry potter character would smell you in their amortentia? Quiz introduction now it's time to find out who is in love with you. answer these questions honestly and as always plz tag me in your results on TikTok @emmalobooks , now let's begin A quiz that can guess how old you are based on what you know of the Harry Potter universe! Care to take the challenge? HP quiz, Harry Potter Trivia, Hogwarts, Wizarding World Quiz, Buzzfeed Quizzes, Playbuzz Quiz, Hogwarts Houses, Fandom Quizzes, Harry Potter Quizzes, Pottermore, Slytherin, Fun Quiz, Potterhead, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, JK Rowling, Hagrid.

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The world of Harry Potter is a magical one, with books that transport readers into a new world, movies that bring these amazing stories to life and characters that remind us to be brave, caring, smart and magical (with or without the use of a wand) Hogwarts. It's everyone favorite enchanted school. A delightfully fantastic castle filled with adventure and wizardry (and only a few terrifying monsters), it's one of the most memorable aspects of J.K. Rowling's beloved Harry Potter series.And what would Hogwarts be without its dedicated staff of magical educators?From Dumbledore to Umbridge, everyone has a favorite It's been 19 years since Harry Potter began. Now there is a whole new generation of characters. Which one are you? Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an option below each question. All answer options will load for you once you reach them Harry Potter? Ron Weasley? Draco Malfoy? Neville Longbottom? It's time to find out who your Harry Potter boyfriend really is. The final Harry Potter book may have come out back in 2007 but the franchise lives on in the Fantastic Beasts series, Cursed Child and, most importantly, our hearts. Whether your bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone the day it came out, saw every movie at the.

As any true Harry Potter fan knows, you don't get to choose the House you're sorted into — the sorting hat chooses you. So what if it took your zodiac sign into consideration? Would you still be sorted into the House you think you should be? Or does your zodiac sign hold the truth. Find out here! Show Less Which Harry Potter Duo Are You and Your BFF? Written by Jessica Shalvoy. play-again. Play Again. Next Quiz. button-next. Written by. Begin Game. of If you grew up around Harry Potter, it's likely you've wondered which Harry Potter character is your soulmate. Well, wonder no longer — in celebration of Leo Harry Potter's birthday today, July. Harry Potter is all about people. For all the wonderful witchcraft and wizardry, it's really the characters who make it work. It just seems like there's a magical individual Rowling wrote just for you. Some of us love Harry Potter himself, who embodies strength, loyalty, and the difficulties of wearing glasses

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Can you solve all 20 Harry Potter character clues? Are you bored of the Muggle world? Ready to challenge yourself? Well, you're in luck! Don't you worry, we've got the best mind teasers, trivia, and general knowledge questions to test how smart you really are when it comes to all things quidditch, spells, and more! If you consider yourself a. Which Next Generation 'Harry Potter' Character Are You? - Quiz - Zimbio Hogwarts Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Should You Marry? Which wizard should you wed? Let's Play! Amber Nicole Colby. Oct 05, 2020 Calling all Witches and Wizards!Find out which Harry Potter spirit animal you belong with once and for all! Think you already know what your patronus will be? Well think again! Your patronus should reflect your inner and outer self. Every one is unique, just like the caster and this can make you better suited to one patronus over another. To understand what your patronus is, you need to think. Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You? - 3.9 out of 5 - 132 votes -. - Time limit: t < 10 min - by: tylluanod - Developed on: 2003-08-01 - 6,488 takers. Just a little quiz to tell you which Marauder you share the most similarities with