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You can store several SCOBYs in the same container using the same technique, pretty much indefinitely — as long as you refill the tea every few months. However, if you don't want to refill the tea, you can leave a big SCOBY hotel jar for months and months and months without issues The bacteria and yeast work in a symbiotic (remember the S in SCOBY) relationship that must maintain a proper balance of bacteria and yeast for a kombucha brew to be powerful and effective. Never freeze or refrigerate a kombucha SCOBY. SCOBYs are at their best in warm temps, we find 75-80 grows the best SCOBYs If you're wondering what a SCOBY hotel is, it's essentially just a storage vessel to keep all your extra SCOBYs that you aren't actively using to brew a batch of kombucha. For full details on SCOBY hotels and all the amazing things they can do to upgrade your brewing process, check out this post

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You might have them hanging out in a SCOBY hotel. Or possibly, you get creative and find other things to do with them. There are quite a few blog posts out there which list all the wonderful things you can do with extra SCOBY those wonderful bundles of probiotic joy. Some seemed plausible. Others seemed a little out there You can take the newly formed scoby and use it to begin brewing a new batch of tea. It's the gift that keeps on giving! There are a number of things that can influence the growth of the scoby. Temperature can often be a factor. We've already mentioned that the ideal brewing temperature is between 68F and 82F. Warmer temperatures will. Once the SCOBYs are dehydrated, place them in a sealable plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator (not the freezer). Dehydrated SCOBYs will generally survive in the refrigerator for at least 3 months. Once you are ready to begin making kombucha again, follow our instructions on how to rehydrate the SCOBY I added this to the room temperature sweet tea, threw on a coffee filter and canning ring, and let it sit for about 1.5 weeks. It was now time to test out the SCOBY's viability. At this point I just wanted to see if the SCOBY would actually culture the sweet tea into kombucha. My first litmus test for the health of any ferment is the smell

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  1. It's not recommended to freezeyour kombucha culture but it is possible:-It is recommended to use the fast-freeze setting of your freezer so the SCOBY will be frozen ASAP. If your culture is frozen too slowly, crystals may form which may damage the culture's cells. See more information here
  2. Yes, you can freeze sauerkraut. Sauerkraut will retain its flavor more readily if you are freezing FRESH sauerkraut. Even Kombucha SCOBY has been proven to freeze and reproduce Kombucha afterward. We know that some of the bacteria will survive the freeze and then reactivate effectively. However, there still is a small amount that does die
  3. SCOBY hotel food recipe (a.k.a. A small batch of sweet tea): Steep 1 tsp. black tea in 2 cups of water and add 2 tbsp. cane sugar. Let cool to room temp and strain all tea out before putting in SCOBY hotel. Or better yet, you can feed your SCOBY hotel with tea from finished batches of kombucha right after you finish a first fermentation.
  4. Check out what happens if you leave a Kombucha Scoby in the refrigerator for a year! Thanks for watching! Danhttp://www.PlantAbundance.co
  5. The actual shape of the scoby can vary but they typically will be a jelly-like disc shape between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick. A scoby that is thinner than 1/4 inch indicates a weak culture whereas one that is too thick may mean it's not getting enough oxygen. The color should be a light tan to almost white. You can tell an older scoby by how dark.
  6. You grow a new scoby from scratch by combining tea, sugar, and some pre-made kombucha. You can use homemade kombucha from a friend or store-bought kombucha, but make sure it's a raw, unflavored variety. It also helps if you can see one of those little blobby things floating at the top or bottom of the bottle
  7. You can go ahead and add sugar to this batch to see if it will ferment or simply reuse the SCOBY in a fresh batch of sweet tea. If you have no starter liquid, you may use 1 cup of DISTILLED vinegar (no raw vinegar) as starter for the first batch. It isn't ideal but it will protect the brew from mold in the early, vulnerable stage

You can use a rigid plastic container or heavy-duty releasable plastic bags to freeze the drink. Just pour the kombucha into the container and leave for a couple of inches of space before sealing it. Never shake the kombucha. Fill a large bowl with ice and place the packed drink it in to chill then add water as well as a ¼ cup of salt To store your Scoby for the long term, make a Scoby Hotel! Start a batch of kombucha to store your Scoby for less than 4 weeks. The best way to store your Scoby is to make a new batch! Boil about 3.5 quarts (3.31 L) of water in a medium pot, add in around 8 black or green tea bags Can You Freeze A SCOBY? It's not recommended to freeze a SCOBY as it may kill the bacteria and yeast; after thawing, it's possible that it would not ferment your batch correctly. Slow freezing (just adding to your freezer) risks crystal formation within your SCOBY and also killing the culture too

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  1. But can you freeze kombucha? Some believe that kombucha shouldn't be frozen because the probiotic culture might die during freezing. This is a myth; kombucha can be frozen for future uses! Now here's the thing, it's important to freeze the drink properly through fast-freezing so the bacteria and yeast culture won't die during.
  2. Hi! I also offered our dogs a rinsed scoby and they weren't interested. I dried strips and they still weren't. My question is what's with putting it into the compost? What benefit is this? Our winters get cold so they would freeze outside. Would there still be live probiotics after freezing? Thanks! March 6, 2014 at 5:03 P
  3. This scoby puree is great to have on hand. Once a month blend all your scobys up this way and store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Then you always have them on hand to add to recipes, smoothies, and more! Check out all the things you can do with scobys on this blog by clicking these words

Reproduction is certainly very much slowed down by low temperatures, but death by freezing is hardly possible. This is of course in line with natural conditions, for whereas boiling heat hardly.. CanYouFreezeThis.com is a site that is meant to help you if have any questions or doubts related to freezing various products. If you don't know whether you can freeze a product, how to do it properly, or how freezing affects this particular product, CanYouFreezeThis.com will help you

Freezing your SCOBY if not done with a quick freeze method (which can inactivate the SCOBY for later activation) can break the matrix when thawed and the SCOBY will be deactivated. Using antibacterial soap, bleach, or other chemicals to clean container without properly rinsing. Not properly cooling tea before adding SCOBY (see reason #1 Don't refrigerate or freeze the SCOBY. When you chill the SCOBY for more than a few days, it will kill off all the healthy bacteria and yeast needed to brew kombucha. At best, you can expect a moldy brew with a formerly frozen SCOBY. Don't skimp on size. Yes, size does matter when it comes to your SCOBY You can buy an organic high quality scoby, 12 oz organic tea, and everything you need with this kit. Storing the SCOBYs Given all of the creative uses of a SCOBY and/or the slim possibility of them getting moldy or too old, it is a great idea to have many of them on hand

You could brew your first batch with both SCOBYs. If you choose not to and want to reserve the other SCOBY, you can add it to a jar of sweet tea and start a SCOBY Hotel, but it is necessary to add some starter tea to this hotel to make sure the environment in the Hotel is acidic enough to repel any pathogens You can obtain a scoby in a variety of ways. It's available online and some natural food stores, tea shops, and kombucha brewers have it as well. If you know someone who brews kombucha, they may have a scoby to give away. A scoby is kept alive and transported in previously brewed kombucha, called the mother tea You can use a freeze dryer to preserve fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir without destroying the beneficial bacteria. You can even freeze dry a kombucha scoby that can be rehydrated later to make more kombucha

You can also make SCOBY candy with honey instead of sugar. 7. Use as a face mask. There are a few different ways of using SCOBY as a face mask like mixing it with essential oils, kaolin clay or just using the whole SCOBY. Simply place the whole SCOBY on your face and let it sit for about ten minutes. It will pull circulation to the face which. It is also possible to grow your own SCOBY. You can do so by using raw, unflavored kombucha and 1 cup (250 ml) of green or black tea sweetened with 1-2 tablespoons (14-28 grams) of sugar

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To get it out you can try turning the jug upside down over a large bowl or stainless steel pot (to catch the escaping vinegar) and once the mother clogs the opening, grab it and then begin to pull it out slowly so it won't break. You can also try shaking the bottle until the mother comes apart but if it is 1/4 inch thick this is unlikely KOMBUCHA + SCOBY PREP: In a small container, measure out 3.3 oz. of kombucha tea. I used room temperature tea. Then, chop up the SCOBY into small pieces and measure 5 oz. Using a blender or food processor (I used a Magic Bullet), blend the SCOBY and kombucha together. You want the mixture to be extremely smooth Kombucha mold is a brewer's worst nightmare, its presence spells the end of the road for the entire brew. Mold is a category of fungi that have a distinctive fuzzy look - they form from multicellular filaments known as hyphae. While there are many varieties of mold, they can all be identified by their fuzzy texture which resembles small hairs which are thread-like structures. Mold causes. Some people advise freezing milk kefir grains in milk. Some advise washing them and freezing them in water. Some advise washing them, and draining the water off, and then freezing them together with dry milk powder. I think it would be less stress.. A fresh SCOBY will come with 1 cup of kombucha from the previous batch, called starter kombucha. If yours does not come with starter kombucha or you are starting with a dehydrated SCOBY, you can use purchased kombucha for your starter. The starter is crucial for the SCOBY to survive and for brewing your first batch of kombucha

Make sure the top of the SCOBY doesn't dry out; use a ladle to moisten it with some of the liquid, if necessary. Once you're happy with the flavor of your kombucha—probably between 7 and 10 days from the start—transfer the SCOBY to a container for storage and strain the kombucha. Consume immediately or refrigerate, freeze, or bottle it (Note: Exploding kombucha bottles are rare but you should check bottles after 2 to 3 days at room temperature and consider moving to the refrigerator if the carbonation level is high. This is especially true in summertime temps!) That said, once you start brewing kombucha, you'll find that the amount of carbonation can be hit or miss

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  1. Here's how to freeze zucchini or summer squash: Wash the zucchini and slice them into 1/2-inch rounds and get ready to blanch them. When the zucchini slices are cool, drain them in a colander and pack them in freezer bags in 1- or 2-cup batches.You can pack away grated raw zucchini, too
  2. um spoon. You just want to avoid prolonged exposure. As soon as you add the SCOBY and the starter tea into the equation, the acidity gets lowered, and then you want to be a little more careful with your utensils
  3. utes. It's important to keep your loose tea in an airtight container. Forget storing unprepared tea in a freezer since it causes condensation.
  4. ation. A blackish fuzz like formation on the surface is bad new
  5. Once it's finished fermenting you will want to set aside your Jun SCOBY and about two cups of starter liquid for your next batch. You can drink the Jun tea as is, or bottle it with another flavoring such as herbal tea or fruit juice like I did in my Hibiscus Kombucha post.. This second ferment will create a naturally fizzy soda that is a real treat to drink
  6. Once the seal on the bottle is cracked, bacteria can easily get into the drink and spoil it, just like any other opened food or drink. This is especially true if you've already drunk from the container. The human mouth can introduce all kinds of bacterias to an opened bottle of kombucha, speeding up the spoiling process
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A scoby can make any size batch. A mature homegrown scoby. Screw the lid onto the jar of the old batch of kombucha. The tea is ready to drink—if you enjoy a little carbonation, then leave it for another 3 to 7 days on a counter out of direct sunlight to further ferment. Keep it in the same temperature range as during the first fermentation Use fresh cut, pureed, frozen, dried, and freeze-dried fruit to flavor kombucha. Add it directly to each bottle, except for pureed fruit. Pureed fruit should be mixed in a pitcher with the kombucha and then bottled. Fresh cut fruit: 1-2 tablespoons to each 16 oz bottle. Dried and freeze-dried fruit is more concentrated so you need less to. If you have questions, we are here and happy to help! ★ MAKES ONE GALLON ★ You will receive 1.5 cups of strong, mature liquid starter tea packaged with a starter pellicle. This is the perfect amount to start you first gallon of kombucha at home. After that, if properly cared for, you can brew for a lifetime Kombucha Starter Culture. $14.99. (145 reviews) Add to cart. Our Dehydrated Kombucha Starter Culture is the perfect way to experience Kombucha fermentation at home. The live cultures are shipped in a dehydrated state, so it can stay on your shelf until you are ready to get started! After rehydrating the SCOBY, simply add it to sweet tea and.

Don't refrigerate or freeze the SCOBY. When you chill the SCOBY for more than a few days, it will kill off all the healthy bacteria and yeast needed to brew kombucha. At best, you can expect a moldy. Can liquid nitrogen kill bed bugs? Liquid Nitrogen Sprays Freeze Bed Bugs in Italy. Liquid nitrogen is usually combined with other methods, as. Also question is, can you use Mason jars for kombucha? I use mason jars or my recycled glass kombucha jars from my store bought Kombucha.Store your SCOBY in a glass jar covered in a cool dark place or store in the fridge if it's going to be a while before you make your next batch.. Additionally, what kind of jar do you use for kombucha? Glass containers are also easy and inexpensive to obtain. You can use kombucha as a natural pesticide in your garden. Just pour into a spray bottle and go to town. You can also combine with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and chili to help get rid of fruit flies and leaf pests. 7. Scoby chews When the Scoby gets out of control you can freeze or freez-dry the You can give some away to friends, and also create what's known as a Scoby hotel, longer-term storage for keeping extra starter for future use or for a break in your brewing schedule. If you still.

SCOBY Hotel & Storage There is a lot of confusion over how to store SCOBYs between batches; can you clarify? KKamp: Absolutely, this is one of the most commonly passed-down misconceptions about Kombucha. The SCOBY and starter liquid for future batches should never be refrigerated as there is no advantage and storing the cultures at such a. So I have another half-gallon mason jar as my SCOBY hotel. You can use any size glass jar that you have as long as all your SCOBYs would fit in it. Place the extra SCOBY/s inside the clean mason jar, and add ½ cup - 1 cup of plain raw kombucha from your previous batch. Add more as necessary to keep all the cultures submerged

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If you're opting to use the double fermentation method to create flavored kombucha, you can't allow the SCOBY to be in the same vessel as the fruit juice, fruit, or other flavorful additions. That's because the fruit juice contains a different type of sugar than the one kombucha thrives on 10 kombucha bottles (You can reuse ones you've bought from the store.) 1 Scoby with 1-2 cups starter fluid. Place Scoby and starter fluid in a clean, sterile kombucha brew container. (I sterilize mine with a mild soap that is NOT antibacterial, then finish by rinsing it with vinegar (Do NOT use raw vinegar as this can cause vinegar eels!) A new SCOBY will form on top of the mason jar. The SCOBY will grow to the size of the vessel as it is sealing the tea, preserving it from contamination. If you use a very wide mouth vessel, you will have a very wide SCOBY. On the contrary, if you have a very narrow vessel, the SCOBY will have a very narrow and small SCOBY

The cold slows down the organisms (but doesn't stop them) so the food will be preserved while it continues aging. You can store fermented vegetables for a year or more. Fermented fruits should be consumed within a few weeks to month due to the alcohol content. You can also freeze a ferment. This stops the organisms completely Keep trying again and again, and eventually you might get a result you like. Remember that the SCOBY is misnamed It is not a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria. It's simply a pellicle created of microcellulose by acetobacter. This pellicle can be seen in nature anyplace acetobacter is souring anything. The symbiosis is a bit of a myth SCOBY Hotel-You can put your extra SCOBYs in a SCOBY hotel, which just means you move them to a smaller jar and cover them with liquid. This liquid will continue to get sour and will become your starter liquid for your next batch. Kombucha Candy-Believe it or not the SCOBY is actually good to eat. You can dehydrate it and make kombucha candy Well, we are saying that when you do a second fermentation of your kombucha, you do not use the SCOBY. So you culture the sweet tea with the SCOBY for the first fermentation and once that is complete, you can pour off the cultured kombucha, bottle it, and then use the SCOBYs to start a new batch

Transfer finished kombucha from the fermenting vessel to swing-top glass bottles. Add frozen fruit of choice. Cut the fruits in halves or quarters to make them fit inside your bottles. 1/4 to 1/2 cup of one fruit or a combination of fruits is the right amount. Close the swing-top lid and set aside to second ferment If you store your SCOBY, you can try to store it in a container in the fridge along with some of its brew; the chilled environment will slow down the bacteria growth necessary for the culture. Freezing is a popular method of storing your SCOBY, but you run the risk of destroying the molecular structure You can even save the rest of the starter liquid and grow some more SCOBY for your very own SCOBY hotel. And just leave your kombucha to ferment for 7-10 days at 75-85F. During this time. If you have been yearning to concoct some fermented, probiotic drinks but can't find a SCOBY to make kombucha—or you find the sight of a SCOBY utterly repulsive—ginger bug might be for you. Once you have made a lively ginger bug, you can use it to ferment natural sodas like ginger ale and slightly alcoholic drinks like ginger beer

Kefir grains can be stored when not in use without any problems. There are three methods that you can use to preserve these precious kefir grains. You can opt for freezing, dehydration, or refrigeration. When you dehydrate, you can store the grains for six or more months, while refrigeration allows you a couple of weeks Now you can enjoy it straight away, or save it for later consumption or use in a recipe. Kombucha will keep in the fridge in a sealed container for 4 to 5 days without much change in flavor. You can also freeze it in an airtight plastic container or vacuum-sealed bag if you've made a larger batch than you can use immediately Yes. Follow your normal batch brewing process with a few small modifications for best results: 1 - start with a very strong scoby. Herbal teas and green teas in general have less nutrients than black tea. Make a batch of very strong black tea with.. Freeze in popsicle makers on its own, or come up with crazy combinations like vanilla and berries. 6. Mix up a salad dressing Yes, you can turn your scoby into jerky if you really feel like it I threw that away (or you can use it in the garden), and preserved the newly formed SCOBY. 9) Filled six 16-ounce air-tight bottles with a tablespoon of diced strawberry and kiwi, then carefully filled the bottles with my fermented tea. I capped them off and let them rest in a dark cabinet for two days

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When you are making kombucha actively, you can feed the SCOBY and bottle kombucha every 5-10 days or so. Taste the liquid and see if you like it. Can also be drunk as is, without the 2nd fermentation (only used for flavour and carbonation). If you feel like a break, you can leave the SCOBY in its jar for 4-6 weeks or longer FREE Download! Food Storage Chart How Long Does Food Last Vacuum Sealing Sealed. Longer Shelf Life of Vacuum Packaged Foods: Meat, Cheese, Spices, Vegetables, Fruits, Dry Goods, Coffee, Nuts, Baked Goods, Save Money, Bulk Purchas

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Keeping your culture cold (~40ºF) when you are taking a brewers break. Simply set your culture in a cup (depending on how big it is, you may want to add more or trim your SCOBY) of kombucha in a glass or ceramic bowl, cover it, and set it to the back of your fridge. There it will hibernate, as its metabolic rate slows into a state of low activity If any of your friends make their own kombucha, you can ask them for a tiny, baby SCOBY or daughter. Over time, SCOBYs naturally grow layers and produce smaller SCOBYs that are perfect for giving away. Otherwise, online retailers sell freeze-dried mothers and kombucha starter kits Unlike with pets, you can take little—or even long—breaks from dealing with your starters. Kombucha SCOBY. If we have a hot humid summer, my kombucha will ferment in three days rather than the usual seven or eight. I basically have a part-time job brewing the stuff. So I'll take a break by checking my SCOBYs into a SCOBY hotel

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Can you freeze Sauerkraut - Your Ultimate Guide. In short, yes, you can freeze sauerkraut. If you wish for the authentic cabbage dish to retain its robust flavor, it is essential that you only freeze them FRESH. When dealing with foods, you must learn the proper storage methods and the techniques used to store foods successfully Milk kefir is the original kefir. Made from milk, the fermentation process enhances the nutrient profile. Water kefir is a polysaccharide that thrives on sucrose. The process of making water and milk kefir is similar and both of the cultures are known as grains. However, that is where their similarity ends

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The truth is that you never need to add vinegar to your kombucha; rather, you need a SCOBY and a starter tea which should come with any kombucha mother that you purchase or that is given to you. Adding vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar, can introduce vinegar eels - a small nematode that thrives in acidic environments and feeds off of. Allow raw milk to sit at room temperature where the natural bacteria will cause the milk to clabber. Strain the milk using a cheesecloth, a tea towel or an old (but clean) thin t-shirt. Use a fine mesh strainer, clean towel or cheesecloth to strain cultured yogurt. Strain cultured kefir (with the same methods as #2) Make SCOBY. The choice is yours, you can either use a store-bought SCOBY or you can make your own at home. The whole process will take about 1-4 weeks. SCOBY is an abbreviation of Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. It is the essence of the KOmbucha and is sometimes referred to as mother or mushroom. To make your own SCOBY, follow the guide.

If you have just recently purchased beet or beetroot at your grocery store or farmer's market, they can keep for up to 2 to 3 weeks if stored properly. First, give the leaves and roots a good washing If it is a fruit then you need to pre-treat it to preserve the nutrients and flavors. Now take a bowl and mix equal parts of lemon juice and water in it. Take the fruit slices and soak them in the mixture for 30 to 60 seconds. Then take it out and place it in a single layer on a baking sheet. 5 You need SCOBY from your first fermentation, or you can create a seed culture by buying a bottle of raw kombucha from a health food store. A scoby will just grow naturally as you make the kombucha the first time if you add a cup of raw kombucha to the mix. After that, you can use fresh or frozen strawberries to make strawberry kombucha. If you.

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And, yes, you can definitely reuse the scoby. I try to keep mine from drying out by covering with juice, wine or vinegar and storing in a dark place. (I cover with a coffee filter so it can breathe, but then I cover part of the lid with plastic wrap to try to keep evaporation from drying it out. Instructions. In a blender, add frozen fruit, almond milk and maple syrup. Blend until smooth. Fill 2 tall glasses with kombucha half way through, then carefully scoop frozen fruit mixture on top and garnish with cherry. Enjoy immediately on a hot summer day If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks. A long term food storage plan can give you peace of mind and strengthen your food security whether you are preparing for inflation, food shortages, disasters, economic instability, or a long, dark. You'll then hang your strips of meat on the poles running across the fire. You could also use strings to hang the food atop the fire. Remember that the food shouldn't be so close to the fire or else you'll be cooking it. Hang the food at a height where you can keep your hand for some time without getting burnt

SCOBY starter (my sister gave me some of her SCOBY, but I saw where you can make your own here too!) 1 cup sugar. 8 black tea bags. water. 2 cups fresh or frozen fruit & some ginger root (or anything else you want to add!) Directions: Step 1 (first fermentation): Boil 8 cups water (or a little less). Add 8 tea bags & let steep Read more Can You Grow Lavender Indoors? Categories Tips & Tricks Tags can you grow lavender indoors. Read more Can you Freeze Polenta? Do you know how to make a scoby with vinegar? Some people already know what a scoby is while others do not. SCOBY stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and Scoby Is An Acronym That Stands For Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria And Yeast It S The Mother That You Use For Every Batch Fermentation Recipes Kombucha Scoby. Amazon Com Molino Rossetto Lievito Madre Essiccato Italian Dried Mother Yeast 3 5oz 100g Pack Of 4 Grocery Gou Yeast Gourmet Recipes Bread Bakin

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• Sugar 1 cup, we use freeze-dried natural sugar. Demerara or Sucanat. • Kombucha liquid, one cup (from previous batch). • SCOBY (Symbiotic Combination of Bacteria and Yeast). Get a SCOBY from anyone making kombucha or you can use a bottle of plain kombucha to start the process. GT'S Original Flavor is a good choice to make one You can also use pieces of fruit to flavor. You can experiment with pureed, chopped, sliced, and freeze-dried fruit. With pieces of fruit you can simply add them straight to the bottles, but with pureed fruit mix it in a pitcher first of all, then bottle it. You can experiment with different types of fruits and recipe combinations such as.

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After the second day, you start your Friendship Bread. You should have 1 cup of starter. Do not refrigerate the starter; you want to leave it out on the kitchen counter. Keeping it in the fridge will slow down the growth of yeast and you will not get the desired results from this starter Step 2. Sauté 5 Minutes. Plop your food out of the container or bag — which may involve a bit of thawing and/or cutting. If it's frozen in a glass bowl, put it in a bowl of warm water to soften until it plops out. Put the frozen food in the Instant Pot on Sauté function for 5 minutes to begin thawing it, and then Looking for online definition of SCOBY or what SCOBY stands for? SCOBY is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar

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These easy foods to dry at home are commonly eaten and can get you started with dehydrating as food storage. Food Storage. In Food Storage. Storing Produce to Make It Last Longer. 3 Mins Read. It's nice to have a baked potato, a fresh apple, or some leafy vegetables instead of all preserved food. It makes sense to store some produce fresh for. DiDi Fruit. The DiDi Fruit game is related to fruit, match 3, matching game. Super connect games free play cute, super-attractive fruit matching game! Match 3 or more fruits as as many as you can before time... Play this game fruit match 3 matching game. Bananamania. Brick Revolution

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