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Stage 2 ported heads (428-455 cubic inch motors) At 245 cfm (at 28), our Stage 2 D-port heads' intakes flow comparably to factory Ram Air IV heads, while our exhaust ports are lightly cleaned-up. The modifications make Stage 2 heads a great choice for a serious street car or Pure Stock-type competition use Find PONTIAC 7.0L/428 Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing High output Pontiac V8 Cylinder Heads. 1962 - 389 SD Code 544127. 1963 - 389 SD Code 543797. 1967 - 400 Ram Air or 428 Code 670. 1967 - 400 Ram Air Code 97. 1968 - 400 Ram Air I and 428HO Code 37 Ram Air I and. 1968 - 400 Ram Air II Round Port Code 96. 1969 - 400 Ram Air III or 350HO Code 48. 1969 - 400 Ram Air III Code 62 Pontiac developed tunnel port cylinder heads for a group of new highperformance engines displacing 303, 400, and 428 ci. The 400-ci Ram Air V was very close to reaching production in 1969 before the tunnel port program was scrapped entirely

The '75-'76 455 heads had a combustion chamber of about 124cc. That would make a slug out of a 428. The best factory head, IMHO, would be the '73-'74 #46, 350 HO head, with a combustion chamber of about 86cc The information below reflects the research conducted by Pontiac enthusiast/ author Pete McCarthy, much of which is from his book, Pontiac Musclecar Performance 1955-1977, as well as information gathered from many other Pontiac enthusiasts world-wide. Information about PMD heads is still being gathered Some of the quickest stock-appearing Pontiacs in the country feature cylinder heads that have been ported by his company in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Dave is considered to be among the best Pontiac builders. Stock 389 Tri-Power. Short Block. Block Casting: Original 389 block or equivalent 389 or 400 replacemen With this list, you'll see the best Pontiac heads of all time and what characteristics allow them to make the list. D-Port Heads. D-Port heads are the most popular Pontiac heads. They were put in over 95 percent of Pontiac V-8s from 1959-1979, with the most popular of these manufactured for model years 1967-1976. They're called D-ports because.

That is the reason the actual compression for 428's is lower than the 400's in some cases. Note that Pontiac normally overrated the compression by about .5 point. The volume of the chamber can be changed by milling the head surface. One cc will be deleted for each .005″ removed from the head. All heads can be safely milled .050″ A contemporary Pontiac 400 V-8 Ram Air III in the GTO was rated at 366 hp in 1969, and the elusive Ram Air IV was rated at 370 hp. Of course, Royal Pontiac didn't settle with the factory rating and tuned the 428 to around 425 hp. The tune and swap would set buyers back $650—about $4800 today when adjusted for inflation Click Here for Edelbrock Aluminum Head Installation Sheet PONTIAC HEAD CHART CASTING NUMBER YEAR FACTORY APPLICATION CHAMBER VOL# CC'S EXHAUST PORT NOTEWORTHY ATTRIBUTES 528511 1958 370 62 D-Port 1.88/1.6 55-60 INT MAN 538177 61-62 389 62 D-Port 1.8 Cylinder Head Chamber Volume, cc's. #400 bored .060 %428 bored .060 ~455 bored .060 *Actual displacement of 350. The above figures assume 10 cc for .042 (crushed) head gasket, 6 cc valve reliefs for 400 stock pistons, 5 cc for -. 023 deck height on 4.120 bore and flat top pistons (no dome). To correct for pop-up pistons, subtract dome.

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Butler LS and Butler Pontiac are part of Butler Performance. BP builds high tech engines and performance parts for later model muscle cars as well covering all your performance needs for Pontiac and LS engines. Butler Performance is your source for high performance Pontiac parts, engine kits, balanced rotating assemblies, short blocks, and complete engines for any application The part that puzzles me is the 46 head had a 1.96 intake valve and a 1.66 exhaust. So machine work is required to move it out to a 2.11. There are so many other Pontiac cylinder heads out that that are already 2.11/1.66 or 2.11/1.77, so why pay for the machining if you don't have to. On my '72 Leman's 455, I run a 7K3 set of heads (off a 400) ** Use sheet stainless steel block off plate. In 1973 Pontiac started stamping extra numbers (1/4 tall) on their heads.These head numbers represented chamber sizes.They are usually stamped on the machined pads by the valve covers Find PONTIAC 7.0L/428 Cylinder Heads 175cc Exhaust Runner Volume (cc), Aluminum Cylinder Head Material, No Valve Springs Included and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Click here for more information. Got It. Home Engines & Components Cylinder Heads Bolts, Cylinder Head, ARP, Pontiac 400-428. Illustrative Only. ARP Bolts, Cylinder Head, ARP, Pontiac 400-428. Vehicle Specific Fits 5 models. ooooo. ooooo. 0 Reviews. Part# G221343.

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  1. Power is all about torque. A Pontiac will pull away quicker and will put you back in the seat. A Pontiac 455 is more responsive than a Chevy or a Ford. In a Pontiac, the torque is most efficient in the rpm range in which you drive. A 400 Pontiac is not a torque maker. And a 428 makes torque, but nothing like a 455
  2. Edelbrock Performer 750 cfm carburetor. The Edelbrock cylinder heads have Ram Air exhaust IV ports—so you should use this set of Hedman headers. Keep your compression ratio at about 9.5:1. According to Edelbrock, this combo will yield 422 horsepower and 441 foot-pounds of torque on pump gas. Tags: mailbag, Pontiac 400. Tweet
  3. The Pontiac V8 engine is a family of overhead valve 90° V8 engines manufactured by the Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation between 1955 and 1981. The engine featured a cast iron block and head and 2 valves per cylinder. Engine block and cylinder heads were cast at Saginaw Metal Casting Operations then assembled at Tonawanda Engine before delivery to Pontiac Assembly for installation
  4. 428 pontiac heads. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. 7. 72 Z28 but couldn't find it, to the best of my memory I think the answer to your question would be that # 16 heads are the best ones, I have a 69 bonneville with a 428 in it and it has # 16 heads, I asked what factory h/p rating a 428 with # 16 heads had. but I got no reply, I am.
  5. Jim Old Man Taylor's 428. The 428 engine in Jim Taylor's 1964 GTO runs three deuces and is nitrous fed when appropriate. Jim is the original owner of this hot rod GTO that sports a shaker hood styled scoop. It is a '60s Fiberglass Trends hood scoop that is molded to the hood. The scoop really sets it apart from the appearance of all the.
  6. Check out these McCarty Racing Ram-Air V heads and new design intake on the dyno. Read more only at www.highperformancepontiac.com, the official website for High Performance Pontiac Magazine

Cometic Pontiac 400/428/455 V8 Cylinder Head GasketCometic is dedicated to customer satisfaction and provides quality products, delivered on time at a competitive price, designed for each customer's specific application. Cometic is an industry leader in The Camshaft Comparison. The test vehicle used in this series is a 1971 LeMans wagon powered by a relatively mild, moderate-rpm 455 running a Turbo 400 automatic with governor-controlled shifts (5,500 rpm); Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold; 800-cfm Rochester Quadrajet; 041 Pontiac-grind camshaft with Rhoads variable lifters and 1.65:1 rocker arms; owner-ported 1972 7K3 D-port heads with. It's my cylinder head design but it's a copy of the Pontiac Ram Air 5. Pontiac back in the day had a program that was similar to the Ford 427 Tunnel-Port, and what had happened was the engineers knew each other — the Ford engineer just happened to be at the track one day with the new tunnel-port head and the engineer from Pontiac said 'hey I'd like to take that thing home for the. The 400-cid Pontiac V8 that bowed in 1967 Pontiacs was a bored-out version of the 389 and a new 428 was a bored-out 421. The extra cubes were added to mask the fact that Tri-Power options were no longer offered. The top 400-cid V8 was a four-barrel edition for the GTO that had the same 360-hp rating as the previous year's 389 Tri-Power version

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Lastly and best, all you gotta do is drop the motor in your car and go. a Pontiac 428 Modified Stroker Motor - 450 hp a Pontiac 455 Modified The Best Prices and The Best Parts. Our modified crate engines feature ported and polished aluminum heads, aluminum intake, chrome package (oil pan, dipstick, thermostat housing, air cleaner. 475 Horsepower 553 ft lbs of Torque. 461 cid Pontiac engine can be built with a stock Pontiac block or an MR-1 aftermarket block. Engine uses a Crower hydraulic flat tappet cam, PRO Sport Cast Crankshaft, PRO Sport 6.625 rods, Federal Mogul rod and main bearings, Durabond cam bearings, Melling Oil pump, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, 850 Qjet carburetor, 1 3/4 header, Rhodes lifters, 85 cc.

1968 Pontiac GTO 428 / Royal Bobcat. VEHICLE TYPE Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 4/5-passenger sports sedan. PRICE AS TESTED $5,099.00. ENGINE TYPE Water-cooled V-8, cast iron block and head. WIP: 1949 Chevrolet Styleline Special Sport Coupe. WIP: 1950 Pontiac Deluxe Station Wagon. WIP: 1955 Pontiac Star Chie 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1 product rating. - ARP 190-3605 Cylinder Head Fasteners - Pontiac 400 428 455 With Edelbrock Heads. $85.99. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings. Returns, money back. Ships in a business day with tracking. Learn More There are a host of specialty manifolds specifically designed for use with certain aftermarket cylinder heads too. Those include the BOP, Tiger, Gutsram, CV-1, and Ram Air V units. While some may be compatible with traditional Pontiac cylinder heads, it's best to discuss compatibility with a Pontiac engine building specialist • 1959-'66 Pontiac 389 V8 (low compression with .200˝ dished head) • 1963-'66 Pontiac 421 V8 • 1967-'69 Pontiac 428 V8. If you are using an aftermarket cam you must convert the heads to an adjustable valve train. Using '67-up heads with factory screw-in rocker arm studs is easy

The Pontiac 428 was introduced at the same time as the Pontiac 400 V8 in 1967 and used primarily in the Grand Prix, but also for the legendary GTO and Firebird models.. Although the 428 was modeled after the Pontiac 421, it had a cast iron crankshaft rather than the steel used in the 421.The 428 was one of the long journal V8 engines that Pontiac produced The most probable head swap is a 1967-up 4 bbl head for a pre-1967 or late 2- bbl one. In either case, the change in valve diameter is 2. 11 for 1.92 or 1.96 . The corresponding increase in valve lift area for the former is 10% if the cam and rocker arms are unchanged. The rpm must be increased by a like amount to maintain the same gas speed It was the first in a long line of high performance Pontiac heads with screw-in studs and stamped steel pushrod guide plates. If one obtains these 670 heads, and opens the chambers ala the 1968 and later 400-428 heads, and adds the good valve prings, you will have as good a high compression head as is possible to find

Pontiac Stroker Kits. $ 1495.00. This is a complete Pontiac rotating assembly / Eagle crank kit prepared by Tin Indian Performance. These Pontiac rotating assembly kits come with cast crank, pistons, rods, bearings, and rings. Rotating assembly can be balanced for you if you desire. Balancing adds $200 to all of the kits This cast iron block and head 1965 GTO will blow your mind! It made 1,580 on the dyno and this thing is beautiful and VERY fast! We can't wait to see what it.. High Performance Pontiac Parts. CID: Contents: Bore size & Cart: 462-469 cid: Eagle cast 4.21 stroke crank with 3.25 main journals, Keith Black Forged 15cc dished Pistons, Eagle 6.625 H-beam rods, Total Seal file fit rings, FM rod and main bearings The block features the 3.00-inch Pontiac small mains, as opposed to the 3.25-inch mains used by Pontiac on their largest engines. ARP studs provide the clamping force, while the bearings are. The Order Process Returning to McKenzie Pontiac in December 1968, Butch began the order process for a new '69 Grand Prix. I wanted the performance-oriented SJ package because it contained the 428 engine, and I opted for the 428 H.O. over the base offering

One in the Midwest - Royal Pontiac (home of the Bobcat Kit), and the other on the East coast - Myrtl Motors. Myrtl built 428 Firebirds and GTOs, they sold Tiger supertune kits, traction kits, suspension goodies and anything else in the way of speed equipment to make Pontiacs haul tail The more muscular looks weren't just for show either, as the 1969 Grand Prix retained the 428 V8 found in the '67 and '68 models. But, in 1970, things got even more powerful. Offered as a performance package, the SJ trim level contained the 428 for 1969 but ditched it in 1970 for the bigger, torque heavy 455 V8 This was one of the finest engines Pontiac produced and would outrun most modified engines in stock form. A mild 428 will produce mid to low 13's in the quarter with a good suspension and slicks. The 455 can be made a very good runner but it is best to keep the compression around 9.5:1 with a good hydralic roller cam

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Mecum. GM. In 1969, Pontiac introduced two updated versions of the Ram Air engines. The first was the Ram Air III, which was a 400 cid V-8 with big-valve D-port heads, cast iron intake, and high-flow exhaust manifolds. The Ram Air IV was a 400 cid V-8 that featured the round port heads with redesigned intake ports Pontiac 400 to 455ci Street Crate Engines Bill Cannon, the owner started racing with his very first car, a 1965 GTO 428 4 Speed in 1975. It has since been upgraded by ARC Race Cars in New Oxford PA with a chrome moly roll cage, chrome Strange Strut Front end, double frame rail and 9″ rear, NHRA certified to 7.50 to run as fast as I want to safely Pontiac V8 Serpentine Belt Sets $ 659.97 / set For 1969+ Pontiac models, 350, 400, 428 & 455 Pontiac engines with 11 bolt water pump. Complete 8 Rib Serpentine system for the Pontiac engines with alternator and power steering The bolt-on type is fastened to the studded head bolts and is commonly discarded or forgotten during rebuilds that lack attention to small details. Remove the retaining nuts with a 9/16-inch socket. Aftermarket Rocker Arms. Pontiac developed the stamped steel rocker arm assembly for the new V-8 it introduced in 1955

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When building a Pontiac engine, the selection of cylinder heads, camshaft, and intake is critical to building the right combination and making Pontiac power. We can build anything from an all out race engine to that perfect street engine. We have access to a Superflow 901 dynamometer for engine break in and to help us fine tune the power curve. The numbers matching 428 CID V8 was professionally rebuild being bored .30 over with a nice set of aluminum Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads and Intake with a set of headers running to a custom dual 3 1/2 exhaust system with Flowmaster Mufflers and is putting out roughly 500 horsepower


1969 Pontiac Firebird 400. Goodrich, MI 48438, USA. Goodrich, MI. $28,900.00. This is a clean Tennessee 69 Firebird that has undergone a complete frame off restoration, painted its original factory Goldenrod Yellow (Code 76) (which is better known as Daytona Yellow) base coat clear coat sanded and wheeled Location: Goodrich, MI 48438 81,583 Miles. Fairfield, CA. $64,990.00. This 1967 Pontiac GTO 2 Door Convertible (Stock #F13259) is available in our Fairfield, CA showroom and any inquiries may be directed to us at 707-419-8200 or by email at Sales@SpecialtySales.com: mailto:Sales@SpecialtySales.com.. Edelbrock part #7280 Intake Gaskets for 1961-79 3626-389-400-421-428-455 Pontiac engines allow for optimum flow and performance. Any gasket can create a seal, but a good gasket can do it with less clamping force, and for a longer period of time. The new MP-2N Micropore technology does not use solvents making our gaskets environmentally friendly. Order Pontiac Grand Am Valve Cover Grommet online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store

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The head in this test started life with a 1.960 intake valve with a 30 seat. In the first test listed here I the head for a 2.11 valve with a 30 seat. This seat OD was 2.04, so still way way under the 2.10 that could have been used and it's available curtain area! The seat width is .075. Throat diameter is stock BOP Pontiac 3.25 Main DUAL LIP Viton 1pc Rear Main Seal (421/428/455) BOP-RMS19 Butler Performance Tomahawk Stock Reproduction Valley Pan, 1968 and Up TPP-TP-041S ARP Pontiac 2-Bolt Main Stud Kit ARP-194-540

Below is the product specification for this ARP kit. Head Stud Kit Pontiac Super Duty, w/Iron Duke heads hex Kit Number: 290-4101 Where does this kit fit? Head Studs / Head Bolts - Bolts the cylinder head to the block Main Studs / Main Bolts - These hold the bearing carrier/s that the crank sits in to the block Flywheel Bolts - Hold the flywheel to the crank Rod Bolts - These go in the conrods. After driving the car for a while, the race bug bit, and I decided to build a 428 and do some bracket racing. I put the 428 together with a set of 1971 96 heads and a hydraulic roller cam on the recommendation of another Pontiac shop. The best that the car would do with this combination was 13.50 @ 105 mph Complete Pre-Run Crate Engines: At Nitemare Performance, we only build and modify classic Pontiacs with traditional Pontiac engines - especially the legendary 389, 400, 421, 428 and 455 cubic inch V8s produced from 1964 through 1980. You will never see corporate (i.e., Chevy) or LS-series engines in our shop. Our focus on pure Pontiac engines has lead us to develop some of the most.

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There are many different pontiac engines, most notably the V8 small block versions like 301 and 350 cubic inch and the big block V8 pontiac motors such as the 400, 428 and 455 ci. While these engine versions are very popular, they also have many performance parts available for them which makes them easy to modify and get big horsepower gains ARP Head Bolts Be Aware!!! September 10, 2010. ARP produces some of if not the best fasteners on the market, but we have run into an issue from time more >>. OEM Valley Pan clearancing when running a roller camshaft. December 11, 2008. When using a stock OEM valley pan on an engine running a Hyd. or Solid Roller camshaft, be sure to clearance.

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1964-74 PONTIAC V8 CYLINDER HEAD CASTING NUMBERS1964 326/250 hp 326/280 hp 389/215, 230, 235 hp 389/267, 283, 303, 306 hp 389/325, 330, 348 hp 421/320 hp 421/350, 370 hp1965 326/250 hp 326/285 1,678. Get a 4.25 stroke crank/rotating assembly to make it a little bigger than a 455 and it drops in your block. Edelbrock or Kaufman D port aluminum heads , or Edelbrock round port heads. Pistons depends on if you use 72cc heads or 87 cc heads if flat top or small dish to use and keep 10.25 CR 3 1. AFR CHEVY SBC ELIMINATOR HEADS 195cc 75cc FULLY BUILT 1036HR. AFR 195cc WITH 75cc CHAMBERS ELIMINATOR SERIES ALUMINUM HEADS. Straight Plug AIR FLOW RESEARCH This sale is for a fully... Posted Yesterday, 12:50 AM. $2,075. Kingsport , TN This listing is for one pair of the famous 1967 #670 closed chamber cylinder heads in very good general condition as seen. Will fit many Pontiac V8s. 326, 350, 400, 428, 455 Pontiac 400 428 455 Engine Codes — Patterson Coachworks. This is a quick block ID for junk yard hunting, etc. You must find the date code at the back LH side of the block first. The letter is the month, next 2 digits are the day and the last digit is the year. Here are 2examples

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One pair of original GM #16 cylinder heads for 1968 Pontiac manual or auto trans GTO and Firebird 400. Also used in HO applications, Pontiac and GP 400/428 engines. Date code on one head is C188 and the other is C148. These heads are virgin and do not appear to ever been touched. No porting or milling of surfaces Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci. December 04, 2003 12:17PM. When I bought my 67 goat, it had a 428 engine with a 1965 tri-power installed. Obviously that is all wrong. My 428 engine came from a 1969 car, probably one of the big Pontiacs, maybe even a police cruiser roller rockers, custom pushrods and taller valve covers or spacers on OEM style. Engine assembled and 100% blueprinted. Engine oiling system checked. Engine cooling system pressure tested. Complete engine breakin, leak test and timing setup. High Performance rebuild $9900 for FE engines. All of the above plus

Blueprinted 428 Icon pistons scat rods hp cam reconditioned heads 428 pontiac - auto parts - by owner - vehicle automotive sale We've detected that JavaScript is not enabled in your browser It went from a standard 389 cu. inch engine to having options of 400, 428 and 455 cu. Inch engines to keep up with the rest of the pack. After going through numerous changes to the engine, body style, design and aesthetics in the 70's and 80's, the 5 th generation Pontiac Grand Prix won Motor Trend's Car of the Year award in 1988 Designed to help you make the max out of your ride Perfect upgrade for race cars and muscle cars alike. $47.89. Cometic Gasket® MLS Series Cylinder Head Gasket with Round Bore (C5246-045) 0. # mpn4476746930. MLS Series Cylinder Head Gasket with Round Bore (C5246-045) by Cometic Gasket® pontiac engine decoder year code c/i hp tran carb car misc 1962 13b 421 3 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1962 13u 421 4 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1962 bu 421 4 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1962 bt 421 4 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1968 wg 428 375 m 4 full.

Basically, a 428 is just a stroked 390, and tuned for massive torque over horsepower. The Cobra Jet 428 motors in Mustangs used heads from the 427, plus other enhancements to really put some hair on their chest. But, from the factory it was never as powerful as the (solid lifter) 427. The 429 was not produced until 1969 We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Click here for more information. Got It. Home GTO 1968 Engines Cylinder Head, ARP, 1964-66 Pontiac 326-428, W/ D-Port Head Only (SET) ooooo. ooooo. $89.99 ARP Bolts, Cylinder Head, ARP, 1967-74 Pontiac 350-455 (SET) ooooo. ooooo. $89.99. 428 455 370 421 265 287 301 350 428 455 Note: The above kit will not work if using Pontiac heads with 1.65:1 rocker ratio (springs are too short). Contact Crower following grinds are best suited for dual purpose hot street/drag strip situations. These cams exhibit strong mid-range and to

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Product Details. Performer D-Port Complete Cylinder Head (Pontiac V8) (61579) by Edelbrock®. These heads include adjustable rocker stud and guide plate set-up for use with small block Chevy style adjustable 1.6:1 ratio rockers. The intake flange is dual-drilled to accommodate early and late model intake bolt patterns Butler Performance Pontiac, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. 20,454 likes · 50 talking about this · 508 were here. Butler Performance is your #1 source for high performance Pontiac parts, engine kits,.. List Price (base) $2,781.00 Price as tested (list - includes 428 conversion) $5,149.74 Weight 3,300 pounds 0 to 30 mph - 3.0 seconds 0 to 60 mph - 4.9 seconds Standing start, 1/4 mile 12.55 seconds Miles per hour, 1/4 mile 110 mph Economy 6 - 13 mpg Heads from 61 to 64 have different water passages, a different bolt pattern, and a different angle where they meet the intake than do the 65 and later heads. Therefore, what most people want is the popular 65 or 66 tripower to fit the improved and readily available 65 up heads. A 65 or 66 tripower will bolt directly to the 65 to 71 Pontiac heads Even the Pontiac 428 Super Duty heads were anemic compared to a big block Chevy 427, Ford 427 and 428, or 426 Chrysler wedge. 03-22-2011, 11:58 PM Tennesseestor

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1932 Flat-head V-8. The first V-8 engine that Pontiac offered was in 1932. It was the same 251-cid 85-hp flat-head V-8 used in Pontiac's almost-dead parent make, Oakland, during 1930 and 1931. In 1933 and 1934, Pontiac built only eight-cylinder cars, but they used a straight-eight rather than a V-8 1967-79 Pontiac Factory D Port Cylinder Head Bolts Bolt Set 400 455 Ram Air 3 HO. Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1 product rating. - 1967-79 Pontiac Factory D Port Cylinder Head Bolts Bolt Set 400 455 Ram Air 3 HO. C $130.99. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller 1959-76 389-400-421-428-455 Pontiac (Part Number 20502F38). Also available with 1 5/8, 1 3/4 and 2 OD There are reasons to NOT always ship the best match to the cylinder head port but that is usually due to customer requests or specific needs. We always ask about this because we see no sense in blocking the exhaust port unless there is.

Kits for Pontiac applications. Now select an engine model (if applicable) -- Pontiac Engine Models -- All Pontiac Kits 151 301 326 350 3800 389 4-cylinder 400 421 428 455 Brodix Heads Edelbrock Heads Iron Duke L67 Pro Stock Dart Heads Pro Stock Heads Ram Air Runner Heads Super Duty Generic V8. or choose Generic to see kits that might fit a. 421 is a great alternate if you can find one. The 428 is a better starting point, or the 455 of course. All are virtually identical in appearance. S+J Engines in Washington can get you a strong short block setup, with port and polish, cam, SS valves, for around $2500. 8.75 CR runs on pump gas if you're planning to keep it as a driver The first step is to obtain a set of Virgin Heads off a low miles 400. These are the next best set of heads you could use on a 421, 428 or 455. Of course they are the best for 9:5 to 1 Compression on 455 Blocks. We can build your 455 to 9:5 to 1 with Closed Chamber 72 CC heads also PERfORmER RPm HEADS fOR PONtIAC Designed for 65-79 389-455 c.i.d. Pontiac engines, these heads are patterned after the 69-70 Ram Air IV Pontiac cylinder head. Two styles are available: a street legal 87cc combustion chamber version for low compression application using 92 octane fuel and a 72cc chamber version for higher compression racing. The 332-352-360-390-406 428 series of Ford Big Blocks are all essentially the sameThey just juggled bore and stroke dimensionsThe 427 racing engine is also of this family but has a unique short stroke-big bore design with a completely different crankshaft and headsGetting 700 HP out of a 428 is largely a dream, the basic design will simply not support itCobra Jet and SCJ were.

1967 1968 Pontiac 428 CI 4 Bolt Main Block. -. $2,000. (Arlington, Ne) Pontiac 428 cubic inch 4 bolt main block. Casting number is 9792968 and date code is I127 (9/12/67), so 1968 model year. Very rare block. Looks like it was cleaned up and had new freeze plugs put in, but has since surface rusted from sitting Kits for Pontiac Edelbrock Heads applications. Now select an engine model (if applicable) -- Pontiac Engine Models -- All Pontiac Kits 151 301 326 350 3800 389 4-cylinder 400 421 428 455 Brodix Heads Edelbrock Heads Iron Duke L67 Pro Stock Dart Heads Pro Stock Heads Ram Air Runner Heads Super Duty Generic V8. or choose Generic to see kits that. The only reason Pontiac put the TP heads on a 400 in 1969, is because there was a corp. edict limited CID to 400 in A-bodies and F-bodies. The engineers were already testing the heads on 428's. The only difference between the Pontiac blocks is the bore/stroke and main bearing size, all Pontiac rods are the same from 1955-79. All th Pontiac 455 Pistons for use in 455 Engines using stock stroke crankshafts . Stroke These pistons are for use with a 4.210 inch stroke crank, OEM or aftermarket; Connecting Rod Length 6.630 inch; Wrist Pin Size .980 inch diameter; Ring grooves are * see notes; CH Compression Height This is the measurement from the centerline of the piston pin bore to the top flat part of the pisto 1970 Pontiac #64 factory cylinder heads used on 455HO cars and are cleaned and magged. Heads are in stock condition with no porting or milling. Excellent original condition with both heads dated I-08-9. Perfect for a restoration or tribute car. Can ship if you cannot pick up and can be reached for questions at 330-770-2517. $185

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Engine is a Pontiac 428 with very low miles since rebuild. Heads are 7K3, generally regarded as best heads for the 428 with reguolar, moern gasoline. Has new Edelbrock Performer carburetor, Pertronix electronic ignition (in original distributor), Turbo 400 3 speed automatic transmission with improved, firmer shifts PONTIAC PARTS 1960's-1970's. (Alabama) Thinning down my collection of parts collected over 30+ years. 1967 TH300 2 speed auto trans. $150. Edelbrock Performer Intake 2156 $200. Edelbrock P4B Intake, has both carb pattern and place for factory choke stove $150. 1971 Pontiac 455 Heads #66 already checked, $250 The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled Pontiac's 428 was found primarily in full-size sedans and coupes, and when the mid-size GTO was up for a replacement motor the company's engineers created the 455 by boring the Super Duty engine to 4.1525 inches and using a crankshaft with a 4.21 inch stroke

Pontiac Cylinder Head ID Numbers — Patterson CoachworksPontiac 400 | eBayPontiac Heads 400 | Glass House Online Automotive PartsPontiac 421 Engine For Sale - Vintage Car PartsBuy 62-63 Ford Thunderbird 390 FE Tri-Power Setup 3-2V1963 Pontiac Tempest