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  1. 434-326-900. Reimbursement of county auditors and the department of licensing for costs associated with implementation of this chapter. [WSR 98-08-010, recodified as § 434-326-900, filed 3/18/98, effective 3/18/98. Statutory Authority: Chapter 29.07 RCW
  2. WAC 434-04-010 Authority and purpose. These rules are adopted under authority of chapter 43.04 RCW to provide for the efficient authorization of the use of the state seal. [Statutory Authority: RCW 43.04.040(4). 89-20-031, § 434-04-010, filed 9/29/89, effective 10/30/89.] WAC 434-04-015 Definitions
  3. 434-112-010. Services provided by the corporations and charities division. HTML PDF. 434-112-023. Preclearance. HTML PDF. 434-112-025. Paper records delivered after normal working hours. HTML PDF
  4. (3) Unstaffed ballot boxes must be locked and sealed in the manner described in WAC 434-261-045. At exactly 8:00 p.m. on election day, all unstaffed ballot boxes must be emptied or secured to prevent the deposit of additional ballots. The box must be closed and secured by one or two people. One person may secure an unstaffed ballot box only if
  5. PDFWAC 434-112-075. Online services. (1) Online filings: (a) Will be subject to an online processing fee of twenty dollars, with the exception of annual reports, statements of change, designation of registered agent, resignation of registered agent, articles of dissolution or statement of withdrawal, requested certificates or certified copies.
  6. PDFWAC 434-112-023. Preclearance. Records will only be precleared in person at the front counter. If grounds for rejection are found, a notice of the grounds will be included with the returned record. [Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611. WSR 21-04-056, § 434-112-023, filed 1/27/21, effective 2/27/21

All observers are allowed in accordance with RCW 29A.60.170 and WAC 434-261-020. (4) The county must maintain an accurate ballot manifest in a form approved by the secretary of state and independent of the voting system. (a) In the case of centrally counted paper ballots, the ballot manifest must uniquely identify for each tabulated ballot the. 173-434-050: New source review (NSR). [Statutory Authority: RCW 70.94.331.WSR 90-19-062 (Order 90-10), § 173-434-050, filed 9/17/90, effective 10/18/90

PDFWAC 388-434-0010. How do I get basic food benefits after my certification period ends? To keep getting basic food benefits after your certification period in WAC 388-416-0005 ends, we must determine if you are still eligible for benefits. This is called recertification. (1) To be recertified for basic food, you must:. (8/12/14) [Title 434 WAC p. 1] Title 434 Title 434 WAC SECRETARY OF STATE Chapters 434-04 Use of the state seal. 434-12 Trademarks. 434-12A Public records and rules of procedure. 434-55 Limited partnership filings—Centralized system. 434-112 Corporations and charities division pro-gram services, procedures and fees. 434-120 Charitable.

(3) Copies of the certification documents must be retained by the secretary of state and the county auditor. All test results, test ballots, the signed certification, and a copy of the tabulation programming or the actual tabulation equipment must be kept in secure storage as defined in WAC 434-261-045 until ballots are to be tabulated PDFWAC 434-250-030. Special absentee ballots. (1) As authorized by RCW 29A.40.050, requests for a special absentee ballot must be made in writing and each county auditor must provide the applications. The form must include: (a) A space for the voter to print the voter's name and address where registered to vote PDFWAC 388-434-0005. How often does the department review my eligibility for benefits? (1) If you receive cash assistance, the department reviews your eligibility for assistance at least once every twelve months. (2) When it is time for your eligibility review, the department requires you to complete a review. We use the information you provide.

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