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Any routine with a dancer 21 years of age or older must compete in the Open age division (20+) regardless of the average age of the routine. Group and higher routines are allowed to age up (compete in an age category higher than the average age). Names and ages of all dancers must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted • All Category styles in each Age Division will be combined in Prep, unless the Prep splitting rule applies (See page 6) create the deepest competition for all teams entered in a particular division USASF Dance Age Grid & Categories 2020-202 PRIMARY AGE DIVISIONS Note: Divisions are listed by 1) Age, 2) Team Size (if applicable), 3) Gender (if applicable) 4) Category (Jazz, Pom, etc.). Ex: Senior Large Coed Hip Hop Coed: female(s) & male(s), Ex: Senior Coed Hip Hop All Male: 0 females, Ex: Senior Male Hip Hop All Female: 0 males, Ex: Senior Hip Hop (do not include gender in title

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Age Restrictions This table is published annually to allow for a better understanding of Rule E-2 of the WDSF Competition Rules. Putting two age groups together, such as Juvenile I and II as well as Junior I and II to one joint age group, is an option under Rule E-2 AGE DIVISIONS. Soloist Age Level: The age level for all soloists is determined by their age the day of the competition. Duet & Trio Age Levels: The age level of all duets and trios is determined by the average age of the dancers the day of the competition. Team Age Levels: The age level of a team is determined by the average age of all dancers the day of the competition Dances and performers typically are categorized in various ways so as to create different competitive divisions. These categories are not standardized, and may vary significantly from one competition to another: Age — Each dancer is assigned to a particular age division, wherein each division encompasses a range of ages

The 1st Place overall scoring group routine in each overall age division and competitive level will be awarded a Top Score Dance Machine Award, divisions will go out to a Top 10 for Top Score Recognition. If there are 25 or more in a division then top score results may extend past a Top 10 Competition Divisions Solos, Duets-Trios, Small Groups 4-9 dancers, Large Groups 10-19, Lines 20 or more, Production 5 or more dancers, Pro-Am Division: for dancers with a full time teacher or instructor performing

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Age Divisions are based on the average age of the dancers in each routine. To determine the average age of a routine, add all ages together and divide by the number of dancers in the routine. When averaging ages, always drop the decimal point The average age of the dancers registered in a performance will determine the age division for Duet/Trios, Groups, Lines, Super Lines and Productions. When determining the average age of a performance, always drop the decimal. Nonconsecutive Level Duet/Trios will compete in the age division of the oldest competitor

Adult Division: 20 & up; Age is determined by actual age as of January 1 of that competition year. Age is an average of all competitors within that number. All ages should be added together then divided by the number of performers to determine placement. Failure to comply can result in disqualification Ages 13-15. Senior. Ages 16-18. Adv Pro (not eligible for Cash Awards) Ages 19+. Competition Questions? e: Melissa@nrgdanceproject.com ph:1-877-909-4NRG. To reach the average age, all ages are added together and divided by the number of dancers. *NEW this season Decimals are dropped. We will not round up at .5 Rules | Energy National Dance Competition The title of Mr. and Ms. Masquerade will be awarded in the Purple (Elite) level for each age division, provided there are at least 5 contestants entered. To be considered for the title of Mr. or Ms. Masquerade, contestants must enter two solos in two different disciplines of dance Breakout Dance Competition. Director: Joel Valdiviezo 609.873.8620 breakoutcomp.com info@breakoutcomp.com Age Divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced: Mini (4-6), Petite (7-9), Junior (10-12), Teen (13-15), Senior (16-20

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  1. Applause Talent's journey began over 30 years ago in Ohio. Currently, we tour over 30 cities in the United States, bringing with us great deal of fun, excitement and thrill that performers expect from a dance competition. We provide three different competitive levels with more than $30,000 awarded at our National competition alone
  2. Age Divisions: Camp Dance (3-6), Junior (7-9), Preteen (10-12), Teen (13-14), Senior (15+) Group Size Divisions: solo, duo/trio, small group, large group, line, production 2019 Nationals: June 22, Myrtle Beach, S
  3. There are various age classifications and level divisions available, allowing professionals to dance with all their students, and to ensure you compete against other dancers of similar skill. Every dance style is available, so you can choose the dances you want to compete in
  4. ★ Streamlined Rules and Regulations that make it easier for studios to keep age divisions, group sizes and competition levels the same for each competition. ★ Routines may qualify at any SDA Regional Competition for all of the Star Dance Alliance National Championships
  5. The age of the competitor as of August 31, 2016 will be the age used for competition purposes throughout the 2016-17 season for Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior Age Divisions. (Note: Junior teams that compete for a Bid to The Junior Dance Worlds will follow the age requirements outlined in the application process when posted on USASF.net
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Performance opportunities; Scholarships available; Class Division: age New York City Dance Alliance Director: Joe Lanteri 866.692.5678 nycdance.com info@nycdance.com Competition Age Divisions: Mini (7-10), Junior (11-12), Teen (13-15), Senior (16-19) Conventio KAR is more than a dance competition. Our unique environment affords the opportunity to showcase the mental and physical discipline that it takes to be a dancer. Our main goal is to foster a team building experience both on and off stage, while promoting the extraordinary confidence it takes to be a performer Putting two age groups together, such as Juvenile I and II as well as Junior I and II to one joint age group, is an option under Rule E-2. Juvenile II couples are allowed to compete in Junior I. Junior I couples are allowed to compete in Junior II, Junior II couples are allowed to compete in Youth, Youth couples and Senior couples are allowed to compete in competitions of the Adult age group.

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USA Dance competitions offer nine (9) age classifications. These divisions allow all ages of dancers to compete fairly by dancing against couples in their own age group as well as skill level. Your age classification is based upon your birth-year not the month or day of your birthday Dance Styles And Age Division - Infinity Dance Challenge. Home. Dance Styles And Age Division Dancers who train 6 hours or less per week in the regular dance season from Sept. - end of June. (100% of the duet/trio or group must be Part Time Competitive). We ask the studio director to reference the rules when entering dancers into this division Age is determined by the age the dancer is on the date of competition. The group age is determined by the average age of the group members. Studio owners must take care to enter the correct birth date into the online system. (Director may further separate or combine age divisions/categories according to the number of performers DETERMINING AGE DIVISION: Duets/Trios, Groups and Lines will compete at the average age division determined by averaging the age of all members of the group. Do not use decimals or round up. Example: If the average comes to 11.8, they will compete in the 11-year old age division. NOTE: If there are an

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  1. Age Divisions are TINY 6 & under, MINI 7-8, PETITE 9-10, JUNIOR 11-12, TEEN 13-14, SENIOR 15-19, ELITE 20 & up **Senior Solos will be broken into (15-16) & (17-19) when entries merit a split** Each Competitive LevelRECREATIONAL, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED all receive Top Score awards for Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group,Super Group.
  2. Results by Age and Division Overall - National Finals Cincinnati, OH 2020-2021 4 470 Speaking French Evon Destazio Evolve Dance Company 5 478 Madonna Quinn Roth Dance Pizzazz LLC 6 481 Falls Sophie Lemus Take the Stage Competition Team 7 480 Dollhouse Olivia Burrow Dance Expressions 8 471 Wild Party Adeline Ziehr Dance Expression
  3. StarQuest is a widely known professional, fun dance competition awarding dance scholarships and prizes for all ages. revolutionized the dance competition industry. Parents are raving about StarQuest's computerized scoring and state of the art verbal critiquing abilities. Age ranges include 4 and under, as well as 5 through 20 and over
  4. We are excited to announce that all digital download photos and videos for our regional competitions are now 100% free! For 2020, we are continuing our popular age divisions for solos. By breaking ages into eight divisions, dancers will be judged more accurately and create a more competitive atmosphere for everyone
  5. ed by average age of performers, Mini 4 - 6, Petite 7 - 9, Junior 10 -12, Teen 13 -15, Senior 16 -20. If the average age of the group is 15.9, the entry will compete in the 15 year old age division. *A performer's age is deter
  6. For 2017 we introduced all new age divisions for solos. By breaking ages into eight divisions, dancers will be judged more accurately and create a more competitive atmosphere for everyone. Division
  7. g Arts Other. UDA Customer Service. 800-DANCEUDA. UDA Corporate. 6745 Lenox Center Court, Suite 300 Memphis, TN 38115. Welcome to Varsity.com. Tell us what you're interested in

AGE DIVISIONS. Divisions are based on the dancer's age as of the date of the first Regional competition they attend. Age divisions for duo/trios, groups, and classes will be determined by averaging the ages of the participants in each dance. For averages ending in decimal points, the decimal will be dropped. Mini 6 & under. Petite 7- When a dance is a 50/50 split, the dance will be placed in the higher level. Studio owners may request the routine be placed in the lower level. 70% or more of the same dancers cannot compete in differing level routines within the same age class and division. Failure to follow these rules may result in the routine being adjudicated only AGE DIVISION STUDIO 1 FABULOUS Mini Jazz Solo Debbie Felton's Academy of Dance 2 TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME Mini Jazz Duo Dance Now Studios! 3 A DAY FOR A CAT Mini Open Solo Gone Dancing 4 FRIEND LIKE ME Mini Jazz Small Group Dean/Black School of Performing Arts, Inc SUMMER 2021 STUDENT COMPETITION. JUDGE'S BREAK ROUTINE TITLE AGE DIVISION. National Dance Competition for Dance Studios. Ages from 3-18 The same dancer cannot compete more than once in the same category and age group in the Solo division. Duo/Trios are allowed to compete in the same category and age group as long as at least 50% of the routine is made up of different dancers. This means that contestants must never compete against themselves in the same age group and category. 4

The average age of each entry may not drop more than one age division below the age of the oldest dancer in the entry, regardless of the actual average age. Example: If an entry contains dancers ranging in age from 9-18, the entry may not compete younger than 13-15 (one division younger than the oldest dancer-18). Performance Divisions The Abby Lee Dance Company is known world wide through the television series, Dance Moms. The Junior Elite Competition Team featured on the TV show has always been a real division of the ALDC. There are several different divisions based on ability level and age first and foremost, although height, weight, and maturity level also play an. * — The age of the competitor as of August 31 will be the age used for competition purposes throughout the season. DANCE DIVISIONS. Dance Team Divisions *Age: Team Size: Gender: Tiny: 6 yrs & Younger: 4 or more Dancers: N/A: Mini Small: 9 yrs & Younger: 4 - 14 Dancers: 0 Males: Mini Large: 9 yrs & Younger Award to be presented to the contestant(s) judged most photogenic in the 12 & Under age division, and in the 13 & Over age division. En-tries must send a recent 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 in black and white or color photo with the official entry form. Please write name, address, height, and weight on the back of the photo. Only one photo per.

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At each regional competition, the judges will present Standing O!vation Awards to the group routines that had that 'WOW Factor' and encompass the total package: costume, technique, execution, stage, etc. Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines in any age division, experience level, and category are eligible You may enter in up to TWO age divisions. The age level must be your current age, and optionally the age level below that. These are unisex competitions. Students must enter and dance the same dances as scholarship entered to qualify for each scholarship danced. See Rules for additional info. . Closed Bronze Closed Silver Ope

A crewmember whose age falls between two age divisions in the competition year (ending December 31) may compete in either division within that year. Example: A 13-year-old turning 14 by 12/31/2021 may compete in the Junior or Varsity division To determine the age group of an entry: Add up the age of all dancers in the routine. Divide that number by the number of dancers in the routine. Drop the decimal point from total. So, if average comes to 14.7, drop decimal = 14 so the routine will complete in the Teen level (13-14) Duet/Trio and Group entries cannot compete in an age division more than one age division younger than the oldest dancer's age as of January 1, 2017, regardless of the average age. For example, an 18 year-old (senior) dancing in a group with an average age of 10 (junior) would be moved into the teen category (one age division younger than senior) Example: Paula's National Age is 13, Dylan's is 13 and Aidan's is 12. Their duet/trio avg. age is 12.67. Drop the decimal points and they will compete in the 12 year old age division. Please keep in mind our rule about D/T's & Groups with mixed age divisions only being able to compete 1 age division down from the oldest dancer

Top 5 finishers by age division will receive neck medals. Where the number of entries dictates it, we will also award places 6-10 with Top 10 ribbons. The highest scoring acts by age division will also be awarded a special plaque and a $50 cash prize. A minimum of 3 entries per age division must compete for cash prizes to be awarded Starbound National Talent Competition is proud to be the LARGEST dance competition in America! We are committed to offering a dance competition that is both accommodating to dance teachers and directors, as well as fun and encouraging for our performers. Our experienced judges and staff ensure the outcome of an organized, professional event Diva Dance Competition is a proud supporter of the CdLS Foundation. Kym Yadisernia's son Jack (Kym is one of Diva's owners) was born with Cornelia de Lang Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Diva Dance Competition was born as a way to spread awareness about CdLS, raise funds and bring dancers together doing something they love for a greater good 1. Intermediate Division: Dancers who dance two or less hours per week. Maximum of one year previous competition experience. This division is meant for recreational dancers. 2. Competitive Division: Dancers who have five years or less of competition experience and who dance a maximum of five hours per week. 3

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Cash prizes will only be awarded to dancers who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each overall age division during The Top 20 Challenge/Studio Showdown live-stream event. Each age division must have 15+ routines for overall high score cash prizes. If less than 15 entries in an age category, only the 1st place overall winner will receive a cash prize 4 highest scoring solos in each age division - Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior - will enter the Solo Gauntlet No more than 1 solo per dancer will be entered into the gauntlet The top 3 highest scoring Duo/Trios from each age division of the adjudicated competition will battle it out for the Duo/Trio Gauntlet titl

YCADA is an organization that provides universal governance for the sport of youth/rec cheer, dance or spirit-related events, and encourages growth in the sport as a whole. YCADA establishes standardization in the areas of 1) Youth/Rec Rules & Rules Interpretation 2) Score Sheets and 3) Scoring Guidelines UK COMPETITION DIVISIONS & AGE GRID 2021-2022 Athlete age for the entire 2021--2022 season is determined by their age as of 31ST AUGUST 2021. Exception: IASF International divisions (Cheer & Dance) - the eligible age for an athlete is determined by their age during 2023

Contestants must perform 1 Solo in the Dancer of the Year competition and 3 Finalists from each age divisions will then be asked to Dance Off for the title at the Closing Night Gala. Dancer of the Year contestants can compete 2 solos, 1 for Dancer of the Year competition and 1 for National Finals Competition In 1977, at the age of 15, Grant's father introduced him to ballroom, swing, disco, and country western dancing. In 1981, Grant began teaching dance classes in the nightclubs in Houston, Texas, and winning local dance club competitions with his partner Carmen Scarborough

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Sign Up For Our Mailing List. Stay update on all of our Break The Floor events Our competition is during reasonable hours of the day. You dancer will not have a solo at 7am. Our competition runs on time! Age groups include Superstars (Minis) 7-8.99 years of age, Co Stars (Juniors) 9-10.99 years of age, Guest Stars (Teens) 11-13.99 years of age and Producers (Seniors) 14yrs of age and up Inspiration Division: 5 through 8: White Level ONLY: Note: Divisions 8 through 14 now have a 4 year age span, Division 18 has a 5 year age span. Added Division 10 Blue. Division 13 is now Division 14. Division 15 and Division 18 have merged. Division 18 is all music at all skill levels. All Blue level teams are all music at all divisions Dance is an expressive art form and an important part of All Star sports that builds stamina, speed, muscle, flexibility and poise. USASF member dance programs offer athletes the opportunity to participate on teams in a variety of competitions to become well-trained and well-rounded dancers while learning valuable life skills

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Showstopper American Dance Championships is a dance competition that hosts competitions in over 54 cities in the United States. The company was founded by Debbie Roberts. Competition Age Divisions. Mini (8 years & under) Junior (9-11 years) Teen (12-14 years) Senior (15-19 years Leap! is excited to be the first competition in the industry to host a Leaping! COMPETITION at each regional event! The Leap! competition is open to every registered dancer! It's split into 2 different divisions: ages 11 and under and 12 to 19 (Ages as of January 1st). The cost is just $10.00 at the event (Sign up at the Leap Each dance studio can designate four dancers (1 from each age division) to participate in the convention finale on Sunday, onstage with the NYCDA faculty - and all the other studio showcase dancers. No special auditions, no special material - no competition! Dancers simply learn the combos in all the classes and BE READY TO DANCE! DANCE DIVISIONS. Upcoming Competitions. November 7, 2021 - Turkey Time Cheer and Dance Tournament; November 14, 2021 - Fall Cheer and Dance Classic; December 4, 2021 - Lights! Camera! Action! Cheer and Dance Extravaganza; January 22, 2022 - Erie Winter Beach Blast Cheer and Dance Championships TEAM AGE & SKILL DIVISIONS. TWIRL TEAMS AND DANCE TWIRLS. AGE DIVISIONS 1. Tiny Tot - average 0 - 5.99 2. Juvenile - average 6 - 8.99 2. Preteen - average 9 - 11.99 3. Junior - average 12 - 14.99 4. Senior - average 15+ A contestant's age on September 1 will determine his or her competitive age for the entire contest year from.


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Song and Dance. Character. Clogging. Pom . Vocal . Open This division is for any style that does not fit into a category listed. Production (incorporates a theme, props, multiple dance styles, and all ages of dancers) AGE DIVISIONS: ALL AGES ARE CALCULATED AS OF THE DANCERS AGE ON JANUARY 1, 2021 Each dance time may not exceed 6:00 minutes. A 0.5 penalty will be deducted from a performance's score for every 10 seconds of the exceeded time limit. Super groups will compete against Lines and Productions in the Overall Awards within their age categories. Line (20+ dancers) Lines have 20+ dancers. Each dance time may not exceed 4:00 minutes

New for 2021 In an effort to accommodate those routines that received Golden Tickets in 2020, as well as those routines that were not able to compete in 2020, we have expanded the registration limit to (4) routines in each performance level/age division/general division for the Advanced & Intermediate levels, and (2) routines in each performance level/age division/general division for the. Competitor must be 10-17 years of age and have a parent or guardian's signed consent. Masters (age level). Competitor must be at least 50 years of age by end of event. Chief Judge will determine format for all Jack & Jill Divisions based on number of competitors. Strictly Swing & Strictly Hustle (Just Dance) Contests

(2) routines in each general division/age division/performance level. Example: Novice Junior division - (2) Small Groups, (2) Large Groups, (2) Lines . Note: If you have more than one routine that qualifies for the same division, the studio will choose which routine to compete Age Divisions Skill Levels Genres Music Judging Props Awards Info. COVID-19 TEAM Registration Fees Amplify Dance Competitions, 1662 Widgeon Lane, Bluffdale, UT, 84065, United States 435-851-0653 amplifydancecompetitions@gmail.com PrimeTime Dance | A great dance competition for all skill levels with the fun of a national finals at each event! Enjoy a fantastic competitive dance event for all skill levels! For 2022, we are continuing our popular age divisions for solos. By breaking ages into eight divisions, dancers will be judged more accurately and create a more. The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis. 35 Scudder Road, Hyannis MA. 508-775-7775 or 866- 828-9111. For Call-Ins: *Mention Spirit of Dance Awards for discounted Group Rate*. For Online Booking: Check Availability/Book Online Use Group Code: SOD21. SDA Group Rate per double: $185 We also love the Dance Down portion of the competition, where our dancers receive great audition experience on stage. Lastly, the Spotlight staff is above & beyond professional, helpful, and friendly, creating a positive atmosphere where all of the competing dance companies support one another. — steps dance center, chicag

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In 2017 we introduced all new age divisions for solos. By breaking ages into eight divisions, dancers will be judged more accurately and create a more competitive atmosphere for everyone. These have proven to be extremely popular and we are glad to continue to offer this unique solo grouping 341 Days 05 Hours 07 Minutes 40 Seconds. 07/13/2021 18:52:14. Spotlight. View More. Recent Videos

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Varsity is proud to introduce the 2020-2021 Varsity Youth & Recreation Scoring System. Our mission is to inspire teams to balance difficulty with technique to bring out the best in all of our athletes. For the 2020-2021 Season, teams that met the Affiliated Status in the 2019-2020 season may remain in the Affiliated division (s) so long as they. 2022 TOUR. Regionals. JAN 14-16 Las Vegas, NV. JAN 21-23 Denver, CO. JAN 28-30 San Antonio, TX. FEB 11-13 Atlanta, GA. MAR 4-6 Oklahoma City, OK. MAR 11-13 Ames, IA. MAR 25-27 Seattle, WA

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A dance routine may move UP an age division in order to avoid competing against itself within a categorybut never lower. No teacher may perform with students. No independent dancers may compete. No professional dancers may compete. They may attend the workshops. Dancers may compete in more than one regional competition USASF rules, divisions and categories create a safe, consistent and fair platform for cheer and dance athletes at All Star events and practices. Safety, followed by skill progression and fair play, is the top priority when setting or adjusting any rule or guideline

JUMP is proud to be the largest dance convention in the world, touring to 26 US cities and 4 international cities Starpower National Talent Competition is the Worldwide Leader In Talent Competitions. Join Us for our next National Dance Competition located throughout the United States or one of our International Talent Competitions. The stage where performers of all ages and levels, across the globe showcase their talent The latest SportCheer UK Competition Divisions & Age Grid 2021-2022 is available here: Updated SCUK AGE GRID 2021-2022 25.03.21. (Last update dated 25/03/2021) AGE GRIDS & DIVISIONS. 2021 ACSA/AASCF Age Grid V1 released 7-11-2020 (including Stunt and Dance Doubles) IASF 2019-2020 Cheer Rules . IASF 2019/2020 CHEER RULES. IASF 2019-2020 DANCE Rules . IASF 2019/2020 DANCE RULE